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Vivaldi vs. Opera vs. Brave: Which Is the Best Chrome Alternative?
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Vivaldi vs. Opera vs. Brave: Which Is the Best Chrome Alternative?

Looking for a Google Chrome Alternative? Here are the best Chrome alternatives.

Without a doubt, Google Chrome is the best and powerful web browser. Yet the way Google works and keeps track of all the activities we do while using Chrome, concerns many. Due to this, many people have started looking for a Chrome alternative. Since you are here reading the post, you are one of them, right?

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the best Google Chrome alternative. Though not as popular as Google Chrome, still Vivaldi, Opera and Brave are great Chrome alternative browsers. With some unique features to offer that we will discuss in the latter part, these three make the least of the best Chrome alternatives.

Here Are the Best Chrome Alternatives

How Are Vivaldi, Opera, and Brave different?


To begin with, let us talk about the design and what these browsers are based on. Similar to Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera and Brave are based on an open-source Chromium project still their design differs.

Vivaldi comes with a customizable interface; this means you can customize it as you want. Be it having a minimalist interface or a feature-packed UI, you can customize it as you want. This makes it unique and gives you the power to explore your creativity.


Opera and Brave are not that customizable, and they come with a clean interface. They allow easy tab access and allow sidebar customization, but it is not as good as Vivaldi. Furthermore, you can also change the theme.


If not up to much learning, then choose between Opera and Brave as they are like Chrome and give a familiar feeling. However, Vivaldi is best as it gives you more options.

Winner – Design-wise Vivaldi is the better Chrome alternative.

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Fact check – Since based on Chromium, all three browsers are compatible with Chrome extensions

Each of the three browsers offers unique features.

On one hand, where Vivaldi has intuitive features to offer, Brave and Opera too stand tall in this area.

To boost productivity Vivaldi offers mouse and keyboard shortcuts, lots of flexibility, customization freedom, built-in notes, screen capture tool, built-in email client, RSS feed reader, etc. Most importantly, it allows analyzing web history patterns and stacking tabs feature to stay organized and save time.

Chrome alternative

Opera on the other hand offers a free unlimited VPN, built-in snapshots, battery saver, helps integrate messages apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and more into the sidebar. Also, you can get a built-in ad blocker, a secure option to share files, and a crypt wallet. Its sidebar is dynamic and the integration with messaging apps allows adding a host of different extensions.


Brave does not have fancy features to offer, still, when it comes to privacy there’s no match to Brave. With a built-in VPN, giving users control over data Opera has pretty much everything on privacy to offer.

Winner –Brave wins the battle as it is easy to use. Hence, is considered the best Chrome alternative.

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Privacy and Security:

We all know when it comes to data security, Google Chrome has its share of issues. This is one of the major reasons for people wanting to switch from it.

Brave works on a business model that honors privacy and prioritizes data security. Not only this, Brave, the best alternative to Google Chrome also protects against malware. It prevents you from being tracked thereby keeping data secure. Also, Brave servers do not save browsing data.

Furthermore, Brave blocks ads, controls cookies, provides HTTPS upgrading, prevents browser fingerprints, and blocks scripts responsible for most attacks.

Won’t say Vivaldi and Opera don’t provide any security features but they aren’t as good as Brave. Like Brave, Opera offers free VPN and Vivaldi offers tracking setting to block ads

Winner – Brave browser best Chrome alternative browser when looking for privacy.


When it comes to performance all three Vivaldi, Opera and Brave, are good when compared with Google Chrome. However, Brave loads pages 3X faster and consume 33% less memory. This means you can save one hour of battery life. Similarly, Opera and Vivaldi are also powerful and don’t take up many system resources.

Winner – Brave browser with an 83-performance score.

Which is the best Google Chrome Alternative?

From the comparison done above, it is evident that Brave wins the war. Where, until a few years ago, we couldn’t think of an alternative to Chrome, today we have quite a few options.

Overall, Brave is the best Chrome alternative browser and is suited for all those looking for privacy and security. However, if you want a browser with power-packed features and great customization options Vivaldi is your bet. Opera on the other hand is similar to Google Chrome and does not require much work to get accustomed to.

Now it’s up to you, which browser you pick. Do share your option in the comments section along with the reason. This will help understand what that is exactly that users want. We love hearing from you and keep posting our comments.

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