How to Use an iPhone As Mac Mouse?

How to Use an iPhone As Mac Mouse?

There are various features of the iPhone and iPad which are not found in any other phone. What can not be done through an iPhone? It is faster than expected in browsing and can run all the high-end games without any complications. It clicks unbelievable photos and videos with its stunning camera and that is the reason that across the globe there is a great fan following of iPhones.

But have you ever thought of using an iPhone as a mouse for mac? Yes, you read it right. A device worth hundreds of dollars will be used as a mouse. Have you ever come across a situation when suddenly the mouse of Mac stops working and you have to complete urgent work? Well, In this article I will be educating you on how you can use your iPhone or iPad as a mouse with your Mac. I assure you for one thing that when you use iPhone as a mouse, then you will have quite a few in the world using very expensive mouse.

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How to use iPhone or iPad as a mouse for Mac?

There are various applications available in the App Store which can be used to make your iPhone or iPad a mouse. We will learn to use an iPhone or iPad as a mouse by using One such app is Mobile Mouse Remote. To make your iPhone or iPad a mouse, you need to download and install Mobile Mouse Remote. Once it is installed, then the further process is just a cakewalk to proceed with.

By using the peer-to-peer option, you can use iPhone as a mouse and for this, you need to have a good Wi-Fi connection. With a good Wi-Fi connection, this option becomes the first and best to connect to your Mac and use the iPhone or iPad as a mouse. This is best suited irrespective of your place whether you are at an office or home doesn’t matter. It will keep the work going for you.

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Now download the software on Mac so that the pairing can be completed. Mobile Mouse Server App needs to be downloaded and installed on Mac to use the iPhone as a mouse. When both the software (iPhone and Mac) are on the same Wi-Fi network, then you do not have to pair them again because they will be automatically paired in the same network.

Mouse remote

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How to Activate the mouse functions:-

After the application is downloaded and installed, you will get a prompt when you open the app and that will grant access to accessibility on your Mac. Now go to System Preferences>Accessibility>Privacy>Mobile Mouse Server and click on the box. You need to uncheck the lock and then enter your password and select the mouse app.

mouse app
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Now you need to verify your connection by clicking the server setting in the app. You will find your computer name in the list that needs to be a checkmark available next to it.

And that is all once you are connected, then you can use your iPhone as a normal mouse and complete all the tasks in the same manner which can be done using a traditional mouse. Not only this but you also get the option of multitouch so that the multi-finger function can be activated on the iPhone.

Mouse server
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Note:- Please use the password with this app so that no one can miss using your phone in your absence. You can enable the password by going into the settings of the app.

One more thing to be taken into consideration is that we have used the app Mobile Mouse remote to demonstrate the whole process but this is not the only app that can be used to make your phone a mouse. Several other apps can be used for the same task like Unified Remote is another best alternative. By using a Unified remote, you can transform your phone into a remote.

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There can be times when you will not be able to use your Mac mouse because of various reasons. In such a situation, you can use your iPhone as a mouse attached to your Mac by the use of an app called Mobile Mouse Remote. You can do this when you do not have time to go to the market to buy a new mouse or you have a spare iPhone which is not in use.

Let us know your experience in the comments below of using an expensive mouse which is your iPhone.

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