Is Tweakshot the Best Replacement for The Windows 10 Snipping Tool?

Is Tweakshot the Best Replacement for The Windows 10 Snipping Tool?

As people heard Microsoft is removing the Snipping tool (the screen-capture utility) in Windows 10, the chatter to look for an alternative to snipping gained pace. With that being said, in this post, we will discuss the best alternative to Windows 10 Snipping tool.

Dubbed as TweakShot this screen capture tool is developed by Tweaking Technologies and it offers a video recorder too. Using it, you can not only grab the screen but can also edit it, blur important information, add annotations and do a lot more. As you read further, you will learn more about this tool and how to use it.

Need for Snipping Tool Alternative

These days screenshots have become an important part of both personal and professional life. Therefore, a good alternative to the Snipping tool is asked for. Not just a replacement but a tool that can offer more is asked for. As per my research TweakShot is one such tool that offers more than a snipping tool.

With this tool around, you can capture full screen, a selected region, active screen, scrolling windows. Most importantly the video you record does not have a watermark and there is no recording time limit. To make things easy the company also offers an option to set hotkeys. All this and much more that we will discuss makes it the best alternative.

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Does Microsoft plan to offer an alternative?

Yes, the Snip & Sketch app is called the replacement of the Snipping tool and it can be downloaded from the Windows Store. If you are not interested in using a third-party tool, you can try using Snip & Sketch. But there’s a catch: this tool doesn’t allow recording video and the editing features are very basic. Alongside trying TweakShot, you can also try this tool and can suggest improvements.

Certainly, TweakShot or Snip and Sketch aren’t the only alternatives. There are a number of them available in the market. You can check our post on the same and pick the one that suits you.

Why Snipping Tool is Been Taken Off

The problem with the Snipping Tool is that it is outdated. Also, Microsoft aims to replace old Win32 programs. Hence, this tool that was launched in 2002, Windows XP tablets, and 2006 in Vista needs a replacement with better features and functionality.

Also, Windows Runtime apps like Snip and Sketch have lots of advantages. As they are downloaded and maintained from the Windows Store, they are safe and don’t even come with unwanted additions.

It is the same approach as the Apple iOS and Google Play app stores.

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TweakShot – Why the Best Alternative to Snipping Tool?


You can use the full version in the trial period.

Advanced editing options

A multi-featured screen capturing tool

Video recorder and a screen capture tool


Only registered users can record video without a watermark.

Available only for Windows users.

How To Use TweakShot The Best Screen Capture Tool On Windows?

Now that we know why we need an alternative and what TweakShot has to offer. Let us learn how to download and install TweakShot Screen Capture.

Click Here To Download Tweakshot

1. Download and install TweakShot Screen capture tool

2. Launch the tool by double-clicking on the TweakShot logo on the desktop.

3. You will now see a shortcut bar like the image below:
shortcut bar - Tweakshot

4. Use it to grab the screen. When you hover the mouse you will see what each icon is for and can use it as per the requirement to take a screenshot.

5. You can capture a region, record video, capture full screen, a single window, or scrolling screen.

To have a quick review on how TweakShot Screen Capture works, have a look at this video:

Wrap Up:

Using either of the tools, you can easily take screenshots. Also, the feature TweakShot offers will not let you miss out on the Snipping Tool. Earlier, the Print Screen key was commonly used to capture screens, but the screen capturing tool is changing that. Now not only can you take a screenshot but can also edit it.

This means no longer needing a separate tool to edit captured images.

Finally, if you would ask for our recommendation we would suggest TweakShot. This tool is a package deal and it performs all those actions that two or three tools combined offer. Not only this, using TweakShot you can directly upload images to Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. This means, here you take a screenshot, edit it and upload it at the same time. This will not only save time but will also help in many things.

Don’t underestimate the power of the keyboard. If you don’t want to use the product, you can use the keys to grab the screen.

We hope you find the information helpful. Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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