Best Snipping Tool Alternatives 2024

In the coming future, we might not just be able to see Windows 10’s very own Snipping Tool. So, what’s next? What alternatives can we look at? We’ll cover this and a lot more in this blog, so stay tuned.

Best Snipping Tool Alternatives 2024

If you are an avid tech-blogger, you know how important Snipping Tool and the likes are to take screenshots of troubleshooting steps, app windows, software panes, and whatnot. You might not need a full-fledged photo editing software to make major edits, but, with just these tools by your side, the task of taking screenshots becomes so much easier.

With the Snipping Tool soon making its way out, we will have to look for alternatives. That’s what this blog is for. Here are some of the best Snipping Tool alternatives for Windows 10 –

What Features Can I Expect From A Snipping Tool Alternative?

Taking screenshots is not the only purpose that a Snipping Tool alternative serves. Here is what some of the best screen capture and recording software have to offer –

  • Ease of adding annotations
  • Effortless screen capture (1-click)
  • Ability to capture scrolling screen – especially websites or long messages
  • Time delay
  • Capture desired region
  • Prompt customer support
  • Highly secure – most screen capture software are end-to-end encrypted

5 Best Snipping Tool Alternative for Windows 10:

List of Contents

  • 1. TweakShot
  • 2. Screenrec
  • 3. Droplr
  • 4. Screenpresso
  • 5. Snagit
  • FAQ’S –  Snipping Tool Alternatives

1. TweakShot

Tweakshot - Best Snipping tool for windows

Click Here To Download Tweakshot

Read Full Review of Tweakshot

Undoubtedly, TweakShot is hailed as a powerful Snipping Tool alternative that offers features galore. It has everything that you would expect from screen capture and screen recording software. It comes with a 15-day trial in which you can try all its features for free. One of the features that differentiate TweakShot from many of its competitors is its ability to pick screen color.


  • Basic editing features such as resizing, cropping and highlighting
  • Easily add desired annotations such as texts, highlights, numbers, arrows, etc. In fact, you can take help of predefined annotations if you want to deliver effective tutorials
  • Ability to take screenshot or screenshot of any desired region, especially scrolling screenshots
  • HD video screen recording
  • Access several features from show hidden icon section in windows
  • Comprehensive integrated image editor
  • Zoom lens ensures screenshots are pixel-perfect and accurate

2. Screenrec

Screenrec - Best Snipping tool for windows

Get Screenrec Here

Imagine having to explain a friend, where exactly on a webpage you found interesting and useful info. Neither your friend has the patience to go through the whole webpage nor it would be feasible for you to explain the location to him or her. Come in Screenrec which lets you take on-demand screenshots and thereby increases your productivity. The best part – it is absolutely free.


  • One-click and effortless screen capture
  • Easily annotate screenshots with highlights and comments
  • Instantly share captured screen from the clipboard itself
  • Capture and record screen

3. Droplr

Droplr - Best Snipping tool

Get It Here

If a screen capture software boasts of over 5 million users sharing billions of screen recordings and screenshots, you cannot just doubt its credibility. That’s Droplr for you. And, the trust definitely comes out of its features some of which are listed below and not to forget the stringent security protocols it provides to protect your captures.


  • Capture any region on the screen, even a scrolling webpage
  • HD video screen recording
  • Seamlessly integrates with other applications such as Slack, Google Classroom and various others
  • Industry-leading SSL/ TLS level encryption to secure your captures. Plus, there are several other security measures too
  • Link-shortener so that you don’t face any difficulties in uploading files on the cloud

4. Screenpresso

Screenpresso - Snipping tool alternatives

Get It Here

Is an extremely light screen capture software that even has a built-in image editor But size doesn’t hold it back from giving an array of features which make it the one of the best screen capturing software in its class. We have enlisted some of its key features of this Snipping Tool alternative below –


  • You can manage capture history according to workspaces
  • Create attachment of screen captures in 1 second
  • Capture scrolling Window
  • Highlight and edit precise sections with an inbuilt editor
  • Share screen captures on GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Twitter and on other social media platforms and cloud storage mediums

5. Snagit

snagit - Snipping tool alternative

Get It Here

Snagit is an industry level screen capture and screen recording software which even lets you add additional context to your screenshots with ease. It even lets you share the screenshots with others as well. Here are some of the best features of this snipping tool alternative –


  • Predefined templates that can be used for tutorials and training
  • Ability to capture scrolling screen
  • Capture a window or any desired region
  • Doubles as a screen recording software
  • Easily add annotations

FAQ’S –  Snipping Tool Alternatives


Which is the best Snipping Tool Alternative?

All of the above-mentioned Snipping Tool alternatives are engaging, fun to use and they will for sure take your productivity to the next level. Every screen capture software mentioned above has that one USP which will compel you to use it more and more. For instance, TweakShot’s annotation and image color capture on Snagit's predefined templates.



Are the above Snipping Tool alternatives for Windows 10 safe to use?

While we have carefully curated the list of some of the best and the safest snipping tool alternatives which exercise the highest safety standards, we highly recommend keeping your Windows 10 computer packed with antivirus software so that by no way a malware, virus or any infection can attack your computer.



In what situations can a Snipping Tool alternative come handy?



What is a scrolling screenshot?

One feature that you can see in most of the Snipping Tool alternatives is the scrolling screenshot. This feature gives you the ability to capture a webpage, a long message or anything where you have to scroll down or up. In simple terms, if you are looking for a way to take a screenshot of a long page, scrolling screenshot is the feature you are looking for.


Wrapping Up

While you are using Snipping Tool or even Snip & Sketch, do give these Snipping Tool alternatives a go and share your experience with us in the comments section below. And, if there is one particular screen capture software that you adore the most and that didn’t make it to the list, do shoot it in the comments and we’ll review it inside out.

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