Deleted Important Videos Accidentally? Use these Top Video Recovery Apps!


What to do when the unthinkable happens?

You all know how important regular backups are right? Especially when the thought of losing your important data gives you goosebumps.

Data loss is the scariest thing in the digital world. The thought of losing a file associated with your life sends a chill. Whether it is a video of your child’s birth, daughter’s first steps or an important business video. In everyone’s life there comes a moment when the most important video, the picture gets deleted accidentally. This is when we regret not backing up data and start thinking, the file is gone forever.

But trust me you can recover deleted videos and pictures from Android phone.

Here we will enlist top video recovery app that will help you recover deleted video files. You can compare these top video recovery apps and decide which one to use based on your own needs.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get rid of the churning feeling of loss of video files.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android phone?

Recovering deleted videos isn’t an easy job. To recover most of the deleted files from Android you need to remember certain points.

From this point onwards you will not download anything, connect your phone to the Internet or perform any other action. As this could overwrite the file you are trying to recover.

Also, avoid switching off your phone. We are not trying to command you, we are trying not to reduce chances of video file recovery.

Best Video Recovery Apps to Restore Deleted Videos on Android

1.  iSkysoft Android Data Recovery

data recovery

Unlike other video recovery app, iSkysoft Android Data Recovery does not fool users. Its does what it claims. Using this app you can easily recover all the deleted videos files in minutes. Whether the video files are deleted accidentally or due to some other reasons – virus attack, water damage iSkysoft data recovery app will help you recover deleted video files.


  • iSkysoft is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Recovers deleted videos that are lost due to any reasons.


  • Is not compatible with older Android Phone Modes.

2. PhoneRescue- Recover Deleted Files

Phonerescue android data recovery

Deleting a file is easy but recovering it back without a backup is the most difficult things. But if you have PhoneRescue things become easier. This amazing and best video recovery app recovers all deleted videos files, pictures and other data in one simple click.

PhoneRescue helps to restore data directly to the phone, just like they were never deleted. Find a way back, easily and completely with PhoneRescue.


  • PhoneRescue recovers data even without rooting the device.
  • Gives full access to the phone to recover deleted videos even when you forget your login password.
  • Recovers deleted WhatsApp data even attachments.


  • Current versions of PhoneRescue cannot replace recovered files back onto an iOS device.

3. Tenorshare Android Data Recovery


Last on our list of best video recovery app is UltData for Android (Android Data Recovery). It is a comprehensive video recovery software that helps you recover video files. It doesn’t matter whether the video file was accidentally deleted or intentionally, Tenoshare will recover all deleted video files. This video recovery app is so simple and easy to use that even a novice can use it to bring back all deleted videos, photos, and other data in minutes. It is the highest-rated video recovery software for Android in the industry.


  • Compatible with most Android phones and tablets.
  • Helps recover video files, photos, and other deleted data.
  • Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is very simple and easy to use.

4. DiskDigger Undelete – Video Recovery App:


When it comes to recovering deleted video files and other data on Android DiskDigger Undelete is the most used app. This app not only helps recover deleted videos. Using it you can also recover deleted photos from both your SD card and internal memory. No need to root the device to use the app to recover deleted videos from Android phone.

It doesn’t matter how video files were deleted whether you reformatted the device or deleted them accidentally DiskDigger will recover these deleted video files from Android phone. Moreover, DiskDigger allows you to upload these recovered deleted video files to Dropbox and Google Drive. You can even share these files via email.


  • DiskDigger recovers deleted video files, photos from both external and internal memory.
  • Offers different options to save recovered deleted video files.
  • DiskDigger allows uploading recovered deleted video to Cloud directly.


  • It does not recover all files if you delay the recovery process.

Still thinking how to recover deleted video files from Android? Then read further to know about other apps like DiskDigger. These outstanding best video recovery apps are available on Google Play Store. This means you don’t need to go anywhere.

You can trust us or can read user reviews to decide which video recovery app will be best for you.

5. Root Users’ Undeleter Apps


Second, on our list of top video recovery apps to recover deleted videos on Android, is  Undeleter Recover Files & Data. This app helps to recover deleted videos files and other kind of deleted files like – documents, photos, and more. Using Undeleter Recover Files & Data you can recover deleted videos files from both external and internal storage.

Without root access, Undeleter can scan your device for deleted video files without rooting the Android device. This app performs deep scan to recover deleted files with file types – BMP, JPEG/JPG, PNG, MNG, JNG, GIF, MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, OGG, OGM, WAV, FLAC, AMR, MP4A, PDF, SXD, SXI, SXC, SXW, ODT, ODG, ODS, ODP, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, ZIP, JAR, APK, EPUB. Further, if you have a Dropbox or Google account you can save recover deleted video files directly. To start the recovery process using Undelete Recover Files & Data you need to authenticate the application.


  • Recover deleted video files from both external and internal storage.
  • The free version helps to recover deleted video files.


  • Helps in recovering recently deleted video files.
  • Doesn’t allow to recover files like messages, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages/attachments.

6. Dumpster: Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files


Dumpster is an amazing video recovery application that helps to recover deleted videos on Android. You can use this app to not only recover deleted videos but images too. This app works without rooting the device and doesn’t need an Internet connection.

Dumpster video recovery app supports file formats like – MP4, MP3, video files, audio, images, and others. Like DiskDigger this video recovery app also supports straight backup to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud-based storage.


  • Effortlessly restore deleted videos, photos, and other files.
  • Supports 14 languages.


  • The free version of the app displays too many ads.

Which one would you choose?

After reading the above list of best video recovery apps, are you able to choose anyone?

No, looking for more alternates to recover deleted videos files from Android?

Worry not, here we have more apps that will help to recover deleted videos from your Android phone.


You can find several video recovery software in the market but choosing the best one can be a difficult task. DiskDigger, PhoneRescue, Tenorshare are few of the best data recovery software that will help you recover deleted video files. These video recovery apps can be a savior.

We would like to know which video recovery you liked amongst the one we suggested. Please leave us a comment. If there’s any other video recovery app that you prefer using please let us know that too.

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