Where To Locate Steam Screenshot Folder On Any Operating System

Where To Locate Steam Screenshot Folder On Any Operating System

All the fans of Steam will know that it is one of the best available video gaming platforms. Many times, we take screenshots on Steam, to make a note of the visuals on a game or to report an error. This is very common with Steam PC users as they are avid gamers and Steam screenshots serve as a help to many. While Steam provides an inbuilt feature to take screenshots, it also saves it online. But the tricky part is when we are unable to access the Steam screenshot folder. 

How To Take A Screenshot On Stream?

Let’s learn more about how to take a screenshot on Steam. Well in any game on Steam, the default steam screenshot key is F12. This is a common shortcut used by the Windows PC; it can vary with the operating system. Just like in smartphones, it’s easier to press the Power button and volume button to capture the screen. 

How To Take A Screenshot On Stream
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For the PC, it is a bit controlled by the keyboard commands, although it can be changed. To change the screenshot shortcut, you can open the Steam overlay, and click on Steam and go to Settings. Hereunder In-game section, you will see Screenshot shortcut keys, open it and change it to the one you are comfortable with.

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Where Do I Find My Steam Screenshots Folder?

Steam Screenshots are saved on the Steam itself and can be accessed from Steam overlay. To open Steam Overlay, press Shift + Tab keys together or with another shortcut if you have customized any. Now click on the View Screenshots option. 

Another way to open the saved Steam screenshots from Steam is to go to the game Library.

When you close the game, you can go to the bottom of the Steam interface and locate the Steam Library. Here you can see the View Screenshots Library. This is mainly used to upload it to Steam for public view to limited friends or to be shared on Facebook. You can also send it to Steam support to report an error or bug. 

How To Find Where Are Steam Screenshot Folder Saved On PC?

For Windows, you can access the Steam Screenshots saved on the local disk. This can vary as per your choice of steam screenshots to be saved from the Pictures folder to the designated location. Generally, if you have installed Steam on the Local C drive, you will be able to find it on the folder. It will be under the Program Files/Steam/userdata.

How To Find The Steam Screenshot
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If you are unable to locate where are Steam Screenshots saved on PC manually, take help from Steam interface. While you look at the screenshots there, you can see the option of Show on Disk.

Clicking it will directly take you to the file explorer and you can check the Steam Screenshots Folder’s Location. 

Show on Disk
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For Mac, it can be seen under the default folder for the Application data. This is under the Users/Your Username/Library/Application/ Support/Steam with 

For Linux, on default, you can check the ~/.local/share/Steam.

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Wrapping up-

The choice is entirely yours for where to look for the Steam screenshots. It can be accessed from the Steam Menu and as well as on your Steam Screenshot folder on PC. We hope that the post helped you with making it clear how to locate Steam screenshots on Windows, Mac, Linux. Also, learn to change Steam screenshot folder’s location on your PC, so that it can be changed to a more visible location next time.

We hope this article will be helpful to you as you are trying to find Steam screenshots on different operating systems. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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