Sonos Introduces Its Streaming Radio Service – Sonos Radio

Read How To Use Sonos Radio On iPhone

Sonos Introduces Its Streaming Radio Service – Sonos Radio

Sonos is always known for being the neutral manager of streaming services and recently has rolled out a new way to listen to your favorite content along with some local stations with its own streaming  radio i.e. Sonos Radio. It is a new, free-to-use streaming service that has been rolled out on 21st April, 2020 as a part of a software update.

Sonos has decided to create some of the content itself and all this will come preloaded in the Sonos app. It will be a starting point that customers will adapt before adding other services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and others.

CEO Patrick Spence, says on Sonos that it is ‘only the beginning’ as Sonos works on other services that provide our customers with a better experience and provide our music streaming service partners an opportunity to highlight their best content.

Sonos Radio - How to use it on iPhone

With his words, we can fairly imagine what Sonos is up to and is about to come up bang for its users. In this article we’ll be telling you about how to play streaming radio on Sonos. Sonos is by far complementing 100+ streaming options, and now a new service introduces a holistic and cohesive way to explore radio and bringing together more than 60,000 stations from multiple streaming partners.

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How To Use Sonos Streaming Radio Service On iPhone and iPad?

Sonos Radio is the new feature available with the latest update of Sonos app. You can easily access it on your iPhone and iPad including local stations. Here’s the process to get started.

  • Open the Sonos app and when prompted run the latest update.
  • Now, tap on the Browse tab at the bottom of your screen.
  • Then, tap Sonos Radio at the top and complete the one-time setup. For setting up your one-time account, you need to follow the path stated ahead: Add Account at the bottom > Agree to Terms and Conditions > tap Set up Sonos Radio > tap Done in the right side corner.
Sonos Streaming Radio Service On iPhone and iPad
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  • Now, pick from featured content at the top compiled with some curated Sonos Stations below that and now scroll down to locate local radio stations, and more such featured content.
  • After this, at the bottom you can browse all the available radio content by category including music, news & talk, sports, locations etc.

Note: As listed in point 1, Sonos app will prompt for an update, if it does not, you can check for the updates in the app settings. To check for updates, go to System > System Updates > Check for Updates.

Now that you have set up Sonos app, you can now explore its features and browse through its amazing categories. If you choose a local radio station, you can see in the album artwork and check if it’s through Sonos partnership with iHeartRadio, TuneIn, or another service.

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A Bit More For Sonos Radio

Bit More For Sonos Radio
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Sonos Radio streams at 128kbps, though it’s a bit disappointing. Anyways, the company owns a full control over both service and speaker hardware. With this update, we are likely to see a higher quality for Sonos Presents and Sonos Stations. And this is what compiles Sonos Radio. As per the company’s CEO and other members, Sonos will not be giving any unfair preferential treatment in the Sonos app.

Wrap Up

Well, all this is not just limited to that’s said above, it might come up with flying colors and internet radio stations will be available after the updated Sonos app. Sonos has recently launched things other than Sonos Radio like- Sonos SOund System, artist stations, and Sonos stations in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia.

Have you ever used Sonos app or its products? If yes, share with us your experience and if not, give it a try let us know how it feels.

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