10 Best Snapchat Lock Apps for Android in 2024

10 Best Snapchat Lock Apps for Android in 2024

Snapchat is a popular instant messaging app. This social media app relies on brief moments to share photos, videos, or locations with friends. The best thing about Snapchat is that it allows users to save their conversations and messages.

So, if you have saved your chats and pictures on Snapchat and don’t want anyone to read them, we have a solution!

Top 10 Apps To Lock Snapchat On Android

List of Contents

  • 1. Applock – Lock Apps & Passwords
  • 2. Applock – Lock for Apps
  • 3. AppLock – Lite Tools Studios
  • 4. Locker For SnapApp Chat
  • 5. AppLock – DoMobile Applock
  • 6. AppLock – Fingerprint
  • 7. Norton App Locker
  • 8. LOCKit
  • 9. Perfect Applock
  • 10. AppLock – IVY Mobile

To protect your Snapchat messages from being read by others, all you have to do is lock your app with an app locker.

Today, this rundown will show you the best applications that can serve as an answer to your query about how to lock Snapchat.

So without further ado, let’s jump on the list of best apps to lock Snapchat on Android:

1. Applock – Lock Apps & Passwords

Applock - Lock Apps & Passwords


Size: 12MB
Price: Free
Required Android: Version 5.0 and up
Version: 4.2.1

You can lock your apps with one of three means—PIN, Fingerprint, or Pattern. The app also offers a Photo Vault, which allows you to hide pictures from prying eyes, and an Intruder Selfie, which snaps a photo of anyone trying to break in. You can also hide chat notifications from sensitive apps by activating Message Security.


  • 3G, 4G, data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other features can all be locked.
  • Preinstalled Beautiful pattern and PIN themes.
  • Simple and Fresh UI.


  • Lots of built-in ads.

Download : Applock – Lock Apps & Passwords

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2. Applock – Lock for Apps

Applock - Lock for Apps


Size: 4.5MB
Price: Free
Required Android: Version 5.1 and up
Version: 2.8.9

Applock by Appsniff is stable and straightforward to use the Snapchat Lock app. Use Applock to preserve your privacy, and lock your apps, galleries, movies, chats, social media apps, and data from prying eyes.Applock can lock your Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Name Logs, Settings, and more in apps.


  • Uses a low battery and space to run.
  • Simple to use: App Locker can be enabled or disabled with a single click.
  • App Lock comes with a photo vault: Keep your gallery protected and your photographs hidden.


  • Pre-rolled Ads.
  • Can’t use a fingerprint sensor as unlock method.

Download:  Applock – Lock for Apps

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3. AppLock – Lite Tools Studios

AppLock - Lite Tools Studios


Size: 12MB
Price: Free (In-App Purchases)
Required Android: Version 4.1 and up
Version: 1.9.2

To be your phone’s App Locker and privacy guard, this is the best Security Lock – AppLock! With options such as password , pattern, and fingerprint lock, you can keep your privacy intact. ! You can use AppLock to lock apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc and it comes with anti-intrusion feature. Moreover, it has Safe notes option to keep private notes secret and auto-save them.


  • Privacy notes feature.
  • Real-time privacy protection.
  • Upload photos and videos from Gallery to a photo or video vault.


  • Contain Ads in paid version too.

Download : AppLock – Lite Tool Studios

4. Locker For SnapApp Chat

Locker for SnapApp Chat


Size: 5.8MB
Price: Free
Required Android: Version 4.1 and up

Locker For SnapApp Chat is a dedicated Snapchat locker that is one of the best apps for locking Snapchat. This application safeguards and encrypts messages, allowing users to lock Snapchat. Without the passcode and fingerprint options, this locker for Snapchat restricts people to view the conversation or use your Snapchat without permission. Along with the App lock option, this locker app comes with a feature to lock individual chats as well.


  • Easy to navigate UI.
  • Very light in weight. (Just 5.8MB)
  • Uses less Battery and Memory.


  • Lock not available for all apps.

Download:  Locker for SnapApp Chat

5. AppLock – DoMobile Applock

AppLock - DoMobile Applock


Size: 16.85MB
Price: Free
Required Android: Version 4.2 and up
Version: 5.3.2

AppLock by DoMobile Labs is another popular lock app that many people like and trust. You can use it to encrypt any app on your phone with a password and prevent unwanted access. You’ll need to set a master pattern lock and use it every time you visit the app after installing. You can lock separate applications with various profiles, add a false covering to locked apps, set fingerprint recognition, etc.


  • Support a total of 45 languages.
  • Make the AppLock icon seem like a calculator or a compass.
  • Location Lock: lock/unlock based on your current location.


  • Ads in every step while setting it up.
  • Can’t recover your photos and data if you reset your phone.

Download:  AppLock – DoMobile AppLock

6. AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock - Fingerprint


Size: 8.45MB
Price: Free (In-App Purchases)
Required Android: Version 4.1 and up
Version: 7.9.29

AppLock: Fingerprint is a capable Android lock application with a straightforward user interface. You can use a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint scanner to protect your apps. It takes a picture of the person attempting to unlock your applications and email it to you. The application is accessible in 31 languages, and you can get a premium version of the app pay adverts.


  • Supports 31 different languages in total.
  • Each protected app can have a distinct password.
  • Using the widget and notification bar to lock/unlock apps.


  • Smartphone compatibility issues.
  • Requires access to your contact list.

Download : AppLock – Fingerprint

7. Norton App Locker

Norton App Locker


Size: 3.77MB
Price: Free
Required Android: Version 6.0 and up

The Norton App Lock is a pretty basic app locker that should be an excellent choice for a basic user who is looking free Snapchat locking app. Apart from app locking, it also aids in the protection of data, images, and videos from unauthorized access. Users can also add a recovery email and a sneak peek function that records images of people who enter the incorrect PIN or pattern three times.


  • Super Lightweight. (Just 3.77MB)
  • Make a one-of-a-kind lock screen pattern password with your finger.
  • Parental Control feature.


  • A bit laggy in comparison to others.

Download : Norton App Locker

8. LOCKit



Size: 10.47MB
Price: Free
Required Android: Version 4.1 and up
Version: 2.4.18_ww

LOCKIT is a free app locker for Android that is light and robust. You can easily lock your phone screen or apps using a PIN or pattern. It can lock down any app on your phone and additional settings. It also stops any locked applications from being uninstalled. This app locker for Snapchat also has an intruder selfie option, which is helpful if you want to know who is attempting to unlock apps when you are not present.


  • Photo & Video safe vault.
  • Minimal battery and RAM usage.
  • Easy to use UI.


  • Forces to use an in-app virus scanner.
  • Can be bypassed on Android 12.

Download : NA

9. Perfect Applock

Perfect Applock


Size: 9.75MB
Price: Free
Required Android: Version 4.4 and up
Version: 8.0.5

With Perfect AppLock, you can protect any app on your smartphone with a PIN, pattern, or gesture password. This app can also protect your internet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi data. You can also adjust the brightness of particular applications using the screen filter function.

This app may also be used remotely with the help of an SMS service. It can beat users by displaying bogus error warnings on secure apps.


  • Displays fake pop-up messages when someone tries to open a locked app.
  • Takes intruder’s pictureafter a third failed attempt to open an app.
  • Can lock rotation of selected apps.


  • Features vary with the device.
  • Minor bugs after the recent update.

Download :  Perfect AppLock

10. AppLock – IVY Mobile

AppLock - IVY Mobile


Size: 8.5MB
Price: Free
Required Android: Version 4.1 and up
Version: 3.2.8

IVY AppLock by IVY Mobile is a free app to keep attackers and snoopers out of personal information. With IVY Applock, you can lock all the major social media apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Vine.

This app, like other apps, protects your apps using a PIN or pattern locking mechanism. You can substitute its icon with a dummy icon for the Ivy Mobile Applock, such as a calculator, calendar, or notepad.


  • Easy to operate on click enable/disable the feature.
  • In-built power-saving feature.
  • Invisvible pattern lock.


  • Consistency issue in performance.

Download : AppLock – IVY Mobile

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To Wrap it Up

The above list should help you find the best Snapchat lock app. All these apps have unique features, and choosing just one can be difficult. In the end, it all comes down to what your needs are for a Snapchat lock app.

If you still can’t decide, we recommend trying out AppLock and Locker for Snapchatto see what works best for you. We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and we are always happy to hear from you! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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