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How To Recover Deleted Emails In Outlook In Windows 10
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How To Recover Deleted Emails In Outlook In Windows 10

Okay! So you’ve landed in a horrendous situation where you have mistaken some important emails as junk and have deleted them without giving a second thought. Whereas they were the ones you had to forward to your boss pronto! If your heart is pounding hard now, take a breather first. Here are some ways you can positively recover deleted emails in Outlook.

Have you lost not just emails but even crucial files because of a data crash? We’ve got your back.

Ways To Restore Accidentally Deleted Emails In Microsoft Outlook

You can broadly take two routes to recover accidentally deleted emails in Outlook. First, the manual ways, and the second using a dedicated third-party utility. The latter is something that various IT administrators use when a user has deleted Outlook emails from all possible places.

– Check The Trash or Deleted Items Folder

To recover deleted emails in Outlook, the first place you can check is the Trash or Deleted Items folder. If the deleted emails lie in the Outlook Trash folder, you can move them to your desired folder. The same goes for the Deleted Items folder as well. You can retrieve deleted emails from these two folders unless you permanently delete them from here.

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Source: Microsoft

– Recover Deleted Emails In Outlook Using “Recover Deleted Items”

Before we list down the steps of how you can retrieve deleted emails in Outlook using the Recover Deleted Items option, we would like you to take a note of something and that is you have up to 30 days for recovering deleted items using the above-mentioned option

Even if you have deleted emails from the Deleted Items folder, all hope’s not lost. When you delete an item from the Deleted Items folder, the emails move to the Recoverable Items folder. To get access to this hidden folder –

  1. For this, you must be connected to the mail server
  2. Click on the Folder menu and then select Recover Deleted Items
Recover mails
Source: Microsoft
  1. Select items you want to recover and then click on OK

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– Recover Permanently Deleted Outlook Emails.

There are some instances where recovering deleted emails might be impossible using the manual route. For example –  have you even deleted the emails from the recoverable items folder? Have 30 days passed since you deleted the emails?

So, now is there a possible way to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook? Yes, there is –

In such cases, a dedicated Outlook recovery software can save your life. One such tool is SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool. It is a utility that can help you restore Outlook emails by recovering Outlook PST data files. It doesn’t just help restore deleted emails in Outlook but also helps restore lost contacts, tasks, calendars, and journals while causing no harm to their integrity.

With SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool You Can –

  • Restore deleted Outlook emails from PST file
  • Preview deleted Outlook items in red color
  • Recover Outlook PST files that might be password protected or corrupted
  • You can Recover multiple PST files
  • Recover data from a selected PST file in Outlook using the Selective Export option
  • Even repair PST files in Outlook

How To Use SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool?

To recover lost Outlook emails from the PST file, here is how you can use SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool to your maximum advantage.

Download SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool

email recovery

  1. Download, install and run SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool
  2. When running it on Windows 10, launch the tool as administrator
  3. Browse and select the .pst file
  4. Click on the Export and then click on Advanced Settings
  5. Apply filters

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Wrapping Up:

As the saying rightly goes “To err is human”, which means you might accidentally delete emails but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to retrieve deleted emails in Outlook. If possible and as mentioned in the above-mentioned blog, you can use manual ways to recover lost emails in Outlook, however in situations when you have even deleted emails from the Recoverable Items folder, you can take the help of third-party software like SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool. We’d be more than glad if the blog has been able to help you and if it did, do let us know in the comments section below. For more such content, keep reading Tweak Library.

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