Is It Possible To Recover The Data From A Failed SSD?

Is It Possible To Recover The Data From A Failed SSD?

Gone are the days when hard disks were used to store data. Now in the 21st century with the changing time, all the SSDs have taken place in the market and has become the first choice of users for saving their data on it. SSD is the abbreviation for Solid State Drive which is preferred over other storage devices because it is fast, responsive, and reliable in comparison to any other storage device. But there is a glitch in the SSD too and that is SSD will also show some leaks after rigorous use of it.

As SSD is also a storage device so it can also get corrupted or damaged with the passage of time and the data stored on it can be at stake. To avoid such a scenario, we will discuss the best way by which the data can be recovered from a failed SSD below.

Reasons For Failure Of SSD?

SSDs are more reliable than hard drives. But it doesn’t mean that they come with a lifetime guarantee or warranty of saving your data because just like anything else in the world SSDs also have an expiry date and that expiry date is determined by the components used in the SSD. And one of the major components is capacitors which depletes with continuous use of SSD, an irregular power supply, etc could lead to some unusual behaviors of SSD which can harm your data on it.

Is It Possible To Recover Data From A Failed SSD?

When SSDs were new in the market nobody knew the functioning of SSD. But now the IT specialists and professionals have developed so many data recovery tools which can recover the data from a failed SSD. It is now as simple as taking the data from a regular hard disk. But here one thing needs to be checked and that is if the SSD is completely broken or not. If broken, then sorry to say but you have lost your data.

But if the SSD is not broken, then it is possible to recover the data with the help of Stellar Data Recovery Service.

Let’s discuss in details about Stellar Data Recovery Service: –

Stellar Data Recovery Service is a recovery tool by which you can recover the lost data not only from SSD but also from different other sources like computers, laptops, SD cards, etc.

There could be many reasons for the data loss and those reasons are provided in the options of Stellar Data Recovery Service. We then select the option which has caused the SSD failure. You get 1 GB of free service to recover lost data so that you can check how effectively Stellar works.

The services provided by Stellar Data Recovery Service are exceptionally well, and this can be proved by the reviews given by users who have used their services in the past when their SSD failed.

trustpilot review

The cost to use the Stellar Data recovery differs on selecting the edition and the functions which are mentioned below.

Recover Pricing

Recover data feature

Stellar data recovery leads

Stellar Data recovery demands the least system requirements like a minimum of 4 GB RAM and hard disk space of 250 MB to install files. It runs with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Download stellar data recovery 

Complete Review of Stellar Data Recovery

It gives most advanced features like: –

  • Recovery from Bitlocker encrypted drive.
  • Restore files from corrupted volume
  • Data recovery from formatted media
  • Recovery of data from lost partition
  • Recover data from a crashed system
  • Repair corrupt photos and videos
  • Virtual drive recovery

Conclusion: –

SSD is absolutely the perfect choice to store your data because they are fast and reliable. No other storage device can take the place of SSD in terms of performance but we all know that SSD is also a storage device with its limitations to survive for a reasonable time. There can be many factors responsible for a failed or crashed SSD which can lead to data loss. But as discussed in the article, we have seen how Stellar can help in recovering the data from the failed SSD. To try it you can use the 1 GB free recovery option and if it suits your needs, then do let us know about your experience in the comment box below.

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