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Quibi Review – Can It Compete With Giants & How To Stream Quibi?
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Quibi Review – Can It Compete With Giants & How To Stream Quibi?

Everything one should know about Quibi mobile streaming service!

Amid the novel coronavirus panic Quibi, the mobile streaming service just launched. It might seem weird but this new app is said to give a tough time to well-known names like Disney Plus, HBO Max and others. But how?

To get an answer read further.

Quibi, another video streaming service will provide original content but the length of episodes and movies will be shorter than usual. It will give quick bites of content that can be watched in 10 minutes or less. The idea behind this short-form video platform was to offer quick bites to the users as they wait for the bus or coffee. But COVID-19 changed Quibi’s plan and the app launched on Monday, April 6th.

Does this interest you?

Want to know more about the app? Here’s everything that you need to know about Quibi and how to stream content on Quibi.

So, let’s get started with the most important thing first, the cost.

How Much Does QUIBI Cost?

Price is the deciding factor for using a service or not. Quibi is offering two subscription options:

  • $4.99 monthly with “some ads”
  • $7.99 monthly ad-free

The cost is lesser than other popular streaming services. Here is a price comparison chart.

Streaming Service Starting Price Subscription
Hulu $ 5.99 Monthly
Netflix $ 8.99 Monthly
Quibi $4.99 with ads and $7.99 without Monthly
Disney+ $6.99 Monthly
Sling TV $20 Monthly
HBO Now $14.99 Monthly

In addition to this Quibi is launching nearly 50 shows. The initial line-up includes “Chrissy’s Court,” “Most Dangerous Game,” “Shape of Pasta,” etc. All episodes are not more than 10 minutes in length and they can be viewed in either landscape or portrait mode.

Further, those who want to give it a try; they can sign up at before April end and get a limited-time free trial. However, if you are a T-Mobile customer with multiple lines you can get Quibi free for one year. (Offer is valid from April 6th to July 7th.)


Both Android and iOS users can get the app from the respective stores. However, users using a tablet, Chromecast, AirPlay will be disappointed as the app is designed only for mobile.

Who All Can Use QUIBI?

Currently, Quibi is available in the US and Canada. Soon it will be available in other parts of the world too.

Who All Can Use QUIBI

All the shows you find on Quibi will run between 5-10 minutes. This means they will be much shorter than the ones you watch on Netflix, Hulu, etc. Also, the quality of content is not compromised; this will give a strong competition to known platforms.

What else does Quibi have to offer?

This bite-sized streaming content app focuses on giving great user experience. Compared with other video streaming giants like Netflix, Instagram Stories, etc, Quibi offers great presentation modes called Turnstyle.

This means when you rotate your device, Quibi will automatically flip between landscapes and portrait modes. Thereby, allowing you to seamlessly switch between the two modes as you rotate your phone.

Quibi have to offer

These videos will use up to 20 percent more data than traditional videos in a single orientation.

(Note: If rotation lock is enabled on your phone, Turnstyle won’t work.)

Using Quibi you can watch movies divided into short chapters, unscripted series, news, sports, weather.

What Sets Quibi Apart?

  • A mobile-only app designed for mobile users to be used on the go.
  • A turn style feature allows users to change the view without missing any details.
  • Customize content based on personal viewing preferences.
  • Original content, from movies to daily shows to game show reboots.

How to use Quibi?

You can download Quibi by clicking the following link Android and iOS

Once downloaded and installed, as you launch the app, like other apps you will see a “For You” page with curated content. Based on what you watch this page will show recommendations.

This is done to offer ease of use for millennials & mobile users.

To see what Quibi has to offer scroll vertically, just like Tinder. Here you will see tiles of content up and down across their screen. At the bottom of the app is a menu that offers options:

  • Search feature
  • Following – to know which shows you are following
  • Download hub – to see downloaded shows that you can watch when offline

How to use Quibi

Isn’t it simple? Just install the app and get going.

However, there’s a catch, since Quibi is designed for mobiles it does not allow using multiple user profile. This means only one person can use Quibi at a time. So, while sharing Quibi account keep this mind. In coming weeks, you will see more content added. Further, if you are planning to go on a trip where you can face network issue you can download your favourites.

This is it, since people are looking for a distraction right now Quibi entering the market will give a freshness. However, if you think this app is designed for viewing while on the go and you should move out, then don’t. With all what is happening around stay home stay safe. You can use Quibi even when at home.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using the app today and share your feedback with us.

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