10 Lesser Known Entertaining Sites Like Youtube

10 Lesser Known Entertaining Sites Like Youtube

Entertainment has surely become a basic human need to cope with the stress we encounter in everyday life. Most of us hangout with friends, attend parties and go on exotic vacations for the sake of being entertained. There are some who would like to spend their time alone and quiet cozy-ing up in their beds watching movies or other videos. Speaking of videos, YouTube is the first word which strikes our mind. But based on our search history, Google generally recommends similar videos suggestions not letting us to explore the variety out there. Surfing YouTube will remain the foremost option but there is no harm in checking out other websites which might offer different and perhaps, better content. A list of websites which host several types of video clips has been compiled below.

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List of Entertaining Sites Like Youtube:

VIDlii :VIDLii - Video Channel

Vidlii is a simple, old fashioned Video sharing website that reminds you of YouTube’s first look. It contains many videos from different categories. The videos are sorted under animation, sports, education and many more. It also provides members to create channels and communities. Though the functionality is similar to YouTube, but the content is different. It does not have a huge collection though as it does not offer any money to the up loaders keeping the content limited and useful.


BitChute - Video Hosting Website

BitChute is a video hosting website that uses peer-to-peer technology. It avoids content rules that are enforced on YouTube. It follows a unique way of hosting videos where the users who watch a video also seed it. If there are no seeders, you will have to go to their website to watch the video. Launched in January 2017, it is still under development and many changes have been implemented since. The Website interface is very easy to use, and the videos are organized into different categories. With YouTube’s increasing terms and conditions, many Channels have migrated to BitChute.

Internet Archive’s Video Section:

Internet Archive's Video Section

This website is an accumulation of old documentaries, TV Series and movies. Though most of the content is comparatively older and ambiguous, but it has a surprising variety in its vast collection of historic content. The content can be sorted by setting filters for year, language, topic & subjects. If explored appropriately, one can find certain videos that are hard to come by on other websites. Also, anyone can contribute to the library by posting videos for free in H.264 video coding format.



Mixer - Video Live Streaming Platform

Mixer is a website that streams video games live. It was officially launched on January 5, 2016 in Seattle, USA. Though it is owned by Microsoft, yet it focuses on video gaming, including playthroughs of video games and live streaming of games across all platforms including Sony’s PlayStation series. It permits users to interrelate with streams thus affecting the gameplay, vote on options using controls displayed alongside the stream. The streaming is real-time, and video quality is excellent.


9GAG - Social Media Website

An infinite supply of enjoyable visual content plus funny photos, GIFs, gaming videos, memes, anime, and more. With servers in Hongkong, it allows users to share user-generated content or other content from various social media websites.

Most of the content is fun and is timely updated like YouTube. It is also highly addictive, and it is hard to exit out of the website quickly due to its engaging nature of content. Also, several videos may not be pleasant to view about in office.


Break - Video Sharing Site

Break is a very prevalent entertaining website mainly known for funny videos, clips, and hilarious pictures. It also includes many articles about various topics like health, travel, food and related to current news. The videos are categorized into various groups like animals, DIY, food, car, sports and movies. Movies section doesn’t include complete movies, but it contains trailers, movie news and deleted scenes. Users can upload videos in all major formats, but the file size must not be more than 60MB. Users can upload videos on the website page or through a mobile phone and even send an email.

TED Talks:

TED Talks - Video Sharing Site

TED Talks is an online video platform which features more than 3100 talks about many different topics such as technology, business, design, science, and global issues. The speakers consist of celebrities and well-known personalities from various aspects. It also features people with unique and innovative ideas.

The talks can be described as funny, entertaining and emotional. The talks are scripted and directed in such a way that the content leaves an impact on you and you can always gain something memorable out of each one.

College Humor:

College Humar Show

It is one of the utmost widespread comedy sites with tons of funny videos. Created in 1999, this site produces original funny videos featuring sketches and short films written and produced by the College Humor staff. The site hosts over ten new videos per week. It features spoof videos of famous characters like Batman, Blade Runner, comedy videos about politics, food and much more.

The Open Video Project:

The Open Video Project

The Open Video Project launched in 1998 is a digital library which host educational documentaries. It was established by the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science. Students working on researches take benefits of its digital libraries. The library hosts many videos courtesy of NASA and a compendium of educational films and commercials from 1950s. The content is authentic most of which has been contributed by U.S. government agencies. The search option contains filters which can be set choosing Time, sound, format and duration as criteria.

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The invention of Internet brought the capability of sharing videos with others. It also led to the invention of smartphone and tablets to view the videos shared by others. Then came YouTube, which made it possible to share the videos with a larger audience. And finally, came YouTube’s censorship polices, terms and conditions which gave birth to many Video hosting websites. From sports, news, cooking, teaching and vlogging there are gazillions of videos available which may last more than a life time. Although most of us find our needs fulfilled by YouTube, there is no harm in having a few options handy, after all.

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