What’s New In Windows 10X For You?

What’s New In Windows 10X For You?

Being dedicated tech nerds we’re sure each of us gets highly excited to experiment with the latest innovations. When it comes to operating systems, versions with new features will always amaze you. Windows 10X is the latest version of the Windows operating system. With a dual monitor setup as the main objective, this version of OS offers numerous advances to its user. The actual working version of the operating system is yet to come. But the exciting options of the OS are always interesting to explore. Primarily the Windows 10X system software aims to dual monitor setup. However, it is also compatible with a single monitor layout with the latest headways. This page will enumerate the electrifying features of this marvelous software.

Features of Windows 10X

The Windows 10X is the evolved version of Windows 10 system software. With its betterment strategies, Windows 10X OS will replace the parent software soon.

Dual-Screen Enhancement

Windows 10X system mainly aims to create a dual-screen platform for the device. This software can enhance your working experience and save time. With a twin monitor, you can work with two apps at the same time. Also, you will be able to move apps across the screens. It can enhance your work with double speed, and capacity. Dual-screen implementations will be contemplated to be initiated on devices with actual multiple monitors. However, the version for a prior version device will be available soon.

Dual-Screen Enhancement

App Containers

You can use the Windows10 applications in the Windows 10X platform. But the applications will be running in a separate space called containers. Software running in the OS can slow down the system. It will help you in avoiding system crashes and security issues. The OS interface speed will be high as it is running independently.

Updates And Battery Life

Updating the Operating system is very simple in the Windows 10X OS. The device can renovate itself on the background with less manual work. It saves a lot of time and skips the painful procedures for updating the OS. The system software itself will notify you when an improvement is available. You can update the system just by restarting it.

Applications are the main components that will drain your battery. Here, as the apps are running in separate containers, they won’t eat your charge. You can control background tasks by isolating Win32 applications. It can improve system speed with great ease.

Improves Security

You can download and install applications as per wish. As the software is isolated from the operating system, it won’t affect system security. It even prevents malware and avoids a malicious tool that can reduce the OS speed.

Start Menu And Taskbar

The Start menu of Windows 10X operating is an attractive, shiny piece of artwork. It can help you to navigate smartly, and live tiles are not available in the start menu.  A new interactive taskbar is handy with extensive options. The system tray can traverse between screens, and state-of-the-art unique application icons are available in the start menu.

Start Menu And Task Bar

Action Center

Windows 10X OS is available with a new redefined action center. This tool can implement changes in the panel itself. You can change the screen orientation with the Compose Mode of the Action center.  Using a comfortable screen set up in one screen and keyboard in another window, you can work efficiently.

Action Center


Windows 10X System software has several improved perks that can keep you tied up with your work.

Across The Screen Software Usage

You can use a single application on both the screen with the “connected apps” option. “Focused apps” feature will allow you to access the distinct application on the dual-screen.

Locked-Down Mode

You can use only genuine software in this operating system. Also, you will be able to access signed apps and reputed software.

No Need For Anti-Malware App

As we are using trusted applications, it is not necessary to use anti-malware tools.

Faster Updates

Windows 10X is amazingly quick when it comes to downloading and installing updates. You can update your software in just 90 seconds.

No Need Of Registry Cleaners

As the apps are isolated from the operating system, applications will have access to the required files only. It reduces registry entry creation.


Windows 10X OS will support all default hardware. But access to camera and microphone are restricted to some apps. It ensures higher-end security.

How To Try It

  • Access the Microsoft store for your Windows10 device.
  • Download and install Microsoft emulator from Microsoft store.

Windows 10X OS

  • Locate and install in Windows 10X emulator image from Microsoft emulator.

Windows 10X emulator

  • Ensure that Hyper-V is available in the device.


  • Boot Windows 10X from Microsoft emulator.


Windows 10X is the latest available version of the operating system. This software has some drawbacks and issues. Also, this version is short in advanced features required for the current scenario. Windows 10X system software with dual monitor setup Windows 10 can replace the features shortfall of the previous versions. The brief given above can garnish your thoughts with the attractive aspects of Windows 10X.

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