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Kindergarten at home with ABCD Drawing
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Kindergarten at home with ABCD Drawing

Being a parent, I understand how important it is to make children learn and remember things. If done in a fun manner, children retain more as there’s no burden of remembering things. For young children learning to draw plays an important role. It helps improve hand and eye coordination, writing skills, and whatnot.

But without attending school how can children learn drawing and alphabets, right? Well, there’s a solution for that, try the ABCD Drawing app. This simple Android application makes drawing easy helps learn alphabets, draw, color, and more.

Why Use The ABCD Drawing App?

The ongoing pandemic, COVID -19 has changed things for everyone, parents are working from home and kids no longer go to school. Due to this, their learning has come to a halt. To overcome this hurdle, using learning apps like the ABCD Drawing app and others is advised.

Using these apps, alongside playing children can learn how to draw alphabets, draw, recognize colors, and more.
Therefore, without thinking about what to do to make your kid learn drawing, make learning alphabets easy for them, use the ABCD Drawing app.

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How to use the ABCD drawing app?

Offered by Systweak ABCD drawing app is the perfect gift for your child under the age of 5. This amazing app helps learn alphabets, practice writing, colors, musical drawing.  Follow these steps to learn how to use the best alphabet and drawing app

  1. Download install ABCD drawing app from Google Play Store.

      Get It Here

  1. Launch the ABCD drawing app. The app is divided into four sections:
  • Learn Alphabet
  • Musical Drawing
  • Practice LEarning
  • Color Book
  1. Tap the one you want to use.
  2. To learn the Alphabet tab, Learn Alphabet
    ABCD Drawing
  3. You will see a tutorial tap on it to proceed
  4. Next, you will get the first alphabet with sound.
    Learn Drawing
  5. The left pane gives you control over things –
    Learning app

Sound On – Tap on it to mute or turn on the sound

ABC Select – Skip to the alphabet you want your kid to learn

Replay – Play the sound

Home – Go to the main screen

Portrait – Change the viewing mode

  1. To learn drawing, tap the Home icon present in the left pane and select Musical Drawing
    Musical Drawing
  2. Grant access to the photos, media, and files. This is asked to save the drawings.
  3. You are now ready to draw on the white canvas. Pick any color from 6 given colors and listen to the music while you draw. If you want you can disable it by tapping the sound icon present at the top right corner.

Note: If you deny access permission, you will not be able to save the drawing.

  1. Thereafter to learn writing alphabets small and capital and number, tap Practice Writing.
    Practice Writing
  2. Select what you want to learn.
    Learn draw
  3. Draw along the dots to learn to draw the alphabet. From the left pane, you can select Pen color.
    Drawing made easy
  4. For clearing the level, the kid is awarded a certificate.
  5. This one is the fun part and my favorite Color Book. Alongside my kid, I also use it to de-stress.
  6. Tap Color Book
    Color book
  7. Tap the shape, you want to color > select color from the right pane.
    Best learning app
  8. In addition to this, you can also change the color, image, erase the color, and select brush size from the right pane.
    Learning app
  9. That’s it, using these simple steps, you can easily make your kid learn alphabets, how to draw, and color images. This will help them learn basics from the comfort of their home without attending school.

Wrapping Up

Nothing would matter if you can learn alongside playing. This amazing ABCD Drawing app from Systweak will not only help kids learn but will also keep them away from distractions. This is a great way to teach kids how to draw, what do alphabets mean, and a lot. Systweak has brought an excellent gift for kids that ensures fun while learning experience without any hassle.

To make things interesting and interactive, the sound part added to the app is amazing. Now it’s not only my kids that use this app. I too use it to take breaks. Give this powerful ABCD Drawing app a try and see how well it works.

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