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Best Drawing Apps And Tools To Look For In 2022
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Best Drawing Apps And Tools To Look For In 2022

Drawing apps are considered to be a super cool new way for artists and illustrators to design their creatives. Such drawing tools are shifting them from paper to digital sources. If it is me to choose the best drawing apps I would choose the one that can offer me powerful drawing tools along with special effects, vector image or raster image creation tools and a lot more.

There are multiple drawing apps, art apps, painting apps, and sketch apps to choose from. Each of these creative apps has its own USP wherein some are best for vector images and others are best for creating sketches or so. Even the marketplace is flooded with some dedicated apps for image manipulation, 3D modeling or others.

Best Drawing Apps For iOS and Android in 2022

Turn your smartphone into a digital canvas and start creating digital art with the best drawing tools. To ease your hunt, here’s the list of best drawing apps to let you create your designs as digital art.

1. Autodesk Sketchbook

AutoDesk Sketchbook


Platform: Windows, Mac Android, and iOS

Creativity begins the moment you get an idea, get this AutoDesk Sketchbook drawing app for quick sketches and fully finished artwork. Are you into creating sketches, believe us this amazing application has all the power and can help you create something that is beyond expectations? Autodesk Sketchbook offers you a variety of drawing tools, brushes, gallery organizer and much more to ease usage.


  • Variety of tools and effects.
  • Freemium version.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Platform: Android and iOS

For your Android and iOS device, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is another free drawing app that lets you create expressive drawings anywhere. This is one of the best tools that gives you a platform to express yourself and your ideas using natural drawing tools i.e. pencils, pens, markers, brushes and many others. You can further try using the watercolor brushes to get all the textures and blending effects on your digital drawing pad just like you’d get on paper.


  • Behance Integration.
  • Send your creatives to Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud.

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3. Astropad Studio

Astropad Studio

Platform: iOS

Astropad Studio is one of the best drawing apps for iPad that turns your iPad into a video graphics tab for Mac. This wonderful app lets you use various drawing tools to create a creative digital design. This easy to use drawing and art app for iPad has a smooth interface and can connect your iPad to a desktop. Astropad Studio is built specifically for creative professionals and is a completely customizable tablet.


  • 5x faster than baseline liquid.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and smart Keyboards.
  • Use an iPad as a graphics tablet.

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4. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint

Platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Medibang Paint is a free and light-weight digital drawing app that comes loaded with multiple effects, fonts, brushes, premade backgrounds, and other resources. It is one of the best drawing apps for creative artists available on all platforms i.e. Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This is a Japanese multi-platform drawing app that is built keeping in mind manga and comic art styles.


  • Multi-platform support app.
  • It offers access to multiple tools.
  • Lets you work between platforms with a single cloud account.

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5. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer

Platform: Windows, Mac, iOS

Affinity Designer is the next in the list of best drawing apps. This amazing app has changed the world of graphic designing with its powerful drawing tools and other features. You can get into a serious business wherein the Affinity Designer drawing app gives you creatives with no bloats and gimmicks. Also, this is another drawing app for iPad that is also compatible with Windows and Mac platforms.


  • Pan and zoom at 60fps
  • Real-time blend mode previews
  • Optimized for documents of any complexity

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Were We Helpful?

So, these were some of the best drawing apps you can have in 2022 to bring out amazing digital creatives. Are you an artist too? Which app do you use to create digital creatives? Which one do you think is the best drawing app? We recommend using Adobe Photoshop Sketch, let us know which one you would choose in the comments section below.

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