7 Best Junk File Cleaners for Windows 10

7 Best Junk File Cleaners for Windows 10

Cache files, log files, temporary files, browsing history, etc what do these all remind you off. Junk! Yes! These are the kind of files which are bound to accumulate in your PC. And, if you don’t remove them timely, not only will you lose precious storage space, but even see your PC’s speed plummeting down. So, let some of the best Windows 10 junk and temp file cleaners take the plunge and remove junk from your computer.

What Are Junk Files In The First Place?

Before getting into how to remove junk files from Windows 10, let’s get to know our enemy a little better, shall we?

In simple terms, over a period of time your operating system (Windows 10 in our case) and its applications create a lot of temporary files. As these accumulate, they take up a significant part of your computer’s storage space, thereby affecting its performance and speed. Which is why it is important to clean this junk from time to time.

What Kind Of Junk Files Are We Talking About?

There are several kinds of junk files on your computer like cache files, temporary files, log files, browser data, items in recycle bin, startup items, old downloads, unwanted apps and bloatware, the list goes on and on and on.

However, you cannot just go about deleting anything and everything since you might mistakenly delete a system file which is crucial for Windows. So, if you are wondering how to clean junk files from windows 10 carefully (and without causing any harm to your operating system) you are at the right place. You can take help of some of the best junk cleaners for Windows 10.

Best Junk And Temp File Cleaners For Windows 10 PC (And Other Windows Variants)

Sl.NO Windows 10 Junk Cleaner Price Installation link Features At A Glance
1. Advanced System Optimizer $ 49.95 Download Advanced System Optimizer Dedicated malware removal module, startup manager, disk cleanup, removes fragments from drives, efficient file shredder
2. Advanced PC Cleanup $ 35.95 Download Advanced PC Cleanup Removes junk and temporary files, sort startup items, uninstall unwanted apps, fixes registry
3. AVG PC TuneUp $ 24.99 Download AVG TuneUp Cleans cache, removes browser cookies, puts unwanted programs to sleep, removes unnecessary programs
4. IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro $ 19..99/ year Download Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro AI mode for better PC Cleaning, automatically shuts down unwanted processes, removes online traces, deep cleans registry.
5. Avast Cleanup $ 29.99/ year Download Avast Cleanup Removes unwanted programs or puts them in quarantine, cleans registries
6. CleanMyPC From MacPaw $ 39.95 Download MacPaw CleanMyPC Deletes hibernation files, removes autorun files that hamper boot time, removes online traces, helps get rid of disk fragments.
7. BleachBit Free Download BleachBit Portable, offers vacuuming, removes unnecessary files and reduces backup size, overwrites free disk space

1. Advanced System Optimizer – A Cleaner That Doubles up As An Optimizer

To remove junk files from Windows 10, Advanced System Optimizer is indeed a great option. Actually, Advanced System Optimizer does much more than just cleaning junk files. It optimizes your Windows 10 PC for best performance.

Download Advanced System Optimizer

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  • Cleans unwanted data in the form of cache, temporary fies, log files, etc
  • Helps remove privacy traces exposed by browsers
  • Removes fragments from drives thereby improving the turnaround time
  • Completely wipes off files and folders, making them completely irrecoverable
  • It has a dedicated system protector which removes malware
  • It has a startup manager which removes unwanted programs from the startup
  • Comes with a game optimizer module which offers you a sandbox mode and frees up RAM for best gaming experience

Price: $ 49.95

Compatibility: Windows 10/8.1/8/7

2. Advanced PC Cleanup – The Best Overall Junk Cleaner For Windows 10

Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup is one of the best junk file cleaners for Windows 10 PC which helps you get rid of temporary files as well. It is powered with several modules that can help optimize your PC and boost its startup time.

Download Advanced PC Cleanup

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Advanced PC Tuneup - Infographic


  • Easy to use interface
  • Get rid of log files, temporary files, invalid registry files and other trash with just one click
  • Intelligently clean registry items or add them to exclusion list
  • Sort PC slowing startup items
  • Uninstall apps which you don’t need
  • Easily get rid of unused old downloads which take up a lot of space on your computer

Price: $ 35.95

Compatibility – Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

3. AVG TuneUp

AVG tuneup

Download AVG TuneUp

We all probably know AVG TuneUp as one of the best tuneup utilities for Windows but, it is also a powerful Windows 10 junk file cleaner too. Apart from removing unnecessary junk files, it also updates the programs on your PC automatically.


  • Automatically fixes any registry issues and prevents crashes and errors
  • Puts programs to sleep when they are not needed thereby saving CPU and memory
  • Helps get rid of unnecessary programs and bloatware
  • Automatically cleans cache files, tracking cookies and browser traces

Price: $ 24.99/ year

Compatibility: Windows 10/8.1/8/7

4. IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro

IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro

Download IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro

Looking for a way to delete junk files in Windows 10, IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 is an option, you should definitely consider. The free version itself cleans cache, junk files and cookies in a comprehensive manner. And, when you sign-up for a premium version, its PC Cleanup module cleans 120% more junk files than the previous versions.


  • Deep cleans registry and prevents any crashes
  • Utilizes smart AI mode for better PC cleaning
  • Removes any online traces that can put your personal data in jeopardy
  • Automatically shuts down unused processes and programs
  • Updates programs with a single click

Price: $ 19.99/ year

Compatibility: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

5. CleanMyPC


Download MacPaw CleanMyPC

At number 4 of our list of Windows 10 junk cleaners is CleanMyPC from MacPaw which helps you clean junk files, useless toolbars and fragments from your hard drive and resolve any registry issues without a hiccup.


  • Helps you get rid of hibernation files easily
  • Removes the app residues
  • Disables autoruns items which hamper boot time
  • Tracks and gets rid of online traces
  • Intelligently spots and turns off any add-ons which are unnecessary
  • Shreds files in a manner that they can’t be recovered

Price: Starts at $ 39.95

Compatibility: Windows 7 and above

6. Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup

Download Avast Cleanup

When a product comes from Avast, you know it has to be credible. And, standing true to its name, Avast Cleanup doesn’t disappoint you as a commendable Windows 10 junk file cleaner. It scans your PC inside out and deletes all kinds of junk files in Windows 10.


  • Intelligently remove unwanted programs or put them in quarantine
  • Defrags SSD and HDD
  • Tackles and cleans registries with utmost ease
  • Clears up online traces from over 25 browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and many others
  • Get rid of unnecessary plugins and toolbars
  • Updates outdated apps

Price: $ 29.99/ year

7. BleachBit – Best Free And Open Source Junk And Temp File Cleaner For Windows 10

BleachBit - Temp File Cleaner

Download BleachBit

BleachBit is a Windows 10 junk cleaner for which temporary files, cache files, unwanted logs and other junk is nothing. One of the greatest aspects of BleachBit is that it is an open source application and it also has one of the simplest interfaces.


  • It shreds files in such a manner that they can’t ever be recovered
  • Hide previously deleted and overwrite any free disk space
  • It is portable i.e. you can run it without installing it
  • Use vacuuming to improve your PC’s performance
  • Reduce backup size by removing unnecessary files

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Remove Junk Files From The Computer?

Yes, it is and it is highly advisable that you remove junk from your computer timely. Having said, you should be careful in deleting junk and thereby take help of a dedicated junk cleaner tool like Advanced System Optimizer or Advanced PC Cleanup.

Which Is The Best Junk File Cleaner For Windows 10?

We have handpicked some of the best junk and temp file cleaners for your Windows PC. But, if you are looking for an easy way to delete unwanted items from your computer you can give Advanced System Optimizer a try and be rest assured that you won’t at all be disappointed.

How To Delete Unwanted Files In Windows 10?

As a prudent computer user if you want to delete unwanted items from your computer you can either take the manual route or use one of the junk cleanup utilities mentioned above. We however recommend that you inculcate both in your strategy.

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