iOS 16 Beta 3 Is Released: All-New Features For Your iPhone & iPad

iOS 16 Beta 3 Is Released: All-New Features For Your iPhone & iPad

Apple has updated the developer beta for iOS 16 today (July 6). The third developer beta, iOS 16 Beta 3, and iPadOS Beta 3 for the iPhone & iPad are now available for free download from Apple’s official website. It includes certain features not included in past versions of the iPhone OS.

The software’s final release is anticipated for later this year, hopefully at the launch event of the iPhone 14 series. If you’re not familiar with any of the new features in iOS 16 beta 3, we’ve gathered them all in one spot. To get more information about what is new, scroll down.

According To Rumors From Throughout the Internet, These are The New Features in iOS 16 beta 3.

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Say hello to “Lockdown Mode” for your iPhone

Lockdown Mode

Apple has released the iOS 16 beta 3, which among other things, includes a new Lockdown Mode. The Cupertino juggernaut claims that this function is unique and will provide a high level of security. Along with iPhones, the iPads and MacBook’s will soon support the new Lockdown Mode. This function is said to defend against focused online assaults. The functionality, however, isn’t intended for a broad audience and only applies to a minimal subset of users who may be susceptible to threats or malware, like the Pegasus assault.

iCloud Shared Photos Library

iCloud Shared Photos Library
Image Credit: 9to5Mac

With the addition of iCloud Shared Photo Library functionality in iOS 16 beta 3, sharing images with your loved ones will be simpler. You can add photographs straight from the Camera app, and anybody with permission to the Shared Photo Library has equal rights to upload, edit, and remove photos. iCloud Shared Photo Library was missing from the first two developer betas of iOS 16 but is included in beta 3. You can enable and configure a Shared Library under the Photos tab of the Settings app. A photo library can be shared with up to five individuals.

Welcome back, “Clownfish Wallpaper.”

Clownfish Wallpaper
Image Credit: Twitter @jacklroberts

Those who got the third beta of iOS 16 are reporting to have seen a Clownfish wallpaper choice. Although it appeared on the first iPhone when Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2007, this wallpaper has never been formally released. All users of the most recent beta are not seeing it.

Afib History within the Health App

Afib History within the Health App
Image Credit: MacRumors

AFib history records atrial fibrillation by partnering with an Apple Watch to determine when a person encounters abnormal heart rhythms and for how long. Apple also hailed this feature, but it was absent from prior iOS 16 betas. The function is now a part of the health app, but you’ll also need watchOS 9’s most recent beta to use it. AFib History is currently only available to users in the US.

New Lock Screen Fonts

New Lock Screen Fonts
Image Credit: MacRumors

As you are probably aware, iOS 16 introduces the ability to customize the appearance of your lock screen, allowing you to alter the typeface used to display the time and date on your iPhone. There were six distinct font selections in early iOS 16 betas; with iOS 16 beta 3, there are now eight alternatives.

New iCloud+ Splash Screen

New iCloud+ Splash Screen
Image Credit: CultOfMac

A new splash screen window that describes the features available when selecting an iCloud+ membership option will appear. In iOS 16 beta 3, when you access the iCloud+ area, a new updated splash screen presenting the various plans and their advantages will appear.

Virtual Card Support

Now that you’re using the Safari browser, you may add virtual cards for purchasing. For a variety of services, this is comparable to how Apple Card functions but for outside services. To prevent their credit card information from being stolen, several banks and card issuers let consumers create virtual card numbers for use online.

All New Lock Screen Calander Widget

When your iPhone is locked, the Calendar widget will not provide information about forthcoming events to increase privacy. Whenever the iPhone is locked, the widget will conceal details and only expose them when the phone is opened.

Other iOS 16 Beta 3 Features

Further changes are included in iOS 16 beta 3’s list of improvements. You may now add tasks overdue and today’s deadline into the badge count that shows over the Reminders app’s icon. You might discover specific improvements to Stage Manager if you’re running your iPad with the latest iPadOS 16 Beta, such as an improved multitasking menu and a window selector for applications with numerous window options.

To Wrap This Up

All of these new features can be seen in iOS 16 beta 3. Apple stated that the public beta testing for iOS 16 would begin in July. The public beta program might start any time now that beta 3 is out.

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