Iobit Uninstaller Pro: A Complete Walkthrough

IObit Uninstaller Pro, one of the renowned tools to help you smoothly uninstall apps and programs on your PC.

Iobit Uninstaller Pro: A Complete Walkthrough

IObit Uninstaller Pro is a robust uninstaller for Windows users. Computer systems and mobile phones today are cluttered with a lot of suspicious programs, bloatware, crapware and more. And the users are unable to wipe them off completely from their systems. To get rid of such suspicious apps and programs you need a strong and reliable uninstaller program. We hereby recommend you to try IObit Uninstaller Pro for Windows.

iObit Uninstaller for Mac

IObit Uninstaller Pro: A Quick Introduction

An exclusive uninstaller program for Windows PC.

While you are looking for a simple and helpful utility to get rid of a huge pile of unwanted apps and programs on your PC, IObit Uninstaller Pro comes as a blessing.


  • Modern and Intuitive user interface
  • Uninstall apps and programs completely without leaving traces.
  • Removes bundleware


  • Recommends other IObit products.

Price: $8.86

This article has answers to all your questions regarding the tool, read on further to know in detail.

IObit Uninstaller Pro: Review At A Glance

When we uninstall a program from a system, there are still some bits and pieces left in the form of files as leftovers in your PC. Also, there are some stubborn apps that can’t be removed but IObit Uninstaller Pro is able to help you remove them as well. This is a robust program that not only lets you uninstall an app or program but also lets you remove it’s leftovers completely.

iObit Uninstaller Pro - All Programs

After knowing the credibility of this amazing uninstaller program, you might be looking to download it right away and try using it on your Windows computer. This article will further help you make your decision strong to get this tool before it’s too late.

Let’s proceed further.

System Requirements:

For a user to have IObit Uninstaller Pro, it is important to know that this is a lightweight program and can be run efficiently on any Windows computer. Here are the basic system requirements you need to have:

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Disk Space: 300 MB (recommended)

Screen Resolution: 1024*768 or Higher

Technical Specifications:

Vendor: IObit

Latest Version: IObit Uninstaller

Installer Size: 22.8

Supported Languages: 37

Installation Size: 69.2 MB

Features: IObit Uninstaller Pro

IObit Uninstaller Pro is a complete package for Windows 10 users. It owns excellent Windows features that makes it more awesome for the users to use. The core features are inclusive of-

  • Unwanted Programs Uninstaller.
  • Removes bundled programs.
  • Clean leftovers of the uninstalled programs.
  • Removes browser plugins, extensions, and add-ons.
  • Program Updater
  • Removes problematic Windows updates.
  • Auto Scans the leftover files.
  • Removes Adware and malicious plugins.
  • File Shredder
  • Software Health
  • System Restore
  • Install Monitor

While you start using the program, you get to uncover more features.

Get Started with IObit Uninstaller Pro

  • To begin using IObit Uninstaller Pro, firstly Download the product from the link below.
  • Run the setup file and launch the program on your system.
  • Now, on the Home screen, click on Programs, to get all the uninstall options listed. On the right side window, you’ll see a list of installed programs, a list of bundleware (if multiple apps were installed simultaneously), list of space-hogging programs and more.
  • IObit Uninstaller Pro allows you to use its different methods to uninstall a program from your computer. It includes-
  • Powerful Uninstall: For this, right-click on the programs shortcut on your Windows Explorer, and click Power Uninstall. It will open IObit Uninstaller Pro automatically asking you to confirm removing the program.

Powerful Uninstall

  • Easy Uninstall: For this, open the program you wish to uninstall. Now press Ctrl+Alt+U keys together to open IObit Uninstaller Pro’s toolbox. Now drag the green dot like icon over the program you wish to uninstall. Select Uninstall to begin the process.

360 Total Security - Uninstall

  • Force Uninstall: The next method to uninstall apps or programs using IObit Uninstaller Pro is through Force Uninstall. Drag and drop the program shortcut to the Force Uninstall window and IObit will scan the computer for anything that is related to it and completely wipe it off. To open Force Uninstall, go through the tools menu at the top right corner of IObit Uninstaller.

This way you can get rid of space-hogging apps and programs on your PC. Here’s how the uninstallation window looks like:

iobit Uninstaller - uninstall notepad++

IObit Uninstaller Pro: A Must Have Tool For Windows

There are several programs that come and go, while only the best one remains. IObit Uninstaller Pro is an amazing tool for the Windows users that helps you uninstall an app or program in different ways. Along with uninstalling this tool offers file shredding compatibility and more.

Check this out and let us know what is your take on this wonderful tool to uninstall apps and programs in a go.

We hope this review has helped you out in choosing the best uninstaller for Windows.

If you are looking for an ultimate Uninstaller for Mac, try Advanced Uninstall Manager.

Check out Advanced Uninstall Manager review and learn how to uninstall apps on Mac.

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