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If Someone Has Your IP, What Can They Do?
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If Someone Has Your IP, What Can They Do?

IP addresses help identify hardware devices that are present on the network. In simple terms, your IP address helps in sending and receiving information available online. But, an IP address is a lot more than just numbers and decimal points. It can reveal a lot of confidential information about you and if it gets into the wrong hands, it can prove to be dangerous.

So, the question here is that if someone has your IP address, what is it that they can do?

What Can People Do With Your IP Address?

People with ulterior motives can cause you a lot of harm if they can catch ur hold of yoIP address. Here are few damages that miscreants can cause –

1. Someone Can Track Your Location


Your IP address is capable of revealing your geographic location such as your city and the state that you reside in. Additionally, your IP address also reveals the ISP (Internet Service Provider) whose services you are using. A miscreant with the know-how of some social engineering tactics to reach your location and cause damage like breaking into your house.

2. Perform DDoS Attacks


Someone who knows your IP address may perform DDoS attacks in which that person will flood your network with malicious data. This will bar any normal traffic from passing through and your network’s ability to function properly will be deterred. Although such attacks are mostly aimed at large companies in comparison to normal users.

3. Restrict Access To Websites

Have you ever tried to access a Netflix or Amazon Prime library but were blocked? That’s because streaming service providers can see which country you are from by your IP address and thereby block you. And, not just streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, or any other, you might even be blocked from visiting many websites as well.

4. Put Your Devices In Grave Danger

When someone knows the IP address of your computer or smartphone, they may try to connect to your device directly. This is because every gadget uses ports that help connect to various services. You will be astonished to know that for every IP there are thousands of ports. That’s it! If a hacker knows your IP, he or she may take control of your device and steal data. Not just that the hackers may even add their device and then use it for scams, ads, etc.

5. Frame You For Crime You Haven’t Committed

Hackers who can access your IP address may download illegal content some of which may pose danger to national security. Now, since the IP address belongs to you, the authorities will hold you responsible.

6. Make Your ISP a Vulnerable Target

IP address

At the very outset, it isn’t your ISP that is going to face the brunt, the victim shall still be you. You must be wondering how right? Someone who knows your IP address may also be able to identify who your ISP is. Then they may contact your ISP and fetch other personal details about you. The hacker could take the help of a vishing attack or any other methodology to get your details.

7. Flood You With Ads

Ever browsed your favorite Nike sneakers only to see them popping up as an ad? While in most cases, this can help you with purchases but what if you are spammed with ads (that you don’t like). Advertisers don’t just use tracking pixels but even IP addresses as well.

How To Keep an IP Address Safe?

Now that we have addressed the problem and have told you what can someone do with your IP address, let’s have a look at the ways you can defend your IP address

1. Use a VPN

From the point of view of concealing your online identity and hiding your IP address, no option can compete with a VPN. It offers you several hundreds and thousands of servers that you can choose from that replace your IP address with the one that VPN provides you with.

So, if you want to access websites or Netflix (or any other streaming platform’s) libraries blocked in your country, you can use a VPN. Here is a list of some of the best VPNs out there. Systweak VPN, for instance, is one of the best VPNs for Windows. Here are some of its features –

  • 4500+ servers spread across 53+ countries in 200+ locations
  • AES-256 military-grade encryption
  • Kill switch which terminates your internet connection if VPN connection drops this will further help in preventing real IP from getting exposed
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Strong protocols such as OpenVPN and IKev2 used
  • DNS leak protection

How To Use Systweak VPN

Download Now Systweak VPN

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  1. Download, install and run Systweak VPN
  2. Login using credentials that you have received in the email
    How to use and install Systweak VPN
  3. Choose a server
    Enable Systweak VPN
  4. Toggle the ON/OFF button to the right to switch the VPN on

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2. Ask ISP To Change Your IP Address From Static To Dynamic

You can ask your ISP to provide a dynamic IP address that changes every single time you surf the web. If you are heading with this option, you might have to pay a little extra than usual.

3. You can Take Aid of Multiple Wi-Fi networks

Fearing that someone is attacking your IP address? You can take the aid of multiple Wi-Fi networks (if that’s a possibility). In this case, your IP address will change every single time you swap a Wi-Fi address.

4. Change Your Router’s Password

Router’s Password

You must have received a default password when the router was installed and the ISP had established a connection. You should change your router’s password from time to time before a hacker retrieves it.

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5. Use A Proxy Server

In the wake of protecting your IP and online privacy, a proxy can be a great weapon. A proxy is a device that has its IP address. When a connection is established

Wrapping Up

Since now you know exactly what someone with your IP address does, why to wait for the damage to happen, lose confidential credentials or worst get into a lawsuit, instead you can shield yourself by installing a VPN, opting for a proxy, or any, of the above measures. In case you have more such ways to keep miscreants from stealing and exploiting IP addresses, do let us know in the comments section below.

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