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DoS V/S DDoS: A Clash of Cyber Monsters
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DoS V/S DDoS: A Clash of Cyber Monsters

Have you ever experienced a slow browsing experience? That is, you experience a sluggish web page when visiting your favorite site or watching your favorite video, where other sites are working just fine? You may think that the website is facing some issue that is most obvious thing to think, but this may not be the case every time.


A cyber war named DoS and DDoS is targeting our devices to take down the internet. At first, when you hear these terms they may sound funny but experiencing them is a dreadful nightmare. Not only a missing ‘D’ makes them different but the way they function varies. DDoS is much dangerous than DoS.

In this article, we will try to explain both the terms, difference between them and the way they work.

Let’s begin by knowing full form for both the terms:

DoS: Denial of Service

DDoS: Distributed Denial of Service.


In a DoS attack, one computer with an Internet connection is used to overload the server. The aim of such outbreak is to burden server’s bandwidth making it inaccessible by other systems. Meaning the targeted server will not be able to transmit information to other machines.



DDoS may sound the same as DoS but the way it performs the attacks is totally different. Where DoS uses a single computer and an internet connection DDoS uses multiple systems and more than one Internet connection. This attack is made possible through the infected machine called botnet that acts as a zombie army. Innumerable vulnerable devices are used to flood a website with ample traffic. Making it difficult for the server to handle the load and crashing it.

These attacks overload the system in such a manner that the internet bandwidth, CPU and RAM capacity are overloaded and the requested page cannot be opened.

Recently popular companies like Twitter, Spotify, Reddit and many others were targeted by DDoS attack.

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How the Attack Works?

The attack is made possible because of the TCP three-way handshake process. Here, the requester initiates a conversation with the server, it is acknowledged and then a reply is sent to the requester.

How the Attack Works

But, when the request is not acknowledged by server the requester fires request again and again. Thus, overloading the device and making it inoperational.

What Happens When DDoS Attack Takes Place?

DDoS botnet army shuts down the targeted website and makes it inaccessible by the user. As multiple computers and internet connections are working together to bring down the server, this makes it easier for the attacker to reach its objective.

How Attack Takes Place?

How Attack Takes Place

Each server has a capacity of its own to accept data request. If it receives more than it can handle i.e. garbage request, the server gets overloaded and crashes, making the website inaccessible.

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Why is it Done?

Why is it Done

It can take place to earn some money or due to some professional rivalry. No one knows the exact reason behind it as botnet can be developed by anyone. No expertise is required to infect a machine and create botnet.

How to Stop Being Listed in the Zombie Password?

Obviously, no one wants to witness such an attack or be a victim. You can always follow precautionary steps. If you keep the following points in mind you can avoid and create a protection shield to stay safe from the DDoS attack.

Be Aware

Gather all the information about any abnormal behavior you experience when you are online. This will help you distinguish between a network problem or a attack.

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Don’t leave Loop Holes

Disable universal plug and play in router setting as it is a loophole which allows attackers to make your system vulnerable. It is a good first stop that will help you intervene the problem.

Upgrade Server Capacity

Ensure that server is set to perform at its highest capacity and can handle higher loads of data request.

Avoid Using Default Password

Change your router password botnet take advantage of the default password that most of us don’t change Network security is a must for any organization secure network.

All this information will help you identify an attack and stay protected against it. DoS and DDoS attacks are surely a big concern for organizations as they are a risk to reputation and no one can identify them easily. But a preparation and strong security will surely be a good point of defense

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