Why You Can’t Judge A VPN By Its Server Count

Why You Can’t Judge A VPN By Its Server Count

Planning to invest in a VPN service so that you can strengthen your online privacy and security. So that you can bypass geo-restricted libraries, save yourself from ISP throttling, prevent yourself from snooping eyes. Well! You’ve made the right decision.

But, here’s what you might want to think – are the number of VPN servers, the only criteria you are going to say yes or no to a VPN?

One of the selling points of a VPN is the number of servers the VPN offers. True that, when there are more VPN servers, you can find a server that has few users on it. But, there’s a lot more to it. If you are only buying a VPN just because you are enthralled by thousands of VPN servers, do give this blog a thorough read.

During the course of this blog, we will try and understand why you can’t judge a VPN by the number of servers it provides. Having said that, the best VPNs make every server count in terms of speed, security, connectivity, and many other factors. Here are some of the best VPNs for Windows.

Let’s take the example of Systweak VPN. Here’s why it is touted as one of the best VPNs for Windows –

  • A large number of servers spread globally: The VPN provides you with more than 4500 servers spread across 200 + locations in more than 53+, you will find servers in almost every part of the globe
  • Play games online with ease: Systweak VPN protects your Windows computer from DDoS attacks
  • Bypass firewalls and filters: Systweak VPN uses a trusted OpenVPN protocol that can’t be detected by firewalls and filters
  • Secure Tunnel: Systweak VPN uses IKev2 to establish a speedy and secure tunnel
  • Stream unlimited content: whether it is streaming geo-restricted libraries on Netflix and HBO or watching geo-restricted videos on YouTube, Systweak VPN does it all for you
  • Stringent and powerful security measures: Systweak VPN uses AES-256 military-grade encryption

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How To Use Systweak VPN?

Using Systweak VPN is very simple. Here is how you can use Systweak VPN to hide your online identity-

Click Here to Download Systweak VPN

1. Download and install Systweak VPN

2. Sign in using your username and password

How to use and install Systweak VPN

3. Select a server location you want to connect to and toggle the on/off That’s it you are all good to go

vpn servers

Why The Number of VPN Servers Should Not Decide Whether A VPN Is Good Or Bad

Servers Evolve

Servers vary according to the workload they handle. The options change as per location and as new products and technology are released. A budget server running on a five-year-old technology would not stand a chance against a server running on modern technology. Having said that, a VPN packing ultra-modern servers might still not be your best bet, why? Head on to the next few points.

Your Internet Connection Matters A Lot Too

Decent servers are necessary but these “decent” servers also rely on the speed of your internet connection and its bandwidth. The servers further need good uplinks which are dependent on your bandwidth. So, for the servers to give their best, good uplinks are required for which a decent bandwidth is necessary.

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Intent Matters

Internet Connection Matters

In simple terms, the performance of your VPN depends on what you are using it for. You could be using a VPN for Netflix and chill or playing games. Now, there are several VPNs that offer dedicated ultra-fast servers, which firstly, offer you magnificent speed, and secondly, they even give you the option to switch from one server to another in case of DDOS attacks.

While servers powered by state of the art technology are fast, the usage and the intent is also something that is important. If the servers are benchmarked properly, even a few hundred trusted servers can perform better than the new servers.

VPN Server Location Is Important Too

Location Is Of Utmost Importance

A high number of VPN servers alone is not the only factor that decides whether or not a VPN is good. Your location matters too.

Sure enough, if a VPN has a lot of servers that are geographically closer to your VPN server location, it is indeed a great VPN provider because first, you will be sharing your server with few other users and secondly, you will be able to enjoy good internet speed. On the other hand, if your VPN server location is far away from yours, no matter what the VPN server count is, you will experience a dip in connection.

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Closing Words

When choosing a VPN, it is not wrong to see the number of servers a VPN provides, but you shouldn’t put away a VPN only for this reason. Look at several other aspects as well such as whether the VPN has servers in your location, whether or not your own internet bandwidth is up to the mark (in case you are not getting the speed you want) if your VPN has a repute of performing well in various circumstances – streaming content on OTT platforms, gaming, surfing the web, etc. And, then you can make the ultimate decision of getting a VPN aboard. For more such content, keep reading Tweak Library. If you liked the blog, do share it with your friends and family.

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