How To Turn Off Notifications On Android Phone

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android Phone

If you are not happy with the unwanted notifications on your Android which never seem to stop, we have a solution for you in this blog. You can change notification options or turn off notifications on Android phones for specific applications based on your preferences. When you swipe down from the top of your screen, notifications appear. Some alerts also appear on your lock and home screens and it drains the battery. Given this, it is critical to deactivate notifications for specific alert-aggressive applications.

How to turn off notifications on an Android phone for individual or all apps at once in different Ways:

1. How to Use Notification Shade to Turn Off Notifications on Android 12

The best approach to turn off all notifications is to press the Do Not Disturb icon in the Notification Shade. This option allows you to specify which contacts, applications, alarms, and other services can send alerts to your screen. For more details, see our article on how to use Do Not Disturb mode on Android.

Another option to disable alerts is to quiet specific applications. You can toggle each app separately from the Notification Settings. These instructions are for Android 12. However, they also work for other versions of Android.

Step 1: To enlarge the Notification Shade, slide down from the top.

Block Notifications

Step 2– Slide the notification right and on the Settings options.

Turn Off Notifications

Step 3– In the bottom left side, tap Turn off Notifications.

Stop Notifications

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2. How to Disable Notifications on Android 12 Using Settings

You can turn off notifications on Android in the Settings. These instructions are for Android 12, however, they also work for most of the other Android versions.

Step 1– Enlarge the Notification Shade by swiping down from the top and Open Settings. or Go to the Settings app directly.

Remove Notifications

Step 2: Select Apps and Notifications.

Disable Notifications

Step 3– The list of all the applications present on your phone will appear. Touch the on and off panel to turn off the notifications of the applications.

Status bar

This method is very simple and helps you block notifications on Android successfully.

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How to Snooze Notifications in Android 12

If you do not wish to turn off the notifications permanently, you can snooze them for a while. There’s a method to silence or block notifications on Android for a selected time period.

Step 1– Enlarge the Notification Shade by swiping down from the top and go to the Settings.

Snooze Notifications

Step 2– Again head to the Apps and Notifications.

Notifications and status bar

Step 3– Select More Settings and then Allow notification snoozing to turn it on and off.

Showing Notifications

Step 4- Once this is done, if you have any notification in the panel, this is what you have to do. Snooze the notification by tapping the Snooze icon beside it. It looks like an alarm clock with a “Z” on the face.

Notifications On Android

The notification has been snoozed for an hour.

Android'S Notification

This helps you to seamlessly remove notifications on Android.

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How to turn off notifications for any application individually:

One of the most impressive Android 13 updates will enable users to approve app notifications. This change will take effect in mid-to-late 2023. Only a set of installed applications can send you notifications.

You can stop notifications on Android if they are not required. For example, deactivate notifications from all games loaded on your smartphone if they aren’t necessary.

To block notifications on an Android app, follow the instructions below:

Step 1– Open Settings on your Android device.

Step 2– Select Apps


Step 3– Choose App Management.

Apps management

Step 4– Open the application you want to block the notification for.

Step 5– Select Manage notifications.

App info

Step 6– You can choose whether you want to Allow the notifications or not.

Notification off

This helps to turn off notifications on Android.

To Conclude:

While alerts are a significant part of our daily lives, if we stop notifications on Android for a few hours, it may provide much-needed peace. As already mentioned in the blog, Android has several options for turning off notifications – either turn off the notifications, snooze them or allow a specific application to send the alerts. Feel free to leave your comments and let us know what you think.

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