How to Recover a Gmail Account

How to Recover a Gmail Account

Gmail is the most used email platform across the globe. We use it every day to send emails to our friends or share important minutes of meeting with our professional colleagues. With all the amazing features it offers Gmail is used as the most common mode of email communication by every age group.

Have you ever encountered a situation where you deleted your Gmail account and wish to recover it afterward? This article tells you the same. Yes, if you too want to know how to recover a deleted Gmail account, walk through the article and learn how you can retrieve a deleted Gmail account.

Note: It is advised to recover a deleted Google account within two days of deletion, otherwise it gets hard to restore it, and sometimes you cannot restore it at all.

How To Recover Deleted Gmail Account:

To restore deleted Gmail account follow the steps below:

  • Open Web Browser on your Google Chrome account and type the following URL in the address bar:
  • This will open the Account Recovery page. It will ask you to enter the Email id or number that you used to Sign-in to Gmail.
  • Post this click on Next.

How to Recover a Gmail Account

  • Gmail will ask you to enter the last password you remember. Enter it in the password field and click on next.

Recover a Google Account

  • Once you have logged in to your Gmail account you will receive a message saying Success: You are signed in now. Click on Continue.

How to Recover a Gmail

  • Doing this will recover your deleted Gmail account. You can also change the password here.
  • Once you have successfully restored a deleted Google account, it is advised that you check all the information linked to it. This contains the phone number, recovery email id, etc.
  • In case you see that there is no number linked to the account, please perform the below steps:
  • Enter the number you would like to link with your Gmail account and click on Next.

Recover Gmail Account

  • After you have entered the contact number, Google sends a verification code to verify that it’s you.
  • You will receive the verification code via SMS. Open Messages and copy the Google Verification code.
  • Enter the verification code and click on Verify.

Gmail Account

  • After you have also added a number to your Gmail account, and all the associated information is correct, it means you have been successful in recovering your deleted Gmail account.

Now that you know how to recover deleted Google accounts, open in your web browser and log in to the account easily.

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 How To Recover A Gmail Account If It Is Hacked?

There are ample reasons owing to which you may be unable to access your Gmail account and hence want to restore your deleted Gmail account. One of the major reasons apart from the ones described above is that it may be used by someone else or your Gmail account is hacked.

If such is a case all you need to do is first recover the deleted Gmail account by the above-described methods and then proceed to making the account more secure so that it cannot be hacked in the future.

To provide an added layer of security to your Gmail account follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Google account page on your web browser.
  2. From the Google account page, click on Security from the left panel.

Recover google Account

  1. On the Security page, look for the heading that says Recent security activity.
  2. Post this click on Review security events.
  3. This will display a list of all activities that Google might think are suspicious. If the activity was done by you, simply click on Yes.
  4. However, if you find the activity to be suspicious click on No and then follow the on-screen instructions to make the account more secure.

Although making your Gmail account more secure is a good thing after knowing that it was compromised. The next step you should take is to inform the banks and other important entities that are related to it. This is necessary because you don’t know what information was compromised.

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Gmail is without doubt the most used email platform when compared to other mailing platforms like Yahoo, Outlook, etc. Knowing its importance in our day to day life for both personal and professional purposes, we cannot think of our lives without Gmail.

Suppose if one fine day you accidentally delete your Gmail account and do not even know how to recover a deleted Gmail account, you have come across the right place. This article tells you exactly how to recover a deleted Google account.

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