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Alarming Cyber Security Facts and Stats – Infographic
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Alarming Cyber Security Facts and Stats – Infographic

One of the biggest challenges that humankind will face in the next two decades is cyber-attacks. With each passing day cyberattack grow globally in size, sophistication and cost. And no one seems immune from the potential risk of cyber-attacks. Ransomware is becoming a global phenomenon and cryptocurrency is charming attackers. With this cryptojacking illegal mining of cryptocurrencies is gaining ground on ransomware as a preferred revenue stream.

All this clearly show how today’s hackers will leave no stone unturned to perform a cyberattack.

Here we bring for you some distressing cyber security facts and stats, that will make things clearer.

Biggest Breaches and Vulnerabilities Of All Time

Besides, economic growth advancement in field of technology like Big Data, AI, mobile payment, cloud computing and other are the driving force behind higher incidence of cyber attacks.

Biggest Data Breaches of all Time

CompanyAccount HackedDate of Hacked
Yahoo3 billionAug. 2013
Marriott500 million2014-2018
Yahoo500 millionLate 2014
Adult FriendFinder412 millionOct. 2016
MySpace360 millionMay 2016
Under Armor150 millionFeb. 2018
Equifax145.5 millionJuly 2017
Ebay145 millionMay 2014
Target110 millionNov. 2013
Hearland Payment System100+ millionMay 2008
LinkedIn100 millionJune 2012
Rambler.ru98 millionFeb 2012
TJX94 million2003-2004
AOL92 million2004
MyHertiage92 millionOct. 2017
Sony PlayStation Network77 millionApril 2011
JP Morgan Chase83 million July 2014
Tumblr65 millionFeb. 2013
Uber57 millionLate 2016
Home Depot53 millionApril 2014
Facebook50 millionJuly 2017

We hope you liked the article. Aforementioned shocking cyberattack facts are based on comparison with previous years. If you have any additional information to share, please leave us a comment.

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