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10 Biggest Data Breaches of the Year
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10 Biggest Data Breaches of the Year

Data leaks are taking place often they are making news headlines. 2018 was the banner year for data leaks and it seems this year will be no different. Therefore, security researchers caution people against data breaches.

Data breaches can take place due to distinct reasons like companies’ server being hacked, data mishandling, data sold to third parties, weak website’s security system and others.

One of the recent and biggest victims of data breach was Marriott hotels. It recently revealed that hackers had accessed information of an estimated 500 million customers. Like this, there were other major data breach attacks. Here we bring for you 10 biggest data breaches of 2018.

10. Timehop


An application that collects old photos and posts from social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Dropbox disclosed a data breach that affected 21 million of its users. In this breach date of birth, user name, phone numbers and email addresses of the users were compromised, it happened during December 2017- July 2018. The data breach took place as a cloud computing account was not secured by multifactor authentication.

9. Ticketfly


An application that lets you search, browse, and buy tickets for festivals, concerts, comedy shows, and other local events disclosed a data breach where data of 27 million users was compromised. This breach took place in late May 2018, privileged information including, address, phone number, email address, and names were compromised. The site was bargained by a hacker name IsHaKdZ.

8. Facebook


The social platform that doesn’t need an introduction was hacked during July 2017- September 2018. This compromised confidential data including recent searches, contact details, locations, a device used to log in, relationship status, and other data of 29 million users. Hackers exploited the vulnerability in Facebook’s code to access digital keys and get full control of compromised users’ accounts.

7. Chegg


An online platform designed to educate students was hacked during April 2018 and data of 40 million users was compromised. Due to this sensitive data like email address, shipping address, and accounts username password was hacked.

6. Google+.


Confidential data on Google Plus including name, job title, employer details, email address, date of birth age, relationship status all was stolen by hackers and this lead to a data breach of 52.5 million users during 2018.

5. Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica

The biggest data breach of the year that left everyone shocked happened in 2018 as an app called thisisyourdigitallife inappropriately passed user information like Facebook profile, users’ preferences, and interests to third parties including Cambridge Analytica the firm that supported President Trump during its presidential run.

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4. MyHeritage


As the number of hashed passwords and email addresses were left unprotected on a private server, encrypted password, and email addresses of 92 million users was compromised during Oct 2017.

3. Quora


As the malicious third party was able to access the Quora database, 100 million user’s privileged information including linked accounts, email address, name, the encrypted password was stolen during November 2018.

2. MyFitnessPal


User data of 150 million users including their encrypted passwords, username, and email addresses, was stolen in February 2018 as an “unsanctioned party” gained access to an Under Armour-owned fitness app named MyFitnessPal

1. Marriott


The data breach of 500 million users took place from 2014 — September 2018. This allowed hackers to access guest information including passport numbers, phone numbers, reservation dates, email addresses, and card details.

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All these data breaches are a clear example of human error and carelessness. How our tiniest mistake can lead to the compromise of sensitive information. Hence it is important to take care of our data and keep it secure.

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