Here’s How to Record Calls on Your iPhone

Here’s How to Record Calls on Your iPhone

The whole concept of recording calls on your cell phone isn’t something everyone would want to do. Additionally, call recording isn’t even legal in places & regions, irrespective of the situations. This is why it’s a bit hard to see the call recording feature on your iOS device, however, when it comes to Android smartphones. It’s possible & easily doable as well.

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Having said that, we all have seen that for every impossible situation, there are always workarounds you can opt. For example, the situations where you are trying to record calls in different scenarios like conducting interviews or anyways got the permission for recording calls. So let’s check out the workarounds to check if you can record phone calls on iPhone easily.

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Here’s How to Record Calls on Your iPhone

Since we are talking about workarounds to record calls on iPhone, you need to depend on third party tools like call recording apps. Yeah!! And let me tell you they function amazingly while recording your incoming as well as outgoing calls. So without further ado, let’s start exploring these best call recording apps to record conversations on iPhone:

1. Rev Call Recorder

With the easiest user interface & trusted customer base, Rev Call Recorder is one of the best call recording apps for iPhone. An absolutely FREE call recorder for iPhone, this service from the developer’s end along with unlimited call recording for outgoing as well as incoming calls. And to talk about the user interface, you can start the call recording in just one simple step. Simple as that!!

Rev Call Recorder

While using Rev Call Recorder, you get guaranteed 99% transcription accuracy of your call recording (which you will get within 12 hours of your call). Please keep in mind that for now you can keep using the app & get its benefits till the time you have a US phone number to register with on Rev Call Recorder with. In case you are using any other region’s phone number to register with, you won’t be able to access this free call recording app’s rich features.

So in case you are looking for a free call recorder for iPhone & a US based phone number service to record calls on iPhone, Rev Call Recorder is the best option you can opt for.

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2. Phone Call Recorder – ACR

With the tagline of “Record phone calls ad free”, Phone Call Recorder – ACR is another worth-your-time call recording app for your iOS device. Similar to Rev Call Recorder, thi app also offers you unlimited recording of outgoing & incoming calls easily & that too for FREE. Phone Call Recorder guarantees high quality audio recording that will be immediately available to you as soon as your call is over. Isn’t this amazing!!

Phone Call Recorder

And once you have got the call recording, you have the liberty to do anything with the file, from deleting it to sharing with other people or save on iCloud. Actually, the Automatic Call Recorder functions in a different way as it records conversations via using your carrier’s conference call feature. As soon as you start a call (be it outgoing or incoming), just launch the Phone Call Recorder & tap on Record. That’s it.

So download & start exploring this absolutely FREE yet effective call recording app for iPhone, Phone Call Recorder – ACR.

3. Call Recording by NoNotes

The list of identifying the call recording apps for iPhone is getting stronger with every addition & now it’s time for Call Recording by NoNotes. This app has been designed in a way that a user can record the call easily & save it on the cloud service platform. As well as the user has the option to transcribe the recorded calls using this app. Additionally, the length of the call isn’t limited so you can go on without thinking twice about how long call length one can record.

Call Recording by NoNotes

Now, in order to sign up to this call recording app, all you need to do is, put in your contact number, 6 digit PIN (numeric) & the email address where the call recording will be sent. After successfully signing up, you can start recording your incoming as well as outgoing calls & send them for transcription.

I don’t think one can expect anything more from an absolutely FREE calling recording app so start exploring Call Recording by NoNotes without further delay.

4. Automatic Call Recorder

Another call recorder for iPhone, Automatic Call Recorder is all set to record your calls without any hassle. After going through the intense research, the developer worked on an easiest-to-use platform for users to record their incoming/outgoing phone calls. Apart from recording calls, you can also record domestic & international calls and that too with or without internet connection. Isn’t this cool!!

Automatic Call Recorder

Because of the thorough research & experience, Automatic Call Recorder has features that lets you organize your call recordings in different categories. Also, you have the liberty to edit the recording audio as well as upload the same on different platforms including Drive & Onedrive.

And since the app’s carrier needs 3-way calling to record a call with our app, users will be charged for calling access numbers when recording calls.

So start exploring the rich featured & thoroughly designed app, Automatic Call Recorder on your iPhone right away.

5. Call Recorder – IntCall (Premium)

The ways to record calls on your iPhone are emerging more & more with effective results & exciting alternatives. Call Recorder – IntCall is another call recording app for the iPhone that’s been installed over 10 million times around the world. As the name suggests, you have full liberty to record national as well as international calls via using this call recording app. Additionally, your whole call conversation will be recorded with best quality & will be saved on your iPhone.

IntCall (Premium)

Call Recorder – IntCall is an effective app that comes with a few limitations such as, before using this app you need to make sure that call recording is legal in your country. Because the app developer organization cannot be held responsible for that. Plus, your telecommunication carrier must be GSM and should support Hold and Conference calls.

Please know while Call Recorder – IntCall is a power packed call conversation recording app, it does come in the premium service category. You have options to either go with buying pre-paid credit or make a weekly subscription to use it’s recording features. To know about the pre-paid call recording price list, you can visit the page.

So don’t wait up & download the rich featured powerful app, Call Recorder – IntCall on your iPhone & start recording outgoing as well as incoming calls.

6. TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder (Premium)

Ranked at #6 in the Business category on the App Store, TapeACall Pro is an extraordinary call recording app for your iPhone. Since it’s an absolutely premium service product, you might get more features along with other perks. From the United States of America to Hong Kong & Slovakia, TapeACall Pro has it’s reach to almost every part of the world. From recording both sides of a call on your iPhone, there is no limit on how long you wish to record a call.

TapeACall Pro

Defining the concept of easily recording calls on iPhone, TapeACall Pro makes the recordings available to you as soon as you hang up. Plus, from sharing those recordings to other platforms & devices, you can also label them to find later easily. Since it’s a premium service product, new features get added to the app all the time so get ready to excite yourself with one of the best call recording apps on iPhone, TapeACall Pro – Call Recorder.

7. Call Recorder Pro for iPhone (Premium)

Developed by Component Studios, Call Recorder Pro for iPhone has established itself as one of the best call recording apps for iPhone. Since the app is all about call conversation recording, features will be the same as you read in the above call recording apps. But there are a few which makes Call Recorder Pro for iPhone one-of-a-kind. With this powerful app, you get a playback control feature that makes you skip the recordings backward & forward. And not to forget, you also get access to the rate adjustment to tweak the playback speed as well.

Call Recorder Pro for iPhone

From easily recording your outgoing & incoming calls on iPhone to letting you download & share them on different platforms, this app doesn’t let you switch to any other alternative. Now in order to record your calls with this app, you need to first put your call on hold & dial in the recorder through the app. Once the recording number has been connected, merge the calls (by tapping on Merge to create a 3 way call) & the call recording will start between your current call & app’s recording line. Simple as that!!

Don’t forget to explore this simple & effective app to record call conversations on iPhone, Call Recorder Pro for iPhone.

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What If You Only Want To Record Incoming Calls?

There are users who don’t want their outgoing calls to be recorded, just the incoming ones. And for that, if you have got some branded, reputed, & reliable source, why should you look for another one. Google Voice is one of those options you can go for as it helps you filter the unwanted calls away. In order to use Google Voice to record incoming calls, you need to port your number to Google so that it can give you the recording feature access.

Record incoming calls

Now to record incoming calls with Google Voice, all you need to do is set up an account on & follow the prompts. After the successful set up, you will be asked to enable the call recording feature & auto save them as an mp3 file. You also need to download the Google VOice app on your iOS device in order to listen to the recorded audio calls.

After launching the Google Voice app, you need to tap on the number 4 while you are on call & it will notify both the parties that the call is being recorded. And to stop the recording, you need to tap on the same number (4) & disconnect the call. The result will stop the recording & the file will automatically get saved for you.

Wrapping Up

Recording calls on your cell phone isn’t something that can be performed openly as it’s illegal in many regions. Having said that, there are users who would want to record their incoming as well as outgoing calls. Since the mobile operating system, iOS doesn’t offer you features to record calls, you need to switch to third party tools such as call recording apps for the iPhone.

Explore the above mentioned call recording apps for iPhone (free & premium) & start using ones that meet your expectations.

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