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How to Install and use Google Duo on Android TV
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How to Install and use Google Duo on Android TV

Recent events & news have confirmed that Google is all set to launch support for Google Duo on Android TV. & the official announcement on the internet made it solid that Duo is definitely coming on Android TV in coming weeks. & now that the news is hot & confirmed, let’s explore the ways to install Google Duo on our Android TV as soon as it kicks in:

install google duo

There are a few things that need to be told before we start installing & using Google Duo on Android TV as below:

  1. We will be downloading the APK file format (latest) of Google Duo app.
  2. You would be transferring the downloaded APK file to the Android TV.
  3. Solid Explorer installation is also required to access the APK file.
  4. A webcam with a built-in microphone.

Once we have narrowed down the things we would need to install Google Duo on our Android TV, we will start following the below steps to make it happen.

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How to Install Google Duo on Android TV

  1. Let’s start by visiting the APKMirror website & download the latest version of Google Duo APK

How to Install Google Duo

  1. Once the APK file has been downloaded successfully, you need to transfer the file to Android TV (you will find the option to send files to the TV app).
  2. The next step would be to install & open up Solid Explorer (File Manager) on your Android TV & navigate to the Downloads

Install Google Duo app

  1. & now just like any other app, look for the downloaded Duo APK file & tap on it to install the same.
  2. Go ahead with the installation process as the system prompts & within no time, you’ve got yourself the Duo app on your Android TV. Simple as that!!

Mind you, initially you won’t be able to find Google Duo in installed Apps because of some bug issue. & that’s why you need to manually open it up via following the below path:

Settings > Apps > See All Apps > Duo

Please use the above path to open up Duo till the time there isn’t a solid solution for this bug because we need to use Duo on our Android TVs.

  1. After the successful installation & launching, the Duo (Android TV version) app is all set to be used (official announcement is pending from the company’s end). As well as, your existing Duo account will get auto linked to the Android TV version of the app.
  2. After everything you have done smoothly, the final thing you need is a webcam with a built-in microphone because without it, there’s no meaning of using Duo. So follow the below path & enable Camera on your Android TV (if not already):

      Settings > Apps > See All Apps > Look for Camera App > Enable

Once you enable the Camera functionality, the installation has been completed along with all other things that needed your attention.

This is how Google Duo will be installed on your Android TV & you can start using it without any issues. & if you are giving your time on the thoughts about getting Duo calls on your Android TV, please don’t. Duo doesn’t show up the incoming calls or any notifications on your Android TV (as of now).

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Wrapping Up

Video calls have become a necessity in today’s lives & COVID-19 pandemic just gave it the perfect push it needed. Because of remote working or working-from-home, video calls have become more useful than ever & now Google released the news about bringing Google Duo support on your Android TV. It’s definitely great news to hear.

This high quality video calling app is making its way to your Smart TV & soon you will be taking your calls on the big screen rather than the device in your hands. All you need to wait for is, the official announcement from the giant.

Or you can use the above steps to install Google Duo on your Android TV & start using it to make calls. Simple!!

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  1. Abhay Tank

    Can you please tell me how can i send APK file in smart tv?

  2. Swarnakshi Sharma

    I have an android tv but was unaware of this function. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Matthew

    Can I transfer the Apk file through a Pen Drive?

  4. Ankit Agarwal

    You can simply download the Send files to TV app on your cell phone as well as smart TV. The tool will help you transfer APK files across those devices.

  5. Ryan

    ok! problem solved! Thank you for making this tedious task so easy!

  6. Jennifer

    Thank you for this! Now I can have big picture video calls!

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