How To Add Link To Instagram Story

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How To Add Link To Instagram Story

With more than 1 billion users, Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most used social media platforms in the world. This photo editing and sharing app offers different features including image editing, applying filters, live video streaming, and user tagging. However, a few of us face difficulty in adding links to the Instagram story.

adding links to the Instagram

adding links

Adding links to the Instagram stories is one of the easiest ways to grab more attention of followers that can be converted to capitalization. There are a few things that a user needs to keep in mind, to add links to Instagram Story.

  1. The feature is mainly for marketers.
  2. For business profiles (you must have more than 10K followers).

There isn’t any geographical limit to use the feature, but it should certainly be available for a common user, making it a great engagement tactic.

Since not having 10K or more followers, stops you from adding a link to an Instagram story. However, if your Insta account is verified, you can use the swipe up feature in your Instagram story.

So, let’s check out the ways to “add link to Instagram story” without having 10K followers:

How To Add Link To Instagram Story Without 10K Followers?

Read the step by step instructions to add ‘Swipe Up’ feature:

Note: The discussed method will only work if you want to take your followers to your IGTV section.

1. Open the Instagram app and click on the IGTV icon (if you can’t see the icon on the profile page, click on the search option, to locate  IGTVicon)

iGTV icon

2. Click on “+” that lets you add a video from a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes on your profile.

Add iGTV video

3. Once you add the video, select a cover image & click on Next.

Cove Image


4. On the next page, you will find “Title” and “Description” that you need to fill in as given: in Title “Tell your followers about the video” and in the Description section, “put the URL link of the video”. After this, you can post the new video!

Title & Description

5. Now, go on creating an Instagram story and choose any image from the Gallery. Add a call to action button or simply search for “Swipe Up” sticker and let people know about the link.

Note – you can add engaging stickers to get viewers’ attention on the story.

Add Sticker or Swipe Up

6. After choosing the “Swipe Up” sticker, click on the link logo and choose the IGTV video.

Swipe Up

7. Follow this process by posting the story.

8. Now to recheck if it’s working, go back and, open the story, swipe up, and see the IGTV video.

Swipe Up

9. You have it now. You have successfully added a link to the Instagram story without having 10K followers or a verified profile.

Benefits of Having A Link on The Instagram Story

Apart from the above, some other advantages of having a link on the Instagram story are:

  1. You can attain a lot more engagement compared to past engagements on your page.
  2. Sharing & helping people around by having their links on your Instagram story.
  3. The feature helps you get a lot of traffic that can be beneficial for your increasing your social media presence.
  4. Ultimately it increases the potential for your product sales & website traffic.

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Since Instagram is a huge platform to increase your visibility, sometimes you lack because of the tech limitations or not fulfilling prerequisites.

However, this quick trick to add a link to Instagram Story or add Swipe Up feature has come to your rescue where you don’t need to have enough followers, business accounts or a verified page to promote yourself or your product.

So, get ready with the best promotional video or whatever your passion is, and start adding links to your Instagram stories as you are in for a ride. Don’t forget to share the experience you have had after posting the link stories in the below comments.

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