How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

Instagram started as a platform to share photos and videos and now it has become the best content marketing, selling, networking and audience-building platform. It is somehow a game between the user and its number of Instagram followers. You might be thinking how? Though Instagram experts, popularly known as #igers are well-versed with the tactic to gain more followers on Instagram. Some say you can earn money on Instagram after a set number of followers by becoming an Influencer.

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Well the story is big enough. So, let us just talk about the best tactics to increase Instagram followers.

How To Get More Instagram Followers?

Instagram is a social media platform that is continuously growing and crossing numbers at a greater extent. No matter whether it is just sharing pictures or gaining more followers on Instagram, it has grown up to a level where marketing and influencing has been playing a key role.

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So, to be a great marketer or an influencer on Instagram, you have to take care of these amazing Instagram hacks into your social media strategy. What’s that? These hacks are actually the attention-seeking ideas to grab more followers on Instagram using Insta captions, hashtags, profile and much more.

Best Ways To Gain More Followers On Instagram In 2020

1. Cross-Promotion Through Relevant Hashtags

Make sure that you always keep your brand’s hashtag open to your followers so that they can use it every time they are either promoting your brand indirectly or to integrate them in their Instagram posts. You should promote your brand through hashtags not only on your profile bio, but also on the print ads, signage in stores or at the relevant events. Integrate them at every possible place both online and offline ensuring that they are listed on social profiles, website and even in your Email signatures.

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2. Keep Hashtagging Game On With Your Creativity

Keep Hashtagging Game On With Your Creativity

Hashtags are the most vital elements for every Instagram post. Be it an individual or a business account, hashtags can bring spice to your cuisine. How? Instagram captions are more than one-word, but ensure that you are talking about the real (obvious) hashtags. Use these hashtags in a way that it recites the story behind your post/story. Be obvious while creating hashtags and you can always be funny, ironic and even outrageous, but don’t be boring. A lot of time people search through hashtags and these relevant and creative hashtags can be a great tool to get more Instagram followers. For instance: #takethechallenge #igers and much more. Make sure that you do not use banned hashtags to prevent your account from Instagram Shadowbanning.

3. Make The Most Of Your Bio URL

Don’t be restricted while using your landing page URL on your Instagram bio. It is also known as prime advertising wherein you put your website homepage URL. You can further be creative with your URLs and should update it bi-weekly at least in your bio. These URLs are an effective way to drive more and more traffic to your newest and trending content.

4. Take Them Away With Your Captions

To get more followers on Instagram fast, you’ll have to keep the game on with the interactive and engaging captions. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t mean you are free to skip words entirely. A little crux of the picture with relevant hashtags can generate maximum user-engagement and sharing. Being creative with the captions is the most vital things you should have to commit while working on Instagram strategy.

5. Develop A Distinct Instagram Style

Develop A Distinct Instagram Style

How your Instagram looks is the core thing that will help you grab attention on Instagram and get more followers on your Instagram profile. It is human tendency that they will fall towards an account that is eye-pleasing. So, ensure that you give your Instagram account a distinct look and feel with good-looking colors, and theme-based posts etc. Be active and post regularly so that you can be noticed by the #igers and #influencers.

How To Get More Than 1K Real Followers On Instagram?

Get More Than 1K Real Followers On Instagram

Wonder how to get more Instagram followers just like Ariana Grande or other popular Instagramers? It is just a process of a few steps and keeping in mind a few hacks will definitely help. Considering the statistics, on an average 40% of internet users are on Instagram and this platform has the highest level of engagement with brands all around the world. Here’s the gist of some common and some unusual hacks that can help your gain more followers on Instagram.

  • Separate individual and business accounts.
  • Complete your bio in a creative manner.
  • Connect to you friends and ask them to refer your page to others (especially for brands).
  • Look and target your audience.
  • Keep communicating through your content.
  • Ensure your content is interesting and interactive.
  • Very obvious but much important use creative Hashtags.

How Do Businesses Get More Followers On Instagram?

To increase Instagram followers, ensure that you get yourself to Instagram top posts for the certain (targeted and relevant) hashtags. Also, keep in mind the time of posting your content. Ensure you post at a time when most of your followers are online. Be regular on your account, post videos and make the most use of Instagram stories. Video content is more engaging than just posting pictures.

Keep Instagramming!

Do you love using Instagram? If yes, then all these hacks will be of great use to build your credibility and increase followers on Instagram. If you want yourself to be paid by Instagram, ensure that you keep promoting your account and keep adding more followers on Instagram account.

What tactic do you use to gain followers on Instagram? Let us know in the comments section below.

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