What Is Google Home Mini and How Does It Work

What Is Google Home Mini and How Does It Work

Google is expanding its own smart home gadgets. If you are wondering what is more suitable for your home…. A smart speaker or a smart display or both… in this blog, I am summarizing Google Home and Google Home mini features for you to ease up your buying decision. 

Google Home smart speaker got updated with its mini look. The Google Home Mini is actually a small version of Google Home Speakers. The great thing about Google Home Mini is the same capabilities as large forebear speakers. Additionally, Google Home Mini prices are lesser than expected: $49 directly from the $129 tag. 

Google Home

What Is Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is a voice-controlled compact speaker that can play music, controls home smart gadgets, can answer trivial questions, creates a calendar, add things to the shopping cart, play videos on Chromecast, and much more. 

Google home mini can also place calls from the speaker and additionally, you can also locate your misplaced phone with the help of the smart speaker. Apparently, Google Home Mini is like Amazon Echo Dot which is sold for around $50. The Google Home Mini is small and cheap enough to put in your house. The voice-controlled speaker manages your house easily. 

If you have Google Home and you want to extend the capabilities of the smart speaker, you can add Google Home Mini to the club. 

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Google Home Mini Features

  • The special feature about Google Home Mini is its size; Google Home Mini comes in the size of a donut. 
  • Google Home Mini looks like an air-freshener with a diameter of 4-inch and curved sides. 
  • Google Home Mini is a little bit larger than Amazon’s Echo Dot. However, the sloppy sides and soft shape look more ominous and give a unique look. 
  • Available in three colors-dark gray, light gray, and coral red. Such colors give a modern and inoffensive look to the home with HGTV-slash-Apple-Store home décor. 

Google Home Mini Features

  • The top is covered with a textured fabric that always provides a brand new look. However, I have a strong feeling that it will catch dust easily. 
  • Additionally, if you are a pet owner, you have to keep it in a safe place where pets like dogs and cats can’t reach. Otherwise, it will be scratched. 
  • Volume is tap controlled like you have to tap on the right and left side to control the volume of the smart speaker. Middle tapping will pause the music or alarm or cancel any command. Additionally, the touch is much sensitive. 
  • Google has disabled “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” features due to bugs in the system. 
  • Google Home Mini App does not show any inadvertent or suspicious rerecording. 
  • Meanwhile, the Google Home Mini looks cool and nice and comes with longevity and usability. 
  • There are four multi-colored lights that light when Google Mini listens, processes, and mutes. 
  • The unique feature is the additional mute button on the back of the Google Home Mini. You can also mute Google Mini with voice control. 
  • The Google Home Mini actually works equivalent t three speakers placed in different places at home. A top-firing smart speaker can be the appropriate name for the Google Home Mini. 
  • Mini microphones are so cool that they can listen even while playing music in the other room. 
  • But, sources state that the call feature does not work properly. 
  • Therefore, if you want to use the smart speaker for playing music with better audio quality. You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker. But, if you have a cast speaker, you can make most of the Google Home Mini. 

Google Home Mini on a Comparison Table

Google Home Mini on a Comparison Table


Good Features Bad Features
  • Good sound quality
  • Dust catching fabric
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Limited audio
  • Cost friendly 
  • Issues faced in calling

Google Home vs. Google Home Mini

Google Home
Google Home Mini
Google Home google mini
  • Perfect sound
  • Audio is good
  • Good microphone sensitivity
  • Good microphone sensitivity
  • Unique design
  • Compact and unique design
  • Multi-color LED Light
  • Multi-color LED Lights, add colors to the décor
  • Charging point
  • Lacks touch controls on the top 

How to use Google Home Mini

Below-mentioned is the steps to use Google Home Mini: 

1. Plug the power cable in your Google Mini. 

2. Plug the adapter in a wall switchboard. 

3. Set up your Google Home Mini (download the app and set up the device).

4. Start having a conversation with your Google Home Mini and enjoy it. 

I hope the blog was useful and informative in terms of Google Home Mini. Comment down and let us know which feature you like about Google Home and Google Home Mini. 

Thanks for reading. 

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