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Tips To Protect Your Google Home Assistant
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Tips To Protect Your Google Home Assistant

Trend of converting normal home to smart home is increasing rapidly. Different devices are available to make your home smarter and life convenient. Sadly, smart devices contain camera and microphones through which they communicate with humans and once these devices are compromised all the information that went through these both are sent to the criminals.

Many of the smart devices are vulnerable to attacks. They are not secured properly and with vulnerabilities in the system it makes it very easy for the criminals to hack it.

Smart devices have weak passwords, loopholes and they lack the security to protect them against different threats. We need to secure these devices to secure our homes and our personal life.

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Steps to Secure Your Devices:

  • Secure your router
    Some routers which are poorly secured allow the attackers to easily hack your system. We suggest you buy a good router which has good security.
    Also, you have to change the default password for the device. And update its firmware to latest.
  • Please place your device carefully
    Make sure that you have placed the device in a place that no unknown person can access it. Usually attackers tamper with device resulting in your system being compromised. Attackers use USB port of the devices to compromise it.
  • Use third-party services to secure your device
    Third party companies secure your system, they usually charge some extra money in order to secure your devices. They will do a better job in securing your devices.
  • Regularly update your device
    Keep your devices updated. Updating your device will ensure that your device is secured from the vulnerabilities. Updates contain the patches which will make your system more secure.
  • Purchase only trustworthy devices
    Devices which are manufactured by trusted manufacturers will be more secure. Big companies will usually make more secure devices.
  • Keep your devices secure by changing its password regularly
    Devices by default come with the password, however, we suggest you change it as soon as you start using it. We also suggest you to regularly change the password.

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Smart devices are still in the initial phase, many devices still have loopholes, which results in compromise of the system. All the information that we enter on our devices can be intercepted and can be used by criminals for malicious use. These devices need to be made secure with different techniques. In the future, our daily life will be fully dependent on smart devices and its security should be our main priority.

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