Best Google Drive Alternatives To Try for Storage Space

Best Google Drive Alternatives To Try for Storage Space

In the world of cloud-based file storage mediums, Google Drive is hailed as one of the most popular options. Yet, there are many reasons why you may want to keep your options open and look for Google Drive Alternatives. It could be that you have hit that 15 GB cap after which you just don’t want to pay Google or maybe you are extra concerned about the security and don’t want Google to snoop into whatever it is that you are storing. Although Google is vigilant with your security, still.

Best Google Drive Alternatives 2021

Here are some of the best Google Drive alternatives that offer great file uploading and sharing capabilities, offer powerful security measures, and that is extremely easy to get accustomed with –

List of Contents

  • 1. Acronis Cloud Backup
  • 2. IceDrive
  • 3.
  • 4. Dropbox
  • 5. pCloud
  • 6. NordLocker
  • 7. OneDrive
  • 8. Koofr
  • 9. Box Drive
  • 10. Carbonite

1. Acronis Cloud Backup

Acronis Cloud Backup

Pricing: Starts at US$ 49.99 | Available for – Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Acronis Cloud Backup is a cloud backup solution that also arms you with an antivirus. Plus, it even lets you create a backup of your operating system. Whether you risk losing your data to all sorts of operating system failures or whether you risk losing your data to cyberattacks, Acronis Cloud Backup has got your back. The free version offers 1 TB of Acronis cloud space.


Easy to use and easy to manage

Schedule backups as and when you want

Choose to create full or incremental backups

Advanced antimalware protection protects you from cyberattacks

Create restore points and restore system

Web filtering doesn’t let miscreants access your data


No cross-platform functionality

Set up is time taking

Backup speed can be improved

2. IceDrive


Pricing: Starts US$ 1.67 for 150 GB Storage | Platforms: Web, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

Ice Drive is one of the best free alternatives to Google Drive. Soon after signing up for an account, you get 10 GB of free storage space. This cloud storage medium suits the needs of people from all walks of life. It offers spectacular cross-platform functionality, in that you can sync data seamlessly between your computer and smartphones. Again, in terms of security, Ice Drive moves mountains.


Two fish, zero-knowledge and client-side encryption

A virtual drive is created on your desktop just like the native drives

Intelligent cache-control fastens the application even more

Edit, delete, upload and open files with utmost ease

Built-in media player that can read all popular formats


Absence of selective sync

You may encounter a few bugs and glitches when working with it since the Ice Drive is relatively new

Two-factor authentication is not available

Download IceDrive



Pricing: US$ 5 per month billed annually | Platform Supported: Web, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android is one of the best Google Drive Alternatives especially when it comes to the privacy factor. The free plan offers you up to 5 GB of free storage. There is an option to automatically sync data which ensures that all devices are synced simultaneously. And, not to forget it offers two-factor authentication and zero-knowledge encryption. The latter means that the service provider has no knowledge about your data.


High privacy compliance

Easy file storing and sharing options

Zero-knowledge encryption

Fast file upload speed

Easy data accessibility

Prompt customer support


Annual payments may make it a slightly pricier option

Syncing can at times be slow

Download Sync.Com

4. Dropbox


Pricing: Starts at US$ 9.99 per month | Platforms Supported: Web, Windows, iOS , Android, iOS

If you are looking for a free Google Drive alternative, you can’t ignore Dropbox. It offers you 2 GB of free storage, and you can subsequently increase the free storage through referrals. It has been around for quite a while now and is used both by individuals as well as business organizations. Dropbox is powered by LAN and block-level file sync that makes uploading of especially the larger files much faster in comparison to Google Drive. It integrates well with Google Workspace and Office 365 apps.


Fast uploading of files whether on a laptop, desktop, or smartphone

Synchronization of files is one of the best in the industry

Action history is shown

Dropbox vault lets you secure files using a PIN

Fast and easy setup

Dropbox offers full-text search with the help of which you can search files by extension, file name, and keywords within a file


Drag and copying of files is at times glitchy

Link sharing at times acts up

Download Dropbox

5. pCloud


Pricing: Starts at US$ 4.99 per month for 500 GB storage | Platforms supported: iOS, Android, Web, Windows 

Although pCloud might be one of the newest Google Drive alternatives, it is one of the best on the block. It has an easy-to-use interface and one of the best cross-platform functionality. It offers you better control over files, so much so that you can well collaborate with friends on single files. If you are heading for the free version, pCloud offers up to 10 GB of free storage.


The selective sync feature helps you select specific folders so that not all information is synced

pCloud offers pCloud Crypto that encrypts the files before they are sent to storage

It has built-in document viewers and media players so that media and other files can be accessed directly from within the application

One of the best cloud storage mediums for storing music

It offers client-side encryption


Offers up to 2 TB storage which can prove to be less for bigger organizations

Zero-knowledge encryption is a payable feature

Download pCloud

6. NordLocker


Pricing: US$ 3.99 per month for 500 GB storage| OS Supported: Web, Windows and Mac 

Nord is renowned in the world of VPNs. But, what’s lesser-known is the fact that it also has a pretty decent cloud storage medium, something that can give GoogleDrive and the likes a run for the money. It is one of those Google Drive alternatives that offers Zero-knowledge security. As for the free version, you get 3 GB free.


No restrictions on file size

Files can be uploaded and shared seamlessly

Automatic data backup functionality

Great integration with Google Drive and Dropbox

Simple drag and drop to encrypt files

Stringent high-end encryption

encrypted cloud helps prevent piracy of shared files


Available only for Windows and Mac

Pricing options can be costlier

Download NordLocker

7. OneDrive


Pricing: Starts at Approx US$ 2 for 200 MB | Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

OneDrive is one of the leading cloud storage mediums out there and comes from the house of Microsoft which makes it a trustworthy Google Drive Alternative. Being a Microsoft product, it abides with Microsoft 365 products very well. It offers 5 GB of free storage space and also gives you an opportunity to earn extra free space as well. It is used by several Fortune 500 companies.


Windows users especially will find it easier to work with OneDrive and a host of other Microsoft products

Great collaboration features

File syncing and sharing is seamless across devices

Comes preinstalled with Windows

At an organizational level, you can create directories as per department


Uploading and opening large files may be time-consuming

Syncing big files may be a problem

Download OneDrive

8. Koofr


Pricing: Starts At 0.5 € per month for 10 GB | Platforms available: Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Web

Another Google Drive alternative that you can look at is Koofr which offers 2 GB worth of free storage space. Moreover, with referrals, you can get 2 GB worth of free storage space. It offers remarkable security and great file uploading, sharing, and syncing services. It also lets you connect with multiple cloud accounts i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can look for all your devices and clouds right from within 1 app.


Transfer secured using SSL and TLS encryption

Each of your files is secured at 3 physically separate locations

No restriction on file size limits

Unified search engine

Ability to choose folders that you want to sync


Free storage available is very less as compared to many competitors

Zero-knowledge encryption not available

Download Koofr

9. Box Drive

Box Drive

Pricing – US$ 5 per month per user | Platforms available – Windows, Android, iOS, Mac

Box Drive is a smart and efficient way to work with your cloud files and that too right from your Windows desktop or Mac. You can edit them just like any file that you would have stored on your Mac or Windows locally. Plus, you can make collaborative workspaces out of your folders and invite team members as well. The free version for individual users offers up to 10 GB worth of free storage space and a 250 MB file upload limit.


Clean and simple interface

Invite team members to work on folders

Two-factor authentication

Highly secured file sharing

Integration with G Suite and Office 365

Prompt customer support


1 file version is supported with the free version

UI can be better as it takes way too many clicks to get things done

Pricing can be better

10. Carbonite


Pricing- starts at US$ 4 per month billed annually | Platforms-  Mac and Windows

Carbonite has carved a niche in the world of online backup services and is a potential contender as a Google Drive alternative. There is no free forever version as many of its counterparts, but, Carbonite lets you try the service for 15 days where you can upload as many files as you want. And, even with the free version, Carbonite provides you with a prompt customer service.


Encrypted and secure cloud storage

Automatic backup facility available

Unlimited backup

Paid versions also offer antivirus protection and external hard drive backup

When the continuous facility is chosen, Carbonite continuously updates your backup


The cloud storage service is a bit at the costlier end and there is no forever free storage

Restrained version history

Bandwidth allocation cannot be controlled

Download Carbonite

Wrapping Up:

So, these were some of the best Google Drive Alternatives. Do let us know in the comments section which is the one that is used to store and share your files. For more such content, keep reading Tweak Library. You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Flipboard, and Pinterest.

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