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Best Cloud Backup Services of 2020
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Best Cloud Backup Services of 2020

Cloud backup services are like traditional backup vaults to store all your documents, Photos, Mail, Music, Calendar, Apps, Contacts, and Books. With the best online backup services, you can securely export and keep all your important data to data centers over the internet.

If in case you encounter any type of system crash, theft, loss or a local disaster, you can still stay assured that your data is safe over the internet with cloud backup services. We have compared and reviewed the best online backup services available in 2019. We have made it easy for you to choose from the best cloud backup services and keep your data secured over the internet.

Best Cloud Backup Services of 2019

ProductAcronis True ImageBackblaze Cloud BackupIDrive Cloud BackupCarbonite Cloud BackupSOS Online Backup
Editor’s Rating4.94.74.343.7
Base Storage250 GBUnlimited2 TBUnlimited50 GB
Free StorageNoneNone5 GBNoneNone
# of Computers11Unlimited15
Private Key EncryptionYesYesYesYesYes
File SharingYesYesYesNAYes
Folder SyncingYesNAYesNAYes
Versions Kept20Unlimited3012Unlimited
Version Period6 Months30 DaysUnlimited3 MonthsUnlimited

Review on Best Cloud Backup Services of 2019

We’ve listed 10 best Cloud Backup services of 2019 though the detailed comparison is between the top five services. Here is a bifurcation of monthly/yearly/basic or premium service plans.

1. Acronis True Image Cloud Backup Services

Acronis True Image cloud backup service

Acronis, majorly doing business in True Image Home Backup Software has also done wonders in online backup services. Acronis backup software has advanced version and Premium versions that do offer 250 GB to 1 TB of backup storage included with the package. If you need additional space, you can top-up your package as per the requirement.

The premium package comes with added tools however the top-up limits at 5 TB. There are options available to go for three or five computer package to stay secured with encrypted, secured, automatic cloud backup service with one click.

Acronis True Image Online Backup Pricing

Acronis True Image Online Backup service is available with the following packages.

Acronis StandardAcronis AdvancedAcronis Premium
1 Computer$59.99$49.99$99.99
Full Image BackupImage Backup + 250 GBImage backup + 1 TB

“There are several customizable options for the number of computers and storage space required.”

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Acronis True Image ProsAcronis True Image Cons
Instant Backup & RestoreMax Limit Caps On 5 TB
Comprehensive Server Support PlansComplicated Pricing Plans
User-Friendly & Hybrid Cloud Protection
Frequent Backups Without Affecting The Performance
Ransomware Protection Included In The Plans
Automatic Mobile Device And PC Backups
Effective System And Application Backup

2. Backblaze Cloud Storage

backblaze cloud backup

Backblaze is not only one of the best cloud backup service but also a trusted product worldwide. Using Backblaze, you can backup and sync all your files, folders partition or the entire hard drive just with a single click as it is known for its user-friendliness. Though the network support needs a little improvement, Backblaze is an ideal cloud backup service for personal and business users.

Backblaze Pricing

Backblaze personal backup and business backup will cost you almost the same however for B2 Cloud Storage, you’ll need to Check Price Calculator.

Monthly1 Year2 Year

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Backblaze ProsBackblaze Cons
Unlimited File Size LimitWants Multiple-Computer Plans
Unlimited Storage SpaceMobile Apps Need Enhancement
Inexpensive As ComparedRestoration Process Differs For Large Vs Small Files
Flexible Drive-Shipping PolicyLacks Support For Network Drives
Rapid Upload & Download SpeedsStoring All Versions Cost Extra
Simple & User-Friendly Setup Process
Stores All Versions Of A File Forever
Offers Preview Before Restoring
Offline Restoration Is Available
Inbuilt Lost-Computer Tracker
Automatic Backup Enabled
Bundled With Mobile Apps

3.  iDrive Cloud Storage

iDrive Cloud Backup

iDrive Backup has a lot of offerings with the below links. If you are looking for a value for money service, iDrive backup is something you are looking for. iDrive Online offers basic 5 GB space for free for unlimited transactions and the rest of the plans are also comparatively cheaper than others.

iDrive Online also offers the highest upload and download speed even with its mobile app, you can simply backup files and folders with face recognition feature.

iDrive Pricing

iDrive online offers personal backup and business backup plans have different price ranges depending on the storage offered. The Basic plan for 5 GB is free without expiration or any card details required.

iDrive PersonaliDrive Business
2 TB 1 Year – $52.12250 GB 1 Year – $74.62
2 TB 2 Years – $104.25250 GB 2 Years – $149.25
5 TB 1 Year – $74.62500 GB 1 Year – $149.62
5 TB 2 Years – $149.25500 GB 2 Years – $299.25
1.25 TB 1 Year – $374.62
1.25 TB 2 Years – $749.25

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iDrive Backup ProsiDrive Backup Cons
Quick Syncing OptionSlow restoration process
Backs Up Mobile Devices TooThe continuous backup option isn’t robust
Stores Old File Versions ForeverNo unlimited storage option
Fast Upload & Download Speed
Backup Multiple Computers And Devices
Realtime Sync & Access Any Files And Folders Anywhere
Supports External Hard Drives And NAS Devices
Free Disk-Shipping & Data-Transfer Option
Supports All Windows OS And Servers
Backup Linux Machines And Servers
Remotely Manage Your Computers
Disk Image Backup Available

4.  Carbonite Cloud Backup Service

carbonite online backup

Carbonite is considered as one of the most robust cloud backup services due to its security features and user-friendliness. It is best for power users who are frequent on Cloud Backup Services. It offers automatic backup, sync and easy restoration process that is a perfect blend of good service. Carbonite’s cloud backup services have been popular for its vividness in plans.

Carbonite’s Safe Basic, Safe Plus & Safe Prime plans distinguish not just with the price range but with the services provided as well. With Carbonite mobile app, you can avail iPhone and Android backups with your business online backup service.

Carbonite Pricing

1 ComputerMultiple ComputersComputers + Servers
$6.00 / Month$24.00 / Month$50.00 / Month

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Carbonite ProsCarbonite Cons
Unlimited Cloud StorageVersion History Is Limited To 30 Days
Unique Cloud Backup ExperienceOnly Prime Plan Supports Offline Restoration
Three Backup Plans As Per Your NeedProgram Bandwidth Allocation Can’t Be Controlled
Long Duration Plans Are Comparatively CheaperDoesn’t Automatically Back-Up Large Files
Upload & Download Directly From Windows ExplorerFree Online Backup Option Not Available
Continuous Backup With Live Sync & Backup
Try Any Plan For 15 Days For Free
Excellent Mobile Experience

5. SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is the next big player in the list of best cloud backup services. SOS has a different strategy of doing business as they provide a single business plan for all kind of users and gives them the option to choose between storage capacities.

SOS Online Backup offers unlimited version history, supports network drive or external drives and various fascinating features all bundled up at a small price. SOS Online Backup also offers an unlimited number of devices including iOS and Android smartphones with Mobile App.

SOS Online Backup Pricing

Here is a list of all the storage capacities that SOS Online Backup offers.

SOS HomeSOS Business
$4.99 / Month Onwards$29.99 / Month Onwards
Up to 5 PCs & Macs, Unlimited MobilesUnlimited PCs, Mac & Mobile Devices
Only PCs, No ServersSupports MS SQL & Exchange Servers
Chat Support Only24/7 Priority Phone Support
SOS HomeSOS Business
50 GB$4.99$44.99100 GB$29.99$299.99
100 GB$7.99$79.99150 GB$39.99$399.99
150 GB$9.99$99.99250 GB$59.99$599.99
250 GB$12.99$129.99500 GB$99.99$999.99
500 GB$20.99$199.99750 GB$149.99$1,499.99
1 TB$39.99$399.991 TB$189.99$1,899.99
5 TB$159.99$1,599.992 TB$379.99$3,799.99
10 TB$299.99$2,999.99

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SOS Online Backup ProsSOS Online Backup Cons
Free 15-Day Trial On All PlansDoesn’t Automatically Back-Up All Files
Supports Unlimited Mobile DevicesUnlimited Storage not supported (Max 10TB)
File & Folder Sharing Made Possible Within UsersBackup & Restore From Explorer Not Supported
A Lot Of Options Depending On Storage Space NeededOffline Backup & Restore Not Supported
Unlimited File Version History With Every Plan
Yearly Subscriptions Offer More Discounts
Unlimited File Sizes Supported

Comparison Of Best Cloud Backup Services

ParametersAcronis True Image AdvancedBackblazeCarbonite Safe PlusiDrive Personal
Cost Per Year$49.99$60.00$111.99$52.22
Cloud Included250 GBUnlimited With ConditionsUnlimited With Conditions2 TB With Conditions
Full Range Of Backup TypesYesYesYesYes
Integrated Anti-Malware DefenseYesNoNoNo
Flexible Mobile ProtectionYesNoNoYes
Comprehensive FunctionalityYesYesYesYes
Robust Cloud IntegrationYesYesYesYes
Flexible Device StorageYesYesYesYes

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Summing Up

We have reviewed and compared the best online backup services for cloud backup. Acronis True Image made it to the top with value for money services with enhanced advancements. There are hundreds of cloud backup services however we have listed the top in class. Try out the best cloud backup services to backup and sync all your files and folders on the cloud backup and stay rest assured for any kind of data loss, theft or any kind of disaster.

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