Tips To Get a Good VPN And Browse Anonymously

Tips To Get a Good VPN And Browse Anonymously

No one likes being tracked; therefore, we look for ways to hide our identity. For this, most of us share incorrect addresses, mobile numbers, and other details. But what about online identity? Can that be faked or hidden from being tracked? Yes, it can be.

With the help of a VPN, this problem can be sorted to a great extent. But how to find a good VPN to browse anonymously? How can you be sure that the VPN you are using is legit?

Well, if all these questions are there in your mind, you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss how to find a good VPN to hide digital footprints.

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Try Systweak VPN, the best VPN for Windows. We recommend this VPN as it is easy to use, you don’t need to set it up. What you need is to install the VPN and enable it. Once that is done, Systweak VPN will start working and will hide your IP address.

Moreover, using it, you can bypass geo-restriction, access blocked sites, and do a lot more. The only drawback of this VPN is that it is only available for Windows. But don’t get disheartened, if you are Mac, iOS, or Android user, we suggest using NordVPN.

Using both these trusted and reliable VPN services, you can share files even when using a public network. Also, these best VPN services are legit. To know more about them, read the complete review of both Systweak VPN and NordVPN.

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Tips to Choose Best VPN to Browse Anonymously:

Now that we have a quick solution, let us know the important tips to recognize a good and the best VPN service:

List of Contents

  • 1. Claim to be the best
  • 2. Questionable encryption
  • 3. Slows down internet speed
  • 4. Unavailable on social media
  • 5. No Zero log policy
  • 6. 100% free
  • 7. Malware Infections

1. Claim to be the best

Claiming to be the best is the easiest job one can do. However, keeping up with the words written by a copywriter to sell a product isn’t easy. You can find umpteen VPN services, claiming they are the best but, do they have proof for that?


Probably not, because if you ask them for one, they won’t have it. So better skip them for now and look for an alternative or check the list of best VPN services. In addition to this, Free VPN services are another way to attract users but are they fast, secure, and private, as they claim to be? Most likely, they aren’t because there’s nothing called a free lunch. A price needs to be paid for everything and in this case, it is your data that you will give them to use a free VPN. With that being said, refrain from falling for such practices and go for a reliable source to avoid terrible situations.

2. Questionable encryption

Most of us don’t know that encryption can also be outdated. Therefore, when picking a VPN check the encryption they use, if it is outdated like PPTP or L2TP beware. Certainly, in the past, these encryption methods were great but not anymore. A good and the best VPN will always offer AES-256 encryption. Hence, inform others about the same and you also check the type of encryption VPN offers that you are planning to use. They were good in the past, but things are changing through time, and they are completely out of style today. Inexperienced people won’t be able to spot that difference, and if you know someone who needs to use a VPN for some reason, try to teach them to look for AES-256 encryption, or above.


3. Slows down internet speed

VPN might slow down the system for a while, but it isn’t bad. However, if you experience a long wait time and a page takes more than 10-20 seconds to load, it can be an indication of something wrong with the VPN you are using. The possibility is that the VPN is fetching data and transferring it to some third party, who knows. The best way to check it out is to stop using the VPN and see if there’s a difference. If things change, uninstall that VPN and go with the best and good VPN that is trusted and tested. A good VPN won’t slow down the system or internet speed.

4. Unavailable on social media

To reach out to users, a legit service uses all the mediums be it marketing, advertisement, or social media. All genuine businesses in the world have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. If you can’t find any sign of the VPN service, you are using on social media, something is strange. So, check out the company profile before trusting any service over your data.

5. No Zero log policy

While using the VPN, you can access your previous activity logs, web history, and something shady. A VPN shouldn’t do that because they are designed to discard all the sessions and not keep logs of them. If your VPN is doing this and saying it is for your convenience, never trust them. In the past, a lot of companies have been sued for this behavior. Most importantly, if for some reason a VPN provider needs to keep data they should inform users if that is not done the company is a fraud.

6. 100% free

Nothing good comes for free in this world. Even the priceless things are paid before. If you are getting something for free remember sooner or later a price needs to be paid, it can be your data, identity, or both. Therefore, check the protocols a VPN uses as not all are safe, and sometimes by promoting software for free, they install malware on your system.

7. Malware Infections


If after installing or even after visiting the website if you start receiving strange emails, pop-ups, and ads, something is happening on your computer. Immediately, change the VPN and format the system but before that try using the best antivirus to clean the system from infections.

Wrap Up

So, this is it. Using the above tips and keeping in mind all the signs, you will be able to identify if the VPN is good for you, or not. In addition to this, always check the competitive price, the trial period they offer, the number of servers they support, speed, protocols, and encryption. This will help find and choose the right VPN service for your device. Hope you like the information. In case there’s something else, you would want to feel free to share the same in the comments section.

There is a risk almost all the time, try to explore the background before you use it. Be careful what you are using, because sometimes it can be a costly mistake and you won’t be able to recover the damage.

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