Best Free Sticker Maker Apps Android/iPhone To Express Yourself

Looking for a way to express your feelings through stickers? Try out these fantastic sticker-maker apps.

Best Free Sticker Maker Apps Android/iPhone To Express Yourself

Stickers enhance your photos with a dose of character and a familiar atmosphere. A growing number of individuals have started using stickers to improve interaction on social media and exhibit their digital identity through a modest yet practical embellishment. With the help of customization tools in apps, you can further personalize these stickers, transforming them into a reflection of your individuality in seconds. Keep reading to uncover the top sticker maker applications for creating and personalizing stickers!

Choosing The Right Sticker-Making App:

When choosing among the stickers-making apps, it’s advisable to evaluate different options based on a few key characteristics.. These attributes play a crucial role in ensuring you obtain top-notch stickers you eagerly anticipate adding to your snapshots. Before you proceed with downloading, take into account the following aspects:

  1. Compatibility with your operating system
  2. User-friendliness
  3. Navigation
  4. Array of features
  5. Application reviews
  6. Availability of free features and presence of in-app advertisements

While the desire for aesthetically pleasing stickers is essential, the ability to craft them swiftly and effortlessly is equally crucial.

Best Free Sticker Maker Apps for Android/iPhone:

Get ready to design your own personalized and unique stickers using the following animated sticker maker Android/iPhone apps!

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1. Sticker Maker:

Sticker Maker is one of the best apps in the category, allowing users to create stickers easily. The process is simple to comprehend, consisting of straightforward steps. Start by adding an image, then proceed to crop it, and finally, include words and emojis as needed. It allows selecting images from your gallery or utilizing the extensive assortment of text stickers the application provides.

Enhancing the color and font of the text can be done through tools like text-shadow and alignment adjustments. Exporting the stickers is all that’s required to integrate them into WhatsApp. Opting for the premium version lets you relish an ad-free experience, access specialized drawing effects, and unlock the entire spectrum of available stickers.



  1. Provides easy connection with WhatsApp and iMessage. This enables users to export and share custom stickers.
  2. Easy-to-navigate interface.
  3. The Premium version allows an ad-free experience.
  4. Advanced features like image cropping and adding words and emojis.
  5. Free to download and offers in-app purchases.

Download For Android

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2. Sticker.Iy: stands out as the top free animated sticker app in 2023. This application enables you to discover a multitude of animated stickers designed for WhatsApp, Telegram, and iMessage. Moreover, you can craft personalized stickers from your images through the innovative Auto Cut technology.

Furthermore, the ability to share links to your custom stickers with friends, thereby broadcasting your creativity online, adds to its appeal. In summation, it emerges as the finest no-cost sticker maker catering to users of both iPhone and Android devices.


  1. Variety of tools for sticker customization.
  2. Hassle-free export of stickers to various messaging platforms like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Telegram.
  3. Completely free of cost.
  4. Provides image segmentation technology.

Download Here

Available on both iOS and Android.

3. Sticker Maker Studio:

Sticker Maker Studio is an excellent free sticker-making app for crafting enjoyable and captivating stickers, memes, and various other visuals for WhatsApp conversations. Through this application, you can extract stickers directly from your photos and then export them in either PNG or WEBP format as well.

Additionally, you can acquire physical prints of your stickers or employ them as your unique mode of communication. In summary, it is a straightforward and cost-free sticker creator, offering numerous options with in-app purchases.



  1. Easy option to edit stickers from gallery or camera pictures.
  2. Provides easy export of stickers.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Support images downloaded from the Internet.

Download Here

4. Animated Sticker Maker:

You will definitely enjoy crafting animated stickers using the Animated Sticker Maker application on Android. It gives easy options to generate stickers from pictures taken with your camera, videos, or even creating your animations by scratch.

While designing animated stickers, you can bring in GIFs sourced from GIPHY, utilize a blank sticker as your canvas, or import videos stored in your gallery.

Editing each frame of your animated stickers is a straightforward task. Furthermore, you can enhance them by incorporating text and emojis to inject an extra layer of intrigue.



  1. Easy enhancement by adding text and emojis.
  2. Allows creating emojis from pictures taken from phones and cameras.
  3. Easy-to-use interface.
  4. Easy import facility from videos and pictures.

Download For Android

5. Sticker Studio:

This remarkable application is dedicated to crafting stickers of the highest quality. It empowers you to create your very own stickers effortlessly. Furthermore, this versatile app is compatible with Android mobile devices and iPhones, offering a seamless experience across platforms.

You can use your camera or gallery to select an image, and then draw the outline of the sticker with your finger. The sticker creator app also allows you to add text and drawings to your stickers, and scale them to the perfect size. Moreover, you can create unlimited sticker packs for WhatsApp, and share them with your friends.



  1. Easy editing options available.
  2. Available for both Android and iOS.
  3. User friendly interface.
  4. Freehand cropping and adding text options are available.

Download For Android

Download For iOS

6. Animated Sticker Maker:

Another sticker maker app lets you generate stickers derived from photos taken with your camera, videos, or even through crafting your unique animations. Throughout creating these animated stickers, you are offered the options to import animated GIFs from the GIPHY platform, employ a blank sticker as your canvas, and even import videos from your personal gallery.

Navigating through the task of editing each frame of your animated stickers is a straightforward endeavor. Additionally, you can enhance these stickers by seamlessly incorporating text and emojis, infusing them with a heightened fascination.



  1. Easy enhancement by adding emojis and texts.
  2. Provides easy navigation.
  3. Provides an Import option for animated GIFs.

Download For Android

7. Sticker Maker for WhatsApp:

Tailored specifically for WhatsApp, this sticker-generating application boasts a specialized design. By leveraging this app’s capabilities, you can cultivate your very own sticker collection. Moreover, the app facilitates the creation of personalized stickers using either images or text elements.

This application provides a range of features to create personalized stickers. You can select photos from your gallery or downloads in various formats. The app offers automatic background removal or manual freehand cropping. You can further add captions with different fonts, emojis, decorations, and masks. Lastly, you can export your creations to WhatsApp or Telegram to conveniently share it with your friends.



  1. Easy to navigate.
  2. User friendly interface.
  3. Allows users to create a variety of stickers.

Download For Android

8. Sticker Create:

Sticker Create allows you to craft your stickers and seamlessly share them on WhatsApp. The range of possibilities for shaping your distinct designs is extensive. Using this best sticker-making app, you can introduce blur effects to your images or eliminate backgrounds. It contains various features, such as filters and products, allowing you to infuse vibrant colors into your stickers.

To craft your personal sticker, follow these simple steps: Begin by selecting an image from your pictures. Use the background removal tool to erase unwanted elements. Next, add your desired text to the sticker. Once satisfied, save the sticker. Finally, seamlessly integrate it by adding it to your WhatsApp collection.



  1. Easy creation of stickers with a variety of features.
  2. Provides opacity and border editing functionality.
  3. Provides the ability to add emoticons.
  4. Easy to use.

Download For Android

9. Sticker Maker By Stackify:

This sticker maker application lets you categorize your WhatsApp stickers into distinct packs. You can opt for regular or animated stickers based on your desired aesthetic. Additionally, you can manipulate image cropping using circular, rectangular, or freehand techniques to achieve your preferred shape. The Sticker Maker app facilitates the addition of text, brushes, borders, and even background erasure, providing you with comprehensive tools for customization.

The display is excellent; you can create endless stickers using this app. If you like your creation, you can share it on WhatsApp. You can pay for the premium version to enjoy more decorations and remove all ads.



  1. Offers a variety of sticker packs to choose from.
  2. Provide different editing options like crop.
  3. Provides easy navigation with excellent display.

Download For Android

10. PhotoDirector:

Several photo editing apps, including PhotoDirector, offer the ability to  extract images for crafting custom stickers. However, what sets PhotoDirector apart is its employment of AI text-to-image technology, enabling you to transform descriptions into distinctive stickers primed for utilization on your photos.

The app provides an abundance of designs and choices, affording you an extensive degree of creative freedom to fulfill your preferences. If you give this amazing AI application a chance, do share your experience in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!



  1. Provides AI-based text-to-image functionality.
  2. Easy to access.
  3. Offers a variety of designs.

Download For Android

Download For iOS

Indulge In The Enjoyment Of Crafting Stickers With The Best Animated Sticker Maker App:

These user-friendly sticker maker applications offer a straightforward approach to making readily shareable stickers on social media platforms. Nevertheless, they also come equipped with many features that allow you to express your creative vision fully.

Generating stickers from videos and GIFs is also a seamless process. This presents a fantastic way to showcase your creativity. You’ll find it an excellent means to fashion stickers for your family, friends, etc.

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