How To Create Your Own Custom Emoji In Android Phones

How To Create Your Own Custom Emoji In Android Phones

It’s fun to send and receive emojis, convey emotions or express your feelings with emoticons or emojis  via messages.. No matter whether it’s an occasion or any news update, we almost use emojis in every conversation. Many social networking platforms offers their own emoji se, be it Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, today almost every keyboard application and third-party messaging platforms are providing emoji plugins that allows users to use emojis.

Ranging from smiley faces, animals, food, sports, transportation, flags, etc. You can find emojis for every emotion or event.. But, if you are looking to create or customize your own emojis, There’s A Way! The feature is under development and soon will be rolled out.

However, you can enroll for the beta program by going on the Gboard beta page and join it to customize your own emoji. After joining the beta program, open Play Store in your Android device and update your Gboard app. If you have already joined the beta program, it will give you the option to update it otherwise, download the Gboard app from Play store and create your own emoji.

After enrolling with  the beta program, it’s time to create your own emoji on your Android smartphones. We have mentioned below a few emoji maker apps for custom emoji. Let’s have a look.

Make Your Custom Emojis: Four Different Ways!

Listed are a few popular & useful apps to help you create your own emoji. Install the most suitable for you!

Bitmoji: Create Your Own Emoji


Bitmoji is one of the popular and most downloadable apps for custom emoji. This app is especially integrated with Snapchat and offers ample of custom stickers. Now, with a large variety of custom stickers or emojis, Bitmoji has found a new social platform recently, Tinder. You can easily change your real-life avatar and make your own emoji. The process to create your own emoji is quite simple.

  • Download and open the Bitmoji app, click your own picture with the app and it will start showing all the faces which resembles to your face.
  • Select your favorite avatar by choosing a hairstyle, eye color, eyebrow shape, etc.
  • After selecting your face, the app will ask to select a body type among with variety of outfits.
  • Once you have selected your favorite avatar, tap on the tick box at the right top corner and your favorite avatar with emoji will be

You can create n number of emojis with the Bitmoji app and it also allows you to share them on social networking platforms too.

Download the Bitmoji app for Android devices from here.

Emoji Maker – Create Stickers & Memoji

Emoji Maker

Another custom emoji maker app that features wonderful customization capacities and all emoji design collections, is Emoji Maker. You can easily adapt to each emoji’s designs like hair, eyes, arms, mouth, legs, etc. Simply you have to select a basic emoji and add whatever accessories you want to complement and save  the emoji in your device. They are really fun, easy to create and easy to share on social networking platforms. The process is simple:

  • Download and Install the Emoji Maker app on your Android device.
  • Design and create your own emoji by adding different pieces from the below emoji section.
  • Once you have created an emoji, save it on your device which will create a new sticker pack.
  • Add to WhatsApp or Facebook and enjoy it.

Download the Emoji Maker app for Android devices from here.

MojiPop App – My Personal Emoji Keyboard & Camera

MojiPop App

MojiPop is another interesting Android app to make your own emoji & own cartoon stickers in just two steps. If you are really a cartoon lover then, the MojiPop app is best for you. Access thousands of cartoons and animated stickers using your face (related to any situation or emotion). Create your own cartoon emoji and send it to your friends through social networking platforms.

  • Download and Install the MojiPop app in your Android device.
  • Take your selfie from MojiPop inbuilt camera, create your own emoji with the help of thousand cartoon and animated stickers.
  • Change the sticker as per your face and enjoy it by sending through social networking platforms.

Emoji Maker – Make New Emoji

Emoji Maker

Here comes another Emoji Maker app to make your own emojis. Select hundreds of old emojis like eyes, mouth, props, etc. and customize it to your own emoji and get creative. Simple interface, user-friendly app and easy to share with your friends and on  your favorite apps.

  • Download and Install the Emoji Maker app in your Android device.
  • Select any emoji and customize accordingly with eyes, body, mouth, hands, props, etc. and save it on your device.
  • Share your customize emoji on WhatsApp and other social network platforms and enjoy it.

Download the Emoji Maker app for Android devices from here.

Having a customize emoji in a smartphone is always fun. Show or express your emotions and feelings by customizing your own emoji. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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