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Check Out The Best Face Filter Apps For Selfies (Android/iOS)
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Check Out The Best Face Filter Apps For Selfies (Android/iOS)

One of the obsessive discoveries of the decade is the race for taking the best Selfies possible. And let’s not think about the lengths we go to get those perfect selfies by using different apps from all over the world. Mobile manufacturers are also trying their best to give extra perks to users with camera qualities to get better pictures than before.

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Now that everything has been sorted out from the service providers & manufacturers, it’s time for users to get the best out of it. There are so many apps on every platform (App Store & open source platforms) that promise to help you feel better while taking selfies. That is why we would be narrowing down the best face filter apps & explore the best out of those.

Here Are The Best Face Filter Apps For Selfies

Since the social media trend is on the top of the mountain right now, everyone tries to put up the best pic they can find. From group photos to individual selfies, we try to get the best out of those face filter apps. Obviously doing so will keep you ahead in the selfie game, even though the day isn’t going well for you. So without further ado, let’s find out the best face filter apps on Android as well as iOS:

1. Facetune2 by Lightricks

Facetune2 by Lightricks

Since we are trying to cover the sources that can help you take selfies (one of the discoveries in the last decade), things need to be well thought out & sorted. That is the reason we put in Facetune2 at the topmost face filter app. Compatible with both the mobile operating systems (Android & iOS), Facetune2 by Lightricks is an absolutely free app to use (with subscription feature).

So in cases where you aren’t as happy as you thought after taking the selfie, Facetune2 is something you can turn yourself to. No matter how faded, or out of the blue a selfie looks, Facetune2 makes every one of them trendy & catchy. Additionally, there are many filters & other tools that will help you surprisingly while enhancing the features as well. For example, from hair color to eyes color & enlarging them, everything can be amended and made look catchy.

So checkout the best Face Filter app, Facetune2 by Lightricks on your Android as well as iOS device right away.

2. Snapchat


Unlike Facetune2, Snapchat is quite a popular and well known app for all those users who depend on social media quite a lot. Whereas Snapchat helps you interact with your friends & family members all over the world, the same way it can be used to take selfies and make them interesting. Yeah!! Thanks to its ever changing face filter alternatives & lenses that give you a new look always.

We know that it’s compatible with both Android & iOS platforms, what we might not know is that we ourselves can create new filters. Face filters that we think would work out best for us, we can create them by using customizations in Settings. Also, your created filters can be used by other users as well & that’s something out of the box.

So without delaying, start using Snapchat as one of the unique face filter apps & if you haven’t downloaded it yet, visit Android & iOS app stores to do so.

3. AirBrush


Another addition to the list of the best face filter apps, AirBrush comes with infinite possibilities you can think of. Just one click and everything will become as smooth & flawless as you imagined. Not to mention but any imperfections or limitations you see in your selfies can be taken care of by AirBrush easily.

In a selfie, from your hair color to jaw design & body shaping to natural touch, anything & everything is possible with AirBrush. Considered as the best photo editor on both the mobile operating system, AirBrush helps you give yourself a total makeover, you won’t be able to recognize yourself.

Feel the magic by downloading a powerful face filter app, AirBrush on Android & iOS platforms today.

4. SelfieCity


As the name suggests, SelfieCity has specifically been designed to meet users’ expectations. Think about the possible solutions or features one looks for while taking a selfie and you will find all of them in the Selfie City app. Also, there are many features that make the SelfieCity stand taller than the other applications in the same category.

Uniquely, the SelfieCity For example, if you talk about the filters that can give you a makeover, they are unique in themselves. Named after different parts of the world, which is the speciality of that place, will be included as a face filter. Also, the augmented reality touch that you can use on Selfie City will make your whole experience one of a kind.

Download one of the most updated & rich featured face filter apps, the SelfieCity on your Android & iOS platforms right away.

5. Retrica


An absolutely free app that’s compatible with Android as well as iOS platforms, Retrica is one of the best face filters apps you can get your hands on. With the marketing slogan of “find your favorite filter”, Retrica is literally a dictionary of more than 190 filters. Also, you have the liberty to take photos and videos with real-time filters and effects or edit them from the album on your phone.

Along with the free features you get from the face filter app, the paid subscription gives you many features to choose from. One of the rich features of Retrica is the ability to use a Univisium filter that has the ability to make you live the 1960’s experience right away. So without delaying things from your end, download Retrica on your Android smartphone and iOS device.

6. Cymera


The list is getting stronger with every new addition and now I believe that every one of those features I would expect from a selfie face filter app. Cymera is one of those face filter apps that can give you a total makeover that you wouldn’t identify yourself. From the first impression of feeling the user interface to using the rich features to get the perfect look (customized by you).

Over 200 million users from all over the world, Cymera is a one stop solution for all the editing you want to do on your selfie pictures. Over 130 filters, a user has the ability to make his/her selfies stand strong among those millions of selfies. Also, think about the teeniest & tiniest things you wish to change about yourself are a one click solution, thanks to this powerful face filter app, Cymera.

Download a rich featured & powerful face filter app to give you a makeover on Android as well as iOS device today.

7. VSCO: Photo & Video Editor


If you are one of those active users who admire these face filtering apps for their uniqueness & over the top creativity, you might have heard about VSCO: Photo & Video Editor. VSCO being an amazing editing tool to not only edit pictures but also your favorite videos, comes quite close to those perfect ones. With the ultimate slogan of, Expressions matter most, VSCO gives you a platform where you can be totally yourself.

Also, those advanced & over mesmerizing photo editing tools that helps you recreate almost every picture you have in your library. Apart from editing those hard clicked selfies, if you are satisfied with all the polishing, you can share them to your friends from the same platform.

So download this absolutely free & cellphone-compatible-app on your Android cellphone & iPhone.

8. Perfect365


Just as the name suggests, Perfect365 also is one of those face filter apps you can access on your smartphone as well as iPhone. Plus those flawless selfies that you wish to create for yourself and show it off on social media, Perfect365 can help you do so by using 200 or more options.

Since it’s a photo editing software, it will have all the features to change your whole look, from mascara to lipstick (virtual). And we all know how costly it gets to color your hair so do so without spending even a penny from your pocket. Perfect365 is literally the perfect place to design your makeup on your own & give yourself beauty tips.

9. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect also claims to be the perfect place to click selfies that would look out of the world. There would be many expectations you might be having with a selfie editor and you can achieve those by having YouCam Perfect on your device. Thanks to the technology & creativity, YouCam Perfect makes you look any age you wish to with the perfect looks possible.

From giving a new decorative look to your pictures to reshaping your face, anything is possible with YouCam Perfect. A selfie camera & collage maker is the perfect tool YouCam Perfect allows you to edit & beautify your pictures with each & every effect you can think of.

10. A Color Story

A Color Story

With a storytelling touch in the name itself, A Color Story allows you to live in the moment. Over 400 splendid filters, A Color Story face filtering app brings new stories every time you use a new filter. And there are many moveable objects or props that can be used by users to decorate their selfies the way they want.

Also, you will have many filters available for you that are designed by famous photographers as well. Over 16 million downloads, A Color Story app has already been named as the ‘Best New App‘ and ‘App of the Day‘ by Apple! The face filter app is available for free, however, the paid subscription brings more than you can imagine.

So download one of the most popular face filter apps, A Color Story on your Android or iOS device & start giving yourself a whole new makeover.

Wrapping Up

Our whole life is out on the open because of social media & it has become a part of the lives that we cannot deny. And the way we put everything about us onto social media has become so popular with time. Now, we are talking about the selfie editing we can do to make ourselves look prettiest among everyone & for that, we use these face filter apps. Obviously one would expect so many things from a face filter app & it’s quite impossible to find that in a single app. That is why, we have mentioned here the most popular, rich featured, & powerful face filter apps for selfies on Android smartphones as well as iOS devices.

Explore all of them thoroughly and go with the best one that meets your expectations or goes beyond that.

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    I was addicted to Snapchat but the bitter truth is these apps are killing natural beauty just to make it creative! I somehow managed to delete all of them!

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  3. Akshita

    I love using Snapchat! Although thanks a ton for other alternatives.

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    Facetune2 by Lightricks is an excellent application to add filters. Love using it!

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