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Here Are The Best Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone
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Here Are The Best Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone

Augmented Reality can arguably be considered as one of the great breakthroughs humans have ever seen. From waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, we use augmented reality so many times, we have no idea about. Sometimes, it can be intentionally & other times, unintentionally. & the compatibility it brings to the table is mind blowing.

Augmented Reality Apps

Now that each & every one of us has a cellphone, it’s quite impossible that you don’t think about using new apps & explore more. & one of the direct & easiest ways to use augmented reality is using apps on the cellphones. So we have narrowed down the best AR apps for iPhone without wasting too much time.

Check Out The Best Augmented Reality Apps For iPhone in 2020

Obviously it’s quite early to say that we have all figured out about augmented reality & use it heavily. However, one thing’s for sure that there are plenty of AR apps for iPhone which can blow your mind easily as mentioned below:

1. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

Games, challenges, & missions are the best ways to keep yourself engaged & what if you get a slight touch of augmented reality in that!! It would be awesome to experience this deadly combination of challenging situations in a mission using AR. Zombie Gunship Revenant is one of the best augmented reality iPhone apps that makes you an AR zombie shooter. Sounds cool, isn’t it!!

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

In this augmented reality zombie war, you will be controlling the highly-weaponized helicopter & making zombies your target. The prerequisites for this augmented reality power-packed app are iOS11 & ARKit supporting iOS devices.

When it comes to the game, AR is the constant engaging factor that will make you love this app where you will be protecting the area that’s been run by zombies all over.

So start controlling the heavily armed helicopter & shooting zombies like anything with one of the top rated AR apps for iPhone, Zombie Gunship Revenant AR.

2. JigSpace

Another augmented reality app for iPhone that’s been gaining popularity among AR based iOS apps is JigSpace. JigSpace firmly believes that if you want to learn something in a better way, 3D is the ultimate solution for you. & AR makes it easier for you to experience things in 3D as everything seems real from the lion in your bedroom to creating 3D models of almost everything.


If anything you want to know about 3D, JigSpace is the perfect platform to explore it in a truly interactive way. You will be diving in the 3D world where you will find dozens of jigs to learn things at your pace to satisfy your curiosity. Additionally, you can create your own jigs through the jig workshop & have the liberty to share it with the whole world.

So without delaying further, download one of the best augmented reality apps for iPhone,  JigSpace right now.

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3. IKEA Place

Have you ever moved your furniture around the house & then repented the decision thinking, “God, it didn’t fit the way I thought it would.” That’s where you need a virtual assistant to help you with trials if some particular object is fit for your specific room or not. & thanks to AR, you can select any of the objects to put them in the desired location in the easiest ways possible.

IKEA Place

The perfect tool to furnish through augmented reality, Ikea Place has been developed by Inter IKEA Systems BV. Without you leaving out of the house, use the true-to-scale 3D models & give the room a virtual do-over. Additionally, with continual product highlights and groups, there is always something new to try at home.

Download one of the most promising augmented reality apps for iPhone, Ikea Place on your iOS device right away.

4. AR Dragon

Another one of a kind augmented reality iPhone app, AR Dragon makes to the list because of the uniqueness it brings to your world. An absolutely FREE game that’s been designed for kids, however, there are some features that are available on the premium versions only.

AR Dragon

Imagine the world where you have the liberty to pet a dragon & that too one of a kind. Yeah; it’s possible with AR Dragon that lets you dress your beloved dragon with over 20 unique hats and fancy skins. The whole experience with this amazingly unique iPhone AR app cannot be just described in words.

So stop waiting & start downloading AR Dragon as one of the best augmented reality iPhone apps you can have on your iOS device.

5. Sky Guide

Without a doubt, there is no way in the world where you can see stars in the sky in daytime. & just when you are thinking about it, Sky Guide shatters all your belief with augmented reality. Yeah!! Another AR app for iPhone, Sky Guide lets you view stars at night as well as daytime.

Sky Guide

All you need to do here is, just hold this beautiful augmented reality iPhone app to the sky & let it do it’s work. Sky Guide will start looking for planets, satellites, & more automatically to make your experience mind shattering as ever.

Some of the reviews for Sky Guide are as below that are enough to prove the credibility:

“Close to perfect.” – CNET

“It’s a dazzling piece of software…” – David Pogue

“Sky Guide is one of the coolest apps in the App Store…” – Inverse

Visit the app store & download another magnificent AR app for your iPhone, Sky Guide on your device right away.

6. Smash Tanks! – AR Board Game

Since we are talking about the best augmented reality iPhone apps in 2020, I believe Smash Tanks doesn’t go unnoticed. You will be playing with your family as well as friends to smash tanks in real, thanks to AR. Create your strategy to give your enemies hell of a time by total destruction.

Smash Tanks! - AR Board Game

& don’t forget that you will be starting to play this challenging AR iPhone game via smashing the enemy thanks. & for that, you will need to just pull, aim, & release and mind you, the aim must be on the weakest part of the tanks, so that the damage can be maximum.

Download one of the top star rated AR apps for iPhone, Smash Tanks on your iPhone & you don’t need to look back.

7. The Machines

Any which way you all are surrounded by machines from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. & what if I tell you there are ways you can battle machines with your friends & that too in the augmented reality world. It’s possible with The Machines that offers you a breathtaking experience when it comes to graphics & sound.

The Machines

The AR app for iPhone offers you to battle with your friends via machines to clear out the enemy base. Obviously when you win the battle, the winning or losing will depend on how skilled you are when it comes to your strategic thinking. So make the most of whatever perks you get along the way to make your way up on the global leaderboard.

So without further ado, download this perspective based AR app for iPhone, The Machines & start exploring.

8. WWF Free Rivers

The list doesn’t end if you haven’t covered the top augmented reality apps that can give your iPhone a one of a lifetime experience. & I can’t think of anything else than the deadliest combination of nature and augmented reality. Here’s where you get another beautiful AR app for iPhone, WWF Free Rivers.

WWF Free Rivers

Another one of a kind iOS AR apps, WWF Free Rivers gives you the ultimate experience of the power in rivers.  The in-depth & educational storytelling experience for environmental science, WWF Free Rivers puts an entire landscape in your hands. While using the AR app for iPhone, you’ll discover a river that flows through the lives of people and wildlife, and how their homes depend on those flows.

So without waiting too much, download one of the most peaceful AR apps for iPhone, WWF Free Rivers right away.

9. Vuforia Chalk

Unlike other AP apps for iPhone, Vuforia Chalk is one of the most educational & informative apps you can have. We all have been in situations where we just cannot understand the technical issue with our devices & need expert advice. Vuforia Chalk works as a helpful bridge between the field technicians & experts to solve complex issues.

Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Chalk is the perfect solution that can also be considered somewhat like a video call. The additional or advanced things you can use here are encircling the sections you want the other person to look at. Like annotating tech device sections for the other person to help you out with. Now, the FREE version of Vuforia Chalk offers you three minutes video call service through AR tech & I believe that’s enough time to understand what it brings to the table.

So start resolving queries of other people while sitting at home with one of the most useful augmented reality apps for the iPhone, Vuforia Chalk.

10. AR Runner

While we are enlisting best augmented reality apps for your iPhone, AR Runner is a must because of the sports based theme. & who doesn’t like to play or watch sports & that too with the touch of augmented reality. Sports is all about being competitive & AR Runner makes sure that you are enough competitive to give your rivals a good fight.

AR Runner

With the exciting & different game modes, AR Runner’s variants lets you choose the field size as well as shapes according to your skills. The game modes (Normal, 30 Sec Rush, Enemies, & Wall Punch) let you run through checkpoints & set new records.

A few recognitions for AR Runner are as below:

“Gets you moving, no matter where you are” – The Washington Post

“It’s short, fast, active fun, and an inventive use of ARKit” – Macworld

“Beat a world record without ever leaving your hometown” – CNET

So download this excellent sports based augmented reality iPhone app,  AR Runner on your device & start setting records.

Wrapping Up

Augmented reality isn’t a whole new concept we would be using in future because we are all surrounded by it pretty much now only. & now that we can get the exciting & chilling experience of using AR in our cell phones only, why should we go someplace else. So similar to the topmost augmented reality apps for Android, we have listed here the best AR apps for iPhone as well.

Explore each & every one of them & start using ones that will make your whole experience one of a kind.

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