Comparison: Duplicate Files Fixer vs Easy Duplicate Finder vs Wise Duplicate Finder

Comparison: Duplicate Files Fixer vs Easy Duplicate Finder vs Wise Duplicate Finder

Irrespective of the device you are using, duplicate files have been a constant outcome all of us face. Sometimes, we click too many pictures to get the perfect one & other times, just because the scene was pretty memorable to capture. And surprisingly duplicate files aren’t just limited to images, other types of files also go through the same issue.

What Do You Do When a Duplicate Files Graph Goes Up?

It’s a healthy practice to keep checking for duplicates on your PC. Because not only it takes unnecessary space, but it’s a hell of a tiring job to look for them manually. So to keep yourself away from these annoying and tiring situations, you can always look for the Duplicate Files Finder tools. The internet is full of those apps that claim to be the best at what they offer.

So you need to explore every possible option thoroughly to land on the most reliable one. Also, it’s quite necessary to compare every possible alternative you think is matching with your preferred option as well. This is why we will be talking about the Duplicate Files Fixer (best in the business) along with two other best matches (Easy Duplicate Finder & Wise Duplicate Finder).

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Duplicate Files Fixer vs Easy Duplicate Finder vs Wise Duplicate Finder

List of Contents

  • A. Duplicate Files Fixer (Free; Premium $35.75)
  • B. Easy Duplicate Finder (Free; Premium $39.95)
  • C. Wise Duplicate Finder (Free; Premium $14.05)

Since we are talking about the top three duplicate file remover tools, it’s necessary to go through their detailed comparison. Doing so will give us an insight into all the features they hold and then we can make a well-thought decision. So without further ado, let’s start exploring the Duplicate Files Fixer tool:

A. Duplicate Files Fixer (Free; Premium $35.75)

Duplicate Files Fixer is one of the most powerful, reliable, & lightweight applications to get rid of duplicate files. Moreover, the simple user interface brings easiness while you are navigating through functions in the Duplicate Files Fixer tool. Developed by Tweaking Technologies, the tool has been designed to recover your storage space on the device & remove duplicate files effortlessly. Duplicate Files Fixer is an expert as long as it comes to identifying identical files & their contents (irrespective of the file name). And let’s not discuss looking for duplicate files manually because that will take you forever (irrespective of the device).

The unnecessary space recovery & clone cleaner ensures that all the duplicate files, including images & documents, have been deleted from the system. Doing so will give your system much more space than it had a while back and you will have no identical files on the system.

Though with a trial version (free), it has its limitations. So if you wish to switch to the premium version of the tool, it will cost you $35.75, however, it’s worth every penny from your pocket.

Click Here to Download Duplicate Files Fixer 

1. How to Use The Duplicate Files Fixer

Among all the rich features, you can expect from a duplicate file remover, Duplicate Files Fixer excels in all of them. Also, while the duplicate files will be getting removed from the system, they will start working more smoothly than ever before.

  • So to start using the Duplicate Files Fixer on your system, navigate yourself to the official website. Once landed on the page, click on Download (according to your device compatibility) & go ahead with the installation.
  • Post successfully installing the tool, you will see the below page on your device (on condition that you haven’t tweaked the default settings):

Activate Now - Duplicate File Fixer

  • As mentioned in the above screenshot, Duplicate Files Fixer will add all the default locations. However, if you wish to make any changes, you can do so either by using the drag & drop feature or simply tapping on the Add Folder option.
  • Once you have added all the locations/paths, you need to tap on Scan for Duplicates.

Duplicate Files Fixer

  • After all the files & folders have been scanned, the result of the duplicate files will be displayed in front of you.

Delete Marked Folders

  • As you can see, the above page holds many informative sections, including the percentage of duplicates every file type holds. Also, it shows the number of duplicate files as well so you get a better idea of how many identical files you have created (instead of having only one).
  • Now you need to select those duplicate files that you wish to remove from the computer (ideally all must be selected). You can see that for every file type, different headers have been made so you can tap on one that you wish to view before deleting duplicate files.
  • As soon as you will start selecting or marking duplicate items, below you will start seeing the space that you will retrieve. (post deleting these files).

Preview Detected Duplicate Files

  • On the condition that you have selected soon-to-be-deleted duplicate files, tap on Delete Marked. Depending on the size of the duplicate files, the tool will take its sweet time to remove all those files.

How to delete duplicate files

Remove duplicate data

  • Once all the duplicate files have been flushed away from the system, the tool will respond to you in the form of a notification.

form of a notification

2. Powerful Features on Duplicate Files Fixer Tool

As we have seen in the above section, using or accessing the Duplicate Files Fixer is quite easier, thanks to the simple user interface. Same way, it’s very easy & effortless to use all the features the tool offers to the users. From letting you add locations to remove the specific parts & review files before deletion, everything is seamless. Among those rich features Duplicate Files Fixer offers, they are mentioned as below:


Drag & Drop Feature
Backup Before File Deletion
Folder Exclusion
External Device Support
Accurate Results
Use Filters to Narrow Down Results
Clean Unnecessary Files
Duplicate Files Auto-Marking
Multiple Language Support
Different Devices Compatibility

3. Duplicate Files Fixer (Pros & Cons)


Fully Compatible With Mac, Windows, & Android Devices.

Catchy & Easy to Navigate Interface.

Auto-Marking Duplicate Files.

Preview Feature Before Deleting Files.

Quick Outcomes With Utmost Accuracy.


Trial Version Has its Limitations.

B. Easy Duplicate Finder (Free; Premium $39.95)

Just as the same suggests, Easy Duplicate Finder is among the topmost tools to identify duplicate files & remove them seamlessly. Easy Duplicate Finder claims to be the fastest & safest duplicate files removing tool. The tool comes with a catchy user interface with many features you will get your hands on. Also, don’t forget about those constant updates that make this tool one of the most advanced clone cleaners on the market. Currently, Easy Duplicate Finder is giving you the liberty to use different editions (EDF 5 & EDF 7) in a single device. This means you can easily switch between both the Easy Duplicate Finder editions & use whichever version works more accurately for you. Since here we would be exploring the latest version of the Easy Duplicate Finder, Easy Duplicate Finder 7 awaits.

Easy Duplicate Finder
Image source:

Though the initial version to identify & remove duplicate files come for FREE, however, the premium version offers you other rich features. Also, there wouldn’t be any limitations on the number of files you can delete to recover the storage space back. So it’s always recommended to start with the trial version & opt for premium if you like the duplicate file remover tool.

Click Here to Download Easy Duplicate Finder

1. How to Use The Easy Duplicate Finder

To use & explore one of the best duplicate file remover tools, you need to make your way to the Easy Duplicate Finder’s official website. Once landed on the page, select the device you own (Windows or Mac) & download the latest version accordingly. Let the downloading process complete & once it’s finished, follow the prompts for successful installation of the Easy Duplicate Finder.

  • Considering that the above process has been completed, you will have the Easy Duplicate Finder launched in front of you.

How to Use The Easy Duplicate Finder

  • Here you can go ahead with your preferred option as we are opting for the Start Scan

Find duplicate files

  • There are filters that have been designed to give you the most narrowed down results & this is why we will need to choose between Easy & Advanced scan type.

Please know that no matter whichever type of scan you choose, your to-be-deleted-files will have an option to get reviewed first.

  • After you have chosen the scanning type, tap on Start Scan, and the scanning process will start to identify duplicate files.
  • Depending on the size of the drive, Easy Duplicate Finder will take its time to look for those identical files (you can look at the % circle on the scanning screen).

Scans for duplicate files

  • Once the scanning has been completed, the results will be displayed in front of you those will require your immediate attention.
  • You will be surprised to know after looking at the potentials duplicate files on your system. However, all the file types will be categorized in different sections to go through separately.

Scan complete

  • Here you can either go with the Auto Remove option to delete duplicate files from the system without manual efforts. Or else, you can simply tap on Manual Review where after reviewing them, you can decide on either removing or keeping those duplicate files.
  • Also, you can tap on the Open Assistant option that will let you choose among different duplicate files to keep (oldest, newest, original). After choosing your preferred option from the Assistant, you can go ahead with tapping on Auto Remove and let the tool do its job.
  • Or You can tap on Manual Review first to go through those identified duplicate files, just to be sure. Also after landing on the Resolve Duplicates page, there are so many options you can explore to make necessary changes in the oldest duplicate files as well as the newest ones.
  • In case you want to go through the duplicate files on a file type basis, do so by tapping onto the file type category on the top (default type is All Files).

Resolve duplicate

  • After you have been through the identified duplicate files & made your decision to delete them, tap on the Delete logo & go ahead with pressing Continue.
  • However, if you still wish to go with the Auto Remove option, go back a few steps & tap on Auto Remove to let the tool take care of all those duplicate files.
  • The next step would be to choose between the two most important sections (move files to the Recycle Bin or delete them permanently).
  • Choose accordingly and the Auto Remove option will analyze every possible duplicate file to show them in Red color.
  • Here you need to tap on the Delete logo and within a while, the Easy Duplicate Finder will remove all the possible duplicate files from the system.

Clear duplicate files

2. Features on The Easy Duplicate Finder Tool

Easy Duplicate Finder is one of the powerful tools when it comes to identifying & removing duplicate files. So the whole process of reaching the best app level, there must have been a combination of rich features. Those power-packed features are mentioned below to give you a glimpse of what the duplicate file remover holds:


Quick Scanning

Duplicate Files Management

macOS & Big Sue Compatibility

Graphical Explanation For Duplicate Files

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3. Easy Duplicate Finder (Pros & Cons)


Safest & fastest way to identify duplicate files.

Reduces Memory Consumption.

User Can Access Two Versions on Single PC.

Fully Compatibility With Windows & macOS.


A bit Complicated For New Users.

Too Many Steps to Go Through.

C. Wise Duplicate Finder (Free; Premium $14.05)

Simply one of the best duplicate files management tools that can help you get rid of identical files in just a click. There are so many filters you can choose from and all of them start narrowing down your results to the most accurate ones. Doing so will help you recover the annoying identical or clone files to free up space on the hard drives. This will eventually boost up the PC performance because every unneeded file (duplicate) has been removed from the system.

Wise Duplicate Finder
Image source:

As all of us access the internet, we end up downloading all types of files (images, video clips, music tracks, & documents). Unintentionally or intentionally, many of these files get downloaded twice or thrice with different file names. And if these things happen too often, you can only imagine the pile of unnecessary files stored on the device. This is why, before these files start troubling you in annoying or irreparable ways, go to the duplicate files remover tools like Wise Duplicate Finder. Without a doubt, one of the top-notch software when we start looking for the best duplicate files remover.

Click Here to Download Wise Duplicate Finder

1. How to Use The Wise Duplicate Finder

Now, to access the Wise Duplicate Finder, you need to navigate yourself to the official webpage. Here you need to tap on Free Download & go through the installation process to complete the whole process. After the successful installation, the tool will launch automatically on your system screen.

How to Use The Wise Duplicate Finder

A quite simple user interface with utmost effectiveness, Wise Duplicate Finder will take you back in time.

  • On the Wise Duplicate Finder homepage, you need to tap onto the folder icon under the Locations section.

Delete duplicates using Wise Duplicate Finder

  • Here you will be selecting or narrowing down the locations (internal or external) that you wish to scan for duplicate files.
  • After selecting those locations, tap on OK, and the location will be added to the Wise Duplicate Finder tool.

Remove duplicates using Wise Duplicate Finder

  • Now the next step would be setting up the value for the level of duplication among different options (Match Name and Size, Partial Match, Exact Match, & 0 byte Files). After narrowing down the filtration level, you need to tap on Scan (top right side of the screen).

Clear duplicates using Wise Duplicate Finder

  • Once the scanning has been completed, the tool will display the duplicate items in front of you (according to the matching level you decided in the first place).

Wise Duplicate Finder scans done

  • Now it’s quite evident that tapping on each & every one of those results will take a lot of time so all you need to do is, tap on Invert Selection. Doing so will select all the mentioned duplicate files on the Wise Duplicate Finder tool & the Detele Selected option will be enabled.

Wise Duplicate Finder software

  • Go with the given prompts and soon you will have a system that has no duplicates on the device. Now tap on Clean & just like that the tool will delete all the selected files without failing.

Wise Duplicate Finder tool

  • Although Wise Duplicate Finder doesn’t have many things to look at, however, as long as it comes to removing duplicate files, it’s an effective tool.

2. Features on Wise Duplicate Finder Tool

We have talked about identifying & removing duplicate files in the above section so nothing will come as a surprise. However, some features will grab your attention and you would want to opt for the Wise Duplicate Finder.


Duplicate File Management Tool

Looks For Empty Files As Well

Backup And Restore Option

Simple User Interface & Utmost Results

3. Wise Duplicate Finder (Pros & Cons)


60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Easily Recover Mistakenly Deleted Files.

Auto & Manual Ways to Remove Files.

Multi-Language Support.

Continuous Updates & 24*7 Customer Support


Supports Only Windows OS.

Final Verdict

We have been through all 3 best duplicate file remover tools (Duplicate Files Fixer, Easy Duplicate Finder, & Wise Duplicate Finder). Wherein one might have utmost accuracy while looking for duplicate files. Other identical file removal tools might be a bit cheaper or have something more valuable for users. After going through all these 3 file removing tools, it’s been established that Duplicate Files Fixer is the best duplicate file removal tool for your PC.

From system compatibility to scanning types & user interface, everything is top-notch as long as it’s about removing duplicate files. Also, let’s not forget about undoing your action of deleting files mistakenly as well as creating a backup before deleting them permanently.

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