10 Best Widgets for macOS Big Sur

10 Best Widgets for macOS Big Sur

Since 2014 Mac has had widgets but they had their own share of problems. With limited functionalities and unsatisfactory experience, that time widgets were not making sense. But now things have changed, so let us enter the world of best and flawless widgets for macOS Big Sur.

If you are still using an older version of macOS, update your Mac to Big Sur and experience a whole new world of customization with the best widgets for macOS Big Sur. I understand due to the fear of battery drain, you might have not updated to macOS Big Sur. But don’t you worry, we have a widget for checking battery percentage also.

With that said, let us learn more about the best widgets for macOS Big Sur, how to display them, and manage widgets.

Best Widgets for macOS Big Sur:

List of Contents

  • 1. Bigin by Zoho CRM
  • 2. Screen Time
  • 3. WaterMinder
  • 4. Fantastical
  • 5. Things 3
  • 6. AirBuddy 2
  • 7. Scriptable
  • 8. Smart Task
  • 9. Music Harbor
  • 10. Exchange Rates 3
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Bigin by Zoho CRM

Bigin by Zoho CRM

Category: Productivity

Price: Free ( Express – Monthly (1 User) $8.99)

Download: Click Here

If you are looking for a CRM with maximum results and minimum efforts Zoho’s Bigin CRM is the right widget for your macOS Big Sur. Using this small business CRM, you can keep up to speed throughout the day, set reminders, create new activities, plan your day, and do a lot more. This best widget of macOS Big Sur lets you view tasks, calls, and events. Having one widget is better than having several to manage tasks. I prefer it this way. However, if you are looking for a separate widget just for tasks can try Things 3 listed below.

2. Screen Time

Screen Time

Category: Productivity

Pre-installed on Mac

This widget comes pre-installed, and it is a must-have widget for everyone. Screen Time makes you aware of the time spent on each app, total screen time, etc. Available in all sizes, this best widget for macOS Big Sur is appealing and it shows time spent in different forms. If you use the small one, you see a line graph, the medium shows a line graph, ads while the large one shows them into different categories. So, if you are looking for something that will help keep a tab of the time spent, nothing can be better than Screen time.

3. WaterMinder


Category: Health and Fitness

Price: $2.99

DownloadClick Here

Due to our busy schedules, we forget to keep ourselves hydrated. But with WaterMinder the third-party widget for macOS Big Sur, you can stay hydrated. This widget comes with different visual representations and looks interesting to know our hydration status. Available in small, medium, and large this water reminder widget for macOS Big Sur is interesting.

4. Fantastical


Category: Productivity

Free Offers In-App Purchases

Download: Click Here

Fantastical is a professional calendar app that comes with powerful features. This award-winning widget is the best calendar management widget. Using it, you can view a complete calendar with day, week, month, and year. Also, you get a small menu to manage time zones, window access, and more. A good alternative to the Calendar app, Fantastical comes with maximum customization features.

5. Things 3

Things 3

Category – Productivity

Price- $49.99

Download: Click Here

This to-do list widget for macOS Big Sur is my all-time favorite. Using it, you can customize your widgets, view to-do lists within the app, and do a lot more. This best macOS Big Sur widget allows adding several to-do lists on your Mac. Things3 allows you to create to-do lists, create areas for each sphere of life and do a lot more.

6. AirBuddy 2

AirBuddy 2

Category: Utility

Price: $9.99

Download – Click here

Knowing Mac users face battery issues, sadly Apple did not make a battery widget. Though iPhone users can find one, but not Mac users. If you use AirPods with your Mac this best macOS Big Sur widget called AirBuddy 2 will make life easy. The widget looks similar to the one you find on iPhone and it offers all the information you need including Mac battery life. This widget helps know when it is time to charge AirPods.

7. Scriptable


Category: Productivity

Price: Free

Download: Click Here

Every day a new widget better than the previous one gets into the market, this creates confusion. If you too find yourself in this mess, try to code your widget with scriptable. This amazing macOS Big Sur widget is the right tool for those who know to code, at first it looks overwhelming but as you get used to it, Scriptable becomes easy to use.

8. Smart Task

Smart Task

Category- Productivity

Free Offers In-App Purchases

Download: Click Here

Another to-do list widget for macOS Big Sur is SmartTasks. It offers a bunch of well-designed widgets and is a freemium app. Using SmartTasks, you can add widgets to view category-wise, also you get handy widgets to see daily tasks. The app is free to download, it allows iCloud sync, shows reminders in tasks, daily, weekly and after completion score, and beyond. You can use this best macOS Big Sur widget to create shortcuts, drag and drop multiple task files and do a lot more.

9. Music Harbor

Music Harbor

Category- Music

Price- Free

Download- Click Here

Are you a music lover? Here you go, we have something for you too. Using Music Harbor, you can keep with the latest as well as upcoming releases. The app offers a widget to show the latest releases, upcoming music and more. If you follow several artists, using this best macOS widget you can keep track of everything and see what’s coming next. This is a must-have widget for music lovers.

10. Exchange Rates 3

Exchange Rates 3

Category: Finance

Price: $2.99

Download- Click Here

Crucial for business professionals, marketers, Exchange Rate 3 is the easiest way to convert currency. This macOS Big Sur widget supports all important currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. The currency conversion you see is in real-time. This widget also works in offline mode, which means even when the connection drops you can still use it. Note: Exchange 3 will only help know the currency conversion rate, you cannot trade using it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):


How to display widgets on macOS Big Sur?

To view the widgets, click the date at the top right of the screen and that’s it.



How to manage your widgets

To manage widgets, open the notification center.

Click the “Edit widgets” button at the bottom. You will now see a list of available widgets displayed in the center. From the left side, you can search or filter widgets by the app.



How to add a new widget

To add a new widget, click the + button or preview the widget you like to add and get it added to the notification center.


Tip: The small symbols    allow toggling the preview of the widget in its different sizes. Also, when in edit mode you can customize some widgets.

Wrap Up

With this, we come to the end of the list of best widgets for macOS Big Sur. We hope now you know everything about the new widgets and will use them to use macOS Big Sur more efficiently. If you are looking for a widget for anything specific do let us know in the comments section. We will share the same with you.

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