How to Update macOS Catalina to macOS Big Sur

How to Update macOS Catalina to macOS Big Sur

Be it your comfort zone or tech limitations, there are many users who are still working on the macOS Catalina. Since every update brings new updates like bug fixes, system customizations, & personalizations, the macOS version 11 (macOS Big Sur) is worth exploring. From various color combinations to simplest user interface, everything is exciting with the macOS Big Sur.

Just like the iOS14 update that has brought many transforming updates including App Clips, PIP mode, & screen widgets. Same way, while accessing the macOS Big Sur, you will know how many useful features you are missing while unable to use the same. So in case you are still working on the macOS Catalina, check out the ways to upgrade to Big Sur as well as update macOS Catalina.

Is Your Mac Compatible With macOS Big Sur Update?

Since the macOS Big Sur update has been released for quite some time now, users are going gaga over it. However, please know that upgrading to Big Sur isn’t available for everyone of those users. The compatibility issue of the macOS Big Sur update will fully depend on your computer.

So if you do not have those mac computer versions, the only option you have is to buy a new Mac. You can check out the list of the macOS Big Sur update compatible mac versions to know if yours is listed here or not.

Things to Consider Before Updating macos catalina to macOS Big Sur

Sometimes it’s better not to upgrade to the latest version for mac right away as there are a few things that need to be taken care of. Since every one of us wants to have a seamless & smooth transition of the macOS Big Sur update, let’s start considering few of the things as mentioned below:

1. One of the first things before going ahead with the upgrade to macOS Big Sur is backing up your system. All you need to have is the Time Machine & an external hard drive and in a few minutes, you will be able to backup your mac.

Update macOS Catalina

2. Another thing to consider is using the First Aid feature from the Disk Utility app on the mac. You need to start with launching the Disk Utility app on the system & navigate yourself to the First Aid option to look for the errors on the disk. Hopefully the disk doesn’t show any errors while using the Disk Utility app so that the whole transition can be easy for you.

macos catalina update

3. Cleaning out the junk or unnecessary items from the mac is extremely important as there are plenty of them on your device. So please delete all those items from the mac to have a smooth transition for the macOS Big Sur update.

How to Update macOS Catalina

Normally, whenever the new system update releases, the system will show the same automatically as a notification. And that’s your hint to go ahead with the update where you need to tap on the notification & click on Install Now option.

Upgrade to macOS Big Sur
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However, there are times when you either miss out on those new system updates or are waiting for the reviews from users. Either way, after making the decision of going ahead with the macOS Big Sur update, navigate yourself to the System Preferences > Software Update > Upgrade Now.

macos big sur update

Now if you are one of those users who didn’t get a chance to tap on the macOS Big Sur update notification or use the above mentioned path, you can use another option as well. All you need to do is, visit the Apple official website (macOS Big Sur) & download the latest macOS update from the same platform.

Please know that the macOS Big Sur update is a bit over 12 GB, it will take some time for the update to get downloaded. Once the whole “upgrade to macOS Big Sur” file has been downloaded, your mac will start the installation process by launching the installer automatically. The next steps wouldn’t require anything specific from users end as all they need to do is follow the instructions through the installation process. And within a while, the macOS Big Sur update will be installed on the system successfully. The average time it takes to update macOS Catalina to the macOS Big Sur is about 30 minutes so please be prepared to have patience for that much time.

Get Exciting Features With The macOS Big Sur Update

Each & every update on different devices brings many features to explore and at the same time, instant bugs as well. For example, the macOS Big Sur update that brings many features from user interface to exciting features that can give your system a whole new makeover. I strongly believe that once you are all set with this macOS Big Sur upgrade, you yourself will know that the experience cannot be described in words. So without further ado, check if your mac comes under the list of the compatible macbook versions, & if yes then download the macOS Big Sur installation files right away.

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