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Best Weather Apps for iPhone In 2021
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Best Weather Apps for iPhone In 2021

People living in the mountains, seashore, or any other regions where the weather is unpredictable do need accurate weather predictions to save them any hassle. Also, if you are planning to take a trip out of the town, it is better to equip yourself with a weather app. Here we have accumulated a list of the best Weather Apps for iPhone.

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Best Weather Apps for iPhone:

1. MyRadar Weather Radar:

MyRadar Weather Radar

The first app on our list of Best Weather apps for iPhone is MyRadar Weather App. MyRadar weather app is the most trusted application for weather predictions and forecasts around the world for iPhone users. MyRadar is a free weather app for the iPhone. It provides fast HD weather updates with an intuitive interface. It also features push notification for iWatch to keep you noted about the probable weather changes in your area.

MyRadar is one of the best Free Weather Apps for the iPhone. It has over 50 Million downloads on the App Store.


  • Intuitive HD Interface.
  • Standard Pinch to Zoom capability to make it user-friendly.
  • Automatic Pre-Alerts before the weather changes.
  • Amazing Graphics.
  • free

Download: MyRadar Weather Radar

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2.  Weather Forecast:

Weather Forecast

If you are a minimalist and don’t require too much animation and that sort of things but just require a simple app that can provide you with an accurate weather forecast before you head to your neighboring city or to mountains for your next vacation, Weather Forecast is for you the best weather app for iPhone available in the market. It is a free to use app and has all the features that a general user would require and is another one on the list of best free weather apps for iPhone.


  • Gives you hourly, daily, and weekly Forecast.
  • Gives the detailed report about weather, pressure, visibility, etc.
  • It gives you the accurate weather forecast for more than 20 countries around the world.
  • Regular & automatic alerts on rain and storm.

Download: Weather Forecast



This is the kind of application that you would generally see people using in movies. provides 40+ weather maps and detailed reports about the weather time, intensity, etc. This app is widely used by professionals and sports enthusiasts such as paragliders, skydivers, kiters, etc. No matter what detail you want about the weather, has it. It has a great user interface. It is a free to use app available in the market. If you want advanced information about the weather with wind direction, intensity, probable weather conditions, approaching storms, etc., is the best weather app for iPhone available for you.


  • Uses the world’s leading weather forecasting models to provide the accurate data.
  • Used by professional skydivers and paragliders.
  • 40+ Weather Maps to help you decide.


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4.  Weather Bug:

Weather Bug

Another great app is Weather Bug on our list of the best weather apps for iOS. Weather Bug, in addition to providing hourly and daily forecasts, also provides the weather forecasts for 10-days. This feature comes in handy especially when you are planning a trip to a different city altogether. It also provides some really cool information which isn’t available with its competitors like the info about the lightning strikes in 10-mile radius. The one feature that I liked was the information about the road situation that you may face like traffic jams and water over flow etc. With all these amazing features, it definitely deserves to be on our list of the best weather apps for iPhone.


  • Free to use app
  • Customizable data like distance and intensity.
  • Road Situation Information according to different weather.
  • Supports multiple languages.

Download for iPhone: Weather Bug

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5. The Weather Channel:

Weather Channel

From the list of Best weather apps for iPhone, The Weather Channel App is the only News Channel related app. The Weather Channel is a weather tracker app by IBM business. Users can track air pollution, sweat index, and all other weather-related news available through the application. For all the news lovers and the people who want detailed information from a professional rather than interpreting it from the application, The Weather Channel is the best weather app for the iPhone.


  • Alerts about the latest weather changes in your area.
  • Detailed GPS and Live data on tides.
  • The Weather Channel app provides the weather forecast for 15-days.

Download: The Weather Channel

These are all the amazing and the best weather apps for iOS/iPhone available in the market. Do let us know how you liked the information; we love hearing from you.

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  1. Chris Smith

    That's a nice collection of apps, is there anyone that works best offline in woods?

  2. mariya jonsan

    Weather Forecast is one of the best as i am using it and get perfect weather information .

  3. Gajendra singh

    I am using Myradar and its the best

  4. Jackie

    Weather Bug is my favorite to use. I will try the others too.

  5. James

    Does these best weather apps for iPhone show correct Indian data.

  6. Mansi Vijay

    I think Weather Forecast is the best app for checking the weather forecasts and other climate details on iPhone!

  7. Matthew

    MyRadar is great and intuitive.. Loved the app to the core

  8. Sagar Kapoor

    Hey Matthew, MyRadar truly is the master of all apps when it comes to weather apps for iPhone

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