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Best Currency Converter Apps For Android and iPhone
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Best Currency Converter Apps For Android and iPhone

From traveling abroad to just finish up the curiosity of how your country currency is performing, currency conversion helps us big time. Visiting various regions with different currencies, it becomes very troublesome to switch your mind among all these conversions.

Best Currency Converter

No matter how much any currency converter app claims about being accurate, there will be questions around it displaying the most updated currency value. We all should thank the advanced technology because of which we can get to know the updated currency value in no time. Let’s find out those money converters or currency converters compatible with AndroidOS as well as iOS:

Best Currency Converter Apps for Android and iPhone in 2020

1. XE Currency Converter

Without any second thought, I believe XE Currency Converter is the best money converter a user can ask for. From the simplest user interface to the most updated value of the currency, XE is extremely handy for frequent travelers & business people.

XE Currency Converter

The combination of blue & white, XE currency converter also shows the updated rates of precious metals. Because of the transforming economies all around the world, it’s hard to be on the top to provide the most accurate value of the converted currency & XE does it so easily. It also has an in-built calculator to help you out in indefinite situations.

Check out the best money converter, XE currency converter for AndroidOS as well as iOS.

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2. Easy Currency Converter

As the name suggests, another addition to the list is as easy as it sounds. Bundled with advanced features, this currency converter has a lot of offer to its users. From finding & exchanging currencies of more than 180 countries, it also holds info about 4 precious metals.

Easy Currency Converter

The most important aspect of any app is to let you customize it according to how the user wants and that’s how it raises the bar. Easy Currency Converter does the same & it lets you create a list on your own where you can add important ones you want. The money converter helps you with the historical data from 1 day to 10 years of the country’s currency. That’s impressive.

Download the powerful money converter, Easy Currency Converter here: AndroidOS / iOS

3. Currency Converter Plus

One of the easiest & most user-friendly platforms for global exchange rates, Currency Converter Plus has been developed by Fraction Calculator Plus makers. This converter helps you with getting the best deal at today’s rate so that no one can fool you irrespective of which country you are traveling to.

Currency Converter Plus

From historic charts to built-in calculators, & price comparisons to multiple currency fields, Currency Converter Plus is a proven money converter among best ones. The platform uses live exchange rates from AccuRate™ that provides the most accurate rates available in the world.

Download the you-can-use-it-offline-also money converter for AndroidOS & iOS here.

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4. Currency Converter – xCurrency

xCurrency is one of the most advanced & popularly rated currency converters on the App Store. A perfect combination of simple, powerful, & smart currency converter, the list couldn’t have picked better than this one.

Currency Converter - xCurrency

Since we are talking about currency converters, few features are the same as other ones including historical data trends, easy to use, built-in calculator, & real-time rate. One thing that makes it taller than the other mentioned ones is that it’s Ads free.

Start using the Ads Free money converter for AndroidOS as well as iOS for FREE.

5. Unit Converter – Best Unit App

One more addition to the list of compatible money converters for Android as well as iOS, Unit Converter is the FREE version Units Plus Converter. Apart from converting the real time currency values, the app also converts metric, weight, length, area, fuel, mileage, power, time, pressure, speed, temperature, volume, data.

Unit Converter

Among 155 country’s currencies listing, the app deals in displaying the LIVE Currency Updates for all major currencies in the world. In the Unit Converter app, the currency exchange rates are downloaded every 24 hours when the app is open.

Download the Unit Converter app on your respective AndroidOS & iOS platform devices.

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6. iMoney · Currency Converter

With more than 170 country’s currencies enlisted with real time exchanges rating, iMoney is absolutely free to use. iMoney lets you compare and calculate currency rates among 5 currencies at once with efficient & accurate results. The app updates the currency rates on hourly basis to keep itself up to date.



iMoney helps with more than 170 country’s currencies that include the most frequent ones. Few other features that iMoney offers include exchange rate calculation history, custom currency, and precious metal price conversion, and other advanced features.

Check out the most advanced money converter app on your Android & iOS devices for FREE.

Wrapping Up

The list is limited because we mentioned only the ones that are compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. Above are the best alternatives you can ask for while searching for best currency converters or money converters.

Do let us know your experiences after using any of them or help with the one you are using that’s compatible with both Android & iOS devices.

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