15 KissAnime Alternatives 2024| Best Websites like kissanime

Let’s Explore The Anime World Easier Than Ever

15 KissAnime Alternatives 2024| Best Websites like kissanime

The Japanese animation or Anime is the perfect combination of hard-work and digitalization. We all wonderfully watch almost everything when it comes to animation and we surely love it.

With every new Anime show or series, the storyline, as well as the quality, gets better and better. KissAnime is one of the widely used and popular sites that lets you watch these astounding Anime content for both desktop and mobile devices. But what happens when you have more to watch with fewer sources? This results in using a single platform that goes down due to heavy use and we can’t enjoy as we expected.

That’s why we have brought you the best KissAnime alternatives that will give you a great visual experience. Let’s look at the Anime sites like KissAnime and enjoy the uninterrupted service:

Here Are the best KissAnime Alternatives Sites 2024

1. AnimeFreak

The topmost alternative to KissAnime is AnimeFreak that is quite similar when it comes to the latest shows or organizing everything into categories. AnimeFreak lets you browse through many filters that literally narrows down your search. All you need to do is “Register” on the platform and you are all set to watch the Anime series.


One of the most popular Anime-content-streaming-sites, AnimeFreak lets you watch stuff even if you haven’t registered on the website at all. Isn’t it amazing!! Once you start watching something, there is an option to follow the series so that you won’t miss out on any of the episodes from the series.

Without delay, click on the link and explore this one of the best alternatives to KissAnime here.

2. Crunchyroll

Fans who love to watch Anime series are quite familiar with Crunchyroll, which is also one of the top streamed websites in the world. Quality and language are the only things that matter while watching visual content and Crunchyroll has mastered both of them.


The platform does support 720p for you to have a well-viewed experience as well as it supports English dubbed as well as subtitle embedded episodes that literally diminishes the language barriers while watching the series. Unlike AnimeFreak, Crunchyroll asks you to register on the website prior to exploring it thoroughly.

3. Anime-Planet

A bit different with additional features, Anime-Planet addition makes the list perfect. The website has a simple user-interface and quick categories to give you what you need in no-time. You can create your own list of series to be watched and start streaming once you are all set to watch it.


While the content is more, everyone wants to filter out in such that they can find everything at a single place and the users get it here. An interesting addition to the website is that it has a review platform for every show that you watch or stream. So anything you are watching, give your reviews then & there only so that they can improve (if they can).

Go ahead and visit the KissAnime alternative that is worth using.

4. AnimeLab

The enlisting of the websites in this article will have “best websites” many times and trust me, they are better than the other with new additions. The legal platform is a bundle of different categories with different genres. AnimeLab is kind of a library that has everything.


Unlike the above KissAnime alternatives, AnimeLab gives you a bit of information about the series you are going to watch. Just hover on the thumbnail and there it is with info if it’s been dubbed or has subtitles. I find it very helpful. Just click on the signup page and start using one of the best anime sites like KissAnime.

Compatible with almost all the devices, AnimeLab is waiting for you here.

5. 9Anime

One of the platforms that let you stream the Anime content in HD as well as English. Clearing out the language barrier is something that has boosted the fans of Anime all over the world. The easiest filters to narrow down your search, 9Anime is doing actually great with the last updated, newest ones, and you can also customize the filters.


All you need to do is, write-in the name of the series if you know it or else check the above FastMenu options and start watching.

Interestingly, 9Anime also has a switch that will bring in the dark mode and vice versa. You can search for the series on A-to-Z basis and that will surely add new series to your list.

Go ahead and click on one of the wonderful Anime sites like KissAnime here.

6. AnimeFrenzy

Another website, AnimeFrenzy has plenty of Anime content, gets updated every day, as well as has the latest updated shows to be watched. One of the most interesting things with AnimeFrenzy is that the website also has American shows on the list and that makes you use it more often.


Alike other platforms, AnimeFrenzy also has FastMenu options that sort out content for you according to your command. And if you aren’t sure what to watch, click on the Random button and start watching whatever is in front of you. Every time you tap on Random, it will give you a different series or show. Isn’t it cool!!

Visit AnimeFrenzy and start streaming your favorite Anime series just like on KissAnime.

7. Netflix

I don’t think any of us has ever heard of it before as it literally is a big pool of content that also has Anime series section. If you love to watch anything & everything about movies or shows or web series, Netflix is the service of choice for them.


All you could watch on Netflix is unlimited and every time you refresh the page, there is a new video to be streamed. Nothing is enough with Netflix and we love it. All you need to do is check out the plans, opt for one, and start streaming.

At the start, you can also cancel the subscription any time before the renewal date and get your refund.

Explore the sea of visual content with worldwide fans, Netflix here.

8. GoGoAnime

I was waiting for this addition to come into the list as it gives you the option to change the resolution of the video whatever you want. An Anime site like KissAnime, GoGoAnime gives you the most updated and latest series as well as movies to be watched for free.


The name of the website couldn’t be more matching with the services it provides. In order to make your experience better, GoGoAnime has a segment where all the available Anime content has been sorted out alphabetically. This platform lets you download the videos for the future also. It’s very cool if you the internet for a limited time period.

Explore the KissAnime alternative GoGoAnime here and start exploring the Anime world.

9. Masterani

A simple yet effective platform filled with Anime movies and series, Masterani does stand out in the crowd. This alternative to KissAnime has been designed by keeping the point in mind that what if the audience is from another region. That is why every single video content on this website is dubbed in English.


Masterani has more Anime content than you can watch, and you have the access to watch any of it from anywhere in the whole world. Like other websites, you can filter out the movies or series by using different filters.

So without further ado, start using one of the easiest to use websites, Masterani here.

10. Chia-Anime

A bit later but the list wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Chia-Anime. An Anime site like KissAnime, Chia-Anime is accessible all over the world and that means the shows are dubbed in the English language. A bit of the catch is that in-between loading a video, you will experience a few ads but that’s okay. Just seek the outcome.


So if you are a die-hard fan of Anime as well as Manga, the platform has been created for you. You can use this KissAnime alternative and start sorting out the shows you like according to various filters given. Additionally, you also can download videos to watch later!

Click on the link and start exploring an alternative to KissAnime, Chia-Anime here.

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11. A2zAnime

Sometimes, all you need is the name and it speaks for itself. A2zAnime is one of those KissAnime alternatives that doesn’t require an intro for Anime lovers. From as low as 360p to as higher as 1080p, you can stream the videos with the resolution you like.


This ad-free and the subscription-free website doesn’t bother you with anything additional. All you need to do is, click on the show you want to watch with the video resolution and you are all set to experience like never before. One of the USP of this website is it lets you share the videos on different platforms.

Without a doubt, the most wonderful KissAnime alternative, A2zAnime is here to explore.

12. AnimeLand

Just like the above ones, AnimeLand also doesn’t need any intro as it’s quite popular among Anime fans. One of the nearest alternatives to KissAnime that lets you download & watch the content without even registering. Letting you watch anything without registration is quite common in some of the above KissAnime alternatives.


AnimeLand brings you the shows, series, and movies dubbed in the English language that helps us understand the story better with mind-blowing graphics. This website is also a free-to-use website like KissAnime that makes it one of the best ones in the list.

Tap here and start exploring the different categories of AnimeLand.

13. Animesim

To be true, with every addition the list is getting better & better with different options. Another Anime site like KissAnime that lets you stream the Anime shows and movies for free. Similar to the above additions, Animesim also lets you download videos according to the resolution you think, fits for you.


The Homepage of the KissAnime alternative, Animesim gives you the list of the most updated and latest content you’d love to watch. Leaving the language barriers aside, this website also has the English language dubbed videos you can stream freely.

14. Anime Karma

Without a doubt, another website like KissAnime, Anime Karma gives you a hell lot of stuff you can stream on your desktop or mobile devices. Starting from the top-rated to the latest telecasted Anime content is on the website for the viewers to watch.

Anime Karma

Sorting out from genres to the release year, this website is amazingly easy to filter out your favorite shows. A perfect combination of American cartoons to the Anime world, you can watch anything in here without making any efforts. All you need is a bucket of your favorite snacks and you are all set to enjoy to the utmost.

Start streaming online on the KissAnime alternative Anime Karma here.

15. Animedao

Last but not least, Animedao is another platform that gives you the Anime content to spend some quality time. The combination of all the completed and currently telecasted shows and movies can be found here with good quality resolution.


Animedao is a sea of Anime videos or movies that is quite a treat to all the fans all over the world. You can also request any movie or series that isn’t on the website and you still want to watch.

Wrapping Up

With more than 100s of websites all around the world, above enlisting is the best combo of free-to-use, reliable, content, best quality, and video resolution. Go through all of them and go for the best KissAnime alternative that suits your needs. Don’t forget to share your experiences once you use any of the platforms above.

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