Best Alternatives to Google Authenticator – 2024

Best Alternatives to Google Authenticator – 2024

Google Authenticator is not a new word for us! After all, this app prevents unauthorized login attempts with the help of two step verification process. But let me tell you guys, despite having so much popularity, this app lacks some strong features. Honestly, this app will not verify your identity when you launch Google authenticator and every code is visible in an easy manner.

Google Authenticator

In addition to this some of our users have reported instances when they want to transfer this authenticator to a new phone, this app doesn’t support it. Now Onwards drop all your worries and go through this blog to get the best alternative to Google Authenticators that you can use. 

Smart Alternatives to Google Authenticator

1. Authy


Authy is considered as the best alternative to Google Authenticator that offers chrome apps and other browser extensions that help to access the accounts effortlessly. Authy has another great feature – cloud backup that helps to encrypt information that you have stored on the cloud. So if you are planning to change your phone or willing to wipe the device information, go ahead as its encryption feature has your back. 

Another smart feature of Authy is its multimedia synchronization that adds devices to your account for further synchronization. You will also adore its secure offline tokens to authenticate on airplane mode. 

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2. Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is the next app to become an alternative to Google authenticator. To proceed with this app make sure to use your password for signing in on your Microsoft account and approve notification on your phone. You will get access of all Microsoft products such as Drive, Outlook and more.

In this application, you can add multiple accounts and even social networks too. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Dropbox and Amazon and so on. All you have to enable two- factor authentication and let this app do the rest work. 

Microsoft Authenticator is available on the Play Store; you can install it from here

3. LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator extends amazing two-factor authentication of all supported apps on your device. This amazing alternative is considered as a secure and safe app. This app enhances digital security by safeguarding your login setup on every installed application.  In addition to this, you can also resemble your device as a “trusted” to get rid of codes again and again.

Some other amazing features of this LastPass Authenticator are that it helps in generating 6 digit codes in every 30 seconds, so you don’t need to wait for a longer-term. Apart, it also comprises push notification, supports SMS codes, TOTP- compatible, adds multiple accounts, encrypted backup and so on.

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4. andOTP


We have another great pick for an alternative for Google Authenticator and that is andOTP. It inherits the open-source base and has amazing features that make it an ideal choice for its users. According to some of our users, this app helps in backing up code generators and sending them to the server. Oh! I forgot to mention, you can also use dark themes in this app. 

I am sure you too have a friend who can take your phone without your consent, right? But in and OTP you can lock secret codes in the blanket of a PIN and a password. Another highlighted feature of this app is its “Panic Trigger” This trigger helps you to reset the app to the default settings or it will delete your account. 

You can install this amazing app from the Play Store

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SAASPASS is the next and last pick to count on our list of alternatives to Google Authenticator. This app offers a perfect amalgam of security protection, password management and 2FA authentication in a single app. 

“Works perfectly! Very easy to use and free for personal use”- User

SAASPASS inherits almost 60,000 pre-configured websites and various services with AutoFill support. You will also encounter various authenticator codes with the option to share these codes across multiple devices. In addition to his, SAASPASS also offers a password generator feature that makes sure you have strong passwords. Some other amazing highlights are its ability to secure backup, autofill and recovery. 

You will get this smart alternative to Google Authenticator from the Play Store

Which App Will You Take?

That’s all folks! We have shared a list of the smart alternatives to Google Authenticator. Go ahead and pick any of the above-mentioned apps from the list. If you have any questions related to this article, let me know in the comment section below. 

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