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10 Best Games Like World of Warcraft in 2020

Every gamer knows about World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft is one of the best MMORPG games you can get. It has helped to define and shape MMORPG games category. If you want to play similar games like World of Warcraft then here we have listed some of the best games you can get. These games will provide you a different experience and will keep you entertained for a long period of time.

Best Games Like World of Warcraft You Can Play in 2020

1. Blade And Soul

Blade And Soul_Alternate to WarCraft

Blade and Soul is very similar to World of Warcraft. Playing Blade and Soul feels like playing World of Warcraft in many ways. It is also known as the Korean version of World of Warcraft as its visual and gameplay style is similar to World of Warcraft.

This game lets you choose a faction from the two factions called Crimson Legion and Cerulean Order.

Blades and Souls have a massive open world with different quests waiting to be completed. Blade and Soul is free to play with some paid elements. The paid elements will not affect gameplay.

Play Blade and Soul 


TERA is a free to play game from the manufacturers of famous battle Royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This game is inspired by World of Warcraft, but you will not feel the same playing this game.

TERA consist of over 80 zones which are very detailed and designed with great visuals. This game will make you feel that you are in a virtual world. TERA will let you choose from 13 different classes which have their own different skills.  You also get to choose from 7 different classes.

Tera also comes with PvP mode which makes it one of the best games like World of Warcraft.


3. Warframe

Warframe game will let you control warriors. These warriors are from ancient time and they are in a war against other warriors of other classes. This game is played with a third-person perspective and is a multiplayer online game.

This game uses a co-op function which makes this game more entertaining. This game also lets you choose from different characters who have their own unique abilities. This game has the potential to be an alternative to World of Warcraft.

Play Warframe 

4. Elder Scrolls Online


Elder Scrolls game is famous all over the world. Everybody knows the Elder Scrolls series, and the Elder Scrolls series is one of the best RPG game series you can get.

Elder Scrolls Online takes palace Tamriel which is a continent and, on this continent, will get to choose one faction from three options.

Elder Scrolls is a great alternative to World of Warcraft. There is lots of stuff to do in this game from which you will never get bored.

Play  Elder Scrolls Online from Steam

5. Rift



Rift Is filled with lots of features and tools, and it is a great alternative to World f Warcraft. This game is one of the biggest online multiplayer games as it contains all the aspects of an online multiplayer game.

This game also has two factions that are continuously in war with each other. You can join either side and help your faction to win the game. This game also has other features like resource gathering and character building which makes it more entertaining.

Play Rift

6. Path of Exile

Path of Exile is set in the open dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. Where players start on the path of the exile in which they encounter dungeons and monsters. This game has a strong PvP mode and has an online items economy. Players have to fight monsters and dark forces for which they can fight solo or they can join a team.

This game is free to play but players can spend money in order to gain an advantage.

Play Path of Exile

7. Age of Conan


Age of Conan is a game like World of Warcraft where players play the game in the fantasy world. It can be said that it is a direct rival of World of Warcraft. Players get to choose from different classes that have their unique abilities and traits. You will get to explore the massive world in which you have to complete different quests. You can also upgrade your character and its equipment which will help you to complete difficult quests.

Age of Conan will let you become a sorcerer or a stealthy assassin, and it depends upon how you play the game.

Play Age of Conan

8. Neverwinter

Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter is set in the vast fantasy world which is full of mystical creatures and magic. You will find good and bad forces clashing with each other in this mystical world. Dungeons & Dragons can be very immersive if you are a fan of the MMORPG game. Dungeons & Dragons are famous for their tabletop version where you and your friends can play together this game by storytelling.  You can experience this game on your console or your PC and this game can be the best alternative to World of Warcraft.

Play Neverwinter 

9. Skyforge


Skyforge is a great game and it is a sky-fi MMORPG game. You can choose different classes for your character which can also be changed later in the game. This game allows the players to get a different experience every time at every login. Players will have different quests to complete and increase their character’s stats.

This game is fun to play and has lots to offer.

Play Skyforge 

10. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the best Dragon Age game in the series. It is a great game in terms of storyline and gameplay. You will get to fight demons and explore the magic world in Dragon Age: Inquisition. You have to seal and secure the breaches in the universe which lets the demons to enter through.

In this game, you will get to forge new alliances, fight off demons, and recruit new friends in the process. Your main goal is to keep your world free from evil.

Play Dragon Age: Inquisition 

Best Games Like World of Warcraft You Can Play

If you are a fan of World of Warcraft, then transition to other games can be a difficult task. However, we have listed some games that will help you to replace World of Warcraft in no time.

Mentioned games are definitely worth a try, these games are similar to World of Warcraft.


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    Path Of Exiles is NOT a game like WoW. PoE is an ARPG like Diablo 3

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