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Step Into The Light: Best Free Flashlight Apps for Android

No matter how rarely I use it, it always works as a savior, without failing once. Probably one of the safest features a cellphone has these days that doesn’t harm you in any way. Flashlight. Yeah!! The flashlight’s been there in our phones no matter what iOS or Android version we are using and thanks to the mobile manufacturers for that.

Free Flashlight Apps
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Generally, all of us don’t go out of our way and find some new or third party flashlight app because we are happy with the in-built one already. We know what this useful and harmless app does and we don’t expect much more from it. However, there are a few of us who like to explore new options for flashlight apps for Android and they do find a few flashy ones. The deciding factor for them is to get it free because it isn’t something they should pay for. And they are correct.

Best Free Flashlight App for Android Here:

1. Color Flashlight

Though we get the flashlight app in our Android phones for free, however, sometimes we aren’t satisfied with that. Knowing that what a flashlight app does apart from torch up the area, it’s a bit strange, but hey, users know the best.

Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight is the most used yet free flashlight app for Android that topped the list. It’s a simple yet effective tool to turn your phone into a police or disco light, candle, or led banner.

So Click here, install, and use this simply amazing free Flashlight app for Android.

2. Flashlight – Classic

Just the word “classic” is enough to get your attention and excitement at the same time. The following app Flashlight – Classic is a beautiful and simple app that starts instantly and is very bright.

Flashlight - Classic

One of the most amazing things with this app is that you can keep using it even you minimize the app or the screen is turned off or locked. Isn’t it great? A lot of apps we use, the moment we minimize them, they shut off. Though there are in-app purchases, you can use the Flashlight app for free.

Don’t wait, tap, download, and install this free flashlight app for Android.

3. Flashlight

We cannot expect a bit weird or different name for Flashlight apps as all they do is, Flash to become a torch of our lives in the dark. This Flashlight app does the same as above ones do but you can adjust the light’s strobe or blinking mode by swiping left or right on the digital flashlight’s bezel.


As the above pic shows, the light is brightest. ultra to read books/paper, and us a savior to you in the dark while finding car keys and a pen.

So if you didn’t get one on the mobile device, download free Flashlight app (in-app purchases) and brighten up your home.

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4. Flashlight ☼

 The reason why we added ☼ at the end of the name of the app is that even if you lock your screen, the flashlight will work. A quite decent user interface and lightweight app, Flashlight ☼ does not ask for any personal information access and that gives credibility.

Flashlight 2

The free Flashlight app for Android is lightweight and this factor gives the app options to have a lot of widgets, theme styles, and colors. One of the great things is that the flashlight app auto turns off when you keep the phone in your pocket or close the lid.

Download this simplest looking and glitch-free app here and brighten up the dark.

5. Flashlight HD LED

I think for anything and everything, the name speaks for itself. The same has happened here when I saw the app name as “Flashlight HD LED”, all I needed was to have it on my phone and I did. Claimed as the brightest and most powerful light possible, this flashlight app for Android does meet the expectations.

Flashlight HD LED

Flashlight HD LED is one of the apps that is instantaneous, simple, and well-designed. One additional feature the app has that it uses your full screen as a color light lamp and that is hell lot brightness to light up a whole bog room.

Download and install this latest updated Flashlight app (3rd Feb 2020) from the Play Store now.

6. Tiny Flashlight + LED

Like the above-mentioned apps, Tiny Flashlight + LED is also a free, simple, and optimized flashlight app that blinks lights for you. It’s a popular flashlight app that offers a lot of features and comes with several effects. You can use the flashlight working for you even if your phone is locked.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight + LED does work with LED light and several screen modes. There are a few plugins (Strobe, Morse, and Blinking lights) that are free to use which make the app one of the best productivity tools for your device.

Why delay then? Let’s download and install this tiny but effective flashlight app for Android from google play store.

Wrapping Up

Though we know there are hell lot of flashlight apps on the Google Play Store, above we enlisted the best ones for you. All of the mentioned apps have two things in common and that is free and simple. So start exploring all of these and select the best one for you that meets your demand. Don’t forget to mention any of the flashlight apps you are already using (not mentioned above) and working out best for you.

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