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What Is Stock Android? What Are The Advantages of Stock Android Phones?
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What Is Stock Android? What Are The Advantages of Stock Android Phones?

Android is not a new term in the world of smartphones. It’s been 12 years since the first Android phone was launched by HTC Corporation. But, not everyone is aware of what is stock Android and other versions of Android smartphones.

what is stock Android

So through this article, we will help you to understand stock Android phones.

What is Stock Android

Stock Android mobiles are also known as pure Android phones. It is a bare–bones version of Android and doesn’t contain a UI layer or other modifications. In other words, it is the default OS version from the manufacturer, hence stock Android mobiles are the untouched version of Android smartphone.

Android is an open-source platform that’s why various mobile manufacturers are using their own personalized UI and apps in Android phones for better performance.

Stock Android mobiles
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But many mobile companies are now releasing stock Android phones as it has many advantages. If your smartphone didn’t come as pure Android phones, don’t worry you can get stock Android without rooting your device. But first, we will discuss the advantages of stock Android.

In this section, we will share some amazing advantages of stock Android that will drive you to get pure Android phones.

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Advantages of Stock Android

1. Stock Android Mobiles Offers Security Measures

Security is important when it comes to our smart devices. But most Android users have witnessed security issues at least once in their mobile phone journey. But, Google is faster with releasing security patches for pure Android phones as compared to modified versions. When any new security updates are released, the manufacturer starts customizing the updates. Due to this procedure, delay increases and so as the risk of users getting affected by security issues. It is advised to update Android phone time-to-time to stay away from security and malware issues.

2. Get Latest Updates On Pure Android Phones

Indeed, like security updates when you are using Pure Android Phones, chances are always high to get the latest updates from Google. You don’t need to wait for your phone manufacturer to reskin updates for your phone. If you are a stock Android mobile owner, cheers! Rest please waits in a queue!

3. More Storage Space and Better performance

When your phone is full of bloatware chances are high, that the performance and battery life can perceptibly slower, eat more memory and disk space. The modifies Android phone owns bloatware that slows down and interferes in the performance of your smart device.  And the bad news is you can’t always get rid of these bloatware apps. But when it comes to stock Android phones, there is nothing like third-party apps pr bloatware. You have enough storage space and there is no issue regarding performance. This is another good advantage of stock Android.

4. Reduced Duplication in Stock Android Mobiles

When you are using a different Android phone version, mobile manufacturers customize Android phones in their own way. For instance, Google offers Chrome but there are many manufacturers who initiate their own browser, that leads to useless clutter! There is no need for having such duplications on Android phones.

Some other advantages of pure Android phones are:

  • Faster Multitasking
  • No/fewer bugs
  • Easy To Use/ Simple UI

Final Words

Stock Android phones are best when it comes to security, performance and storage. We hope that we have given a fair glance on “what is stock Android” through this article. I am sure you are pretty much convinced about these stock Android mobiles after knowing their advantages. If I missed out any point, regarding pure Android phones, let me know in the comment section below, we will update them on our list.

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