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What is Bloatware and Why Is It Bad For You
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What is Bloatware and Why Is It Bad For You

Bloatware is given a name to a software that has unnecessary features. That has large amount of memory and RAM. It comes down on its own weight. This is also known as software bloat. A new PC may also get pre-installed software, just to entice the new user. Many of them have been added new features, but they get too heavy and becomes a pain in the neck. This became a kind of fashion in 1990s. Many software companies specifically plan with manufacturers to get their products pre-installed on their PCs. However, many unnecessary problems made it a weak viability to purchase.

What is Bloatware

These days, smartphones are vying with each other to outsmart, but the consumer is paying the penalty. This bloatware run in the background, ruin the battery life. Thus, phone gets slow down.

If you want to remove a bloatware, then it becomes a hard choice. That may cause a problem on your device. The uninstalled software may give the device an instability. If you feel interested in getting that software back, then you might not be able to get it back. Some manufacturers like Samsung, have put their software on Google Play. Here, it is easy to get. But, other software may not be so easy.

There is a solution to resolve this problem – instead of uninstalling, disable the software. You can easily enable them in case you need to use them again.

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These days, manufacturers and carriers are loading the software on Android phones. Most probably, you never use them. They just clutter your system and may drain your battery in the background. Therefore, look after your system carefully and remove the bloatware.

What is Bloatware

Please take the following steps to resolve your problem.

Settings => Applications => Disable

Similarly, you can enable the application.

Rooting your phone

The rooting process is a complicated one but it lets you control the phone. You can remove bloatware and install apps easily. However, it has a major drawback like voiding your smartphone’s warranty.

Even Google is putting up bloatware as well as its own Google Maps and Google Hangouts on their smartphones and tablets. The user may use them in positive way but, Google Play and Google+ is not required at all.

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Cloud-based software can become an alternative to bloatware as a service subscription model, because they can resell products in the form of an annual update.

There is a strong possibility that Google will not come out with more bloatware. As per news reports, European Commission has opened an antitrust investigation into Android as Google wants hardware manufacturers to pre-install a set of Google apps. Now, Google is also launching its own smartphone, Pixel, it is possible that at least, Android users will have bloat-free phones.

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