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10 Best DLL Fixer Software For Windows 10 2021
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10 Best DLL Fixer Software For Windows 10 2021

As a Windows user, you might have come across “DLL file is missing error” at some or other point in time. If you are unaware of what a DLL file is because most users don’t know what a DLL file is. But, what would you do if you encounter a missing or corrupt DLL file or encounter an error such as The program can’t start because MSVCR71.dll is missing from your computer? Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

If an error like the above occurs, one way is to do what the error says i.e. reinstall the program or you can take the plunge into your hands and resolve DLL errors using dedicated DLL fixer software for Windows.  

Best DLL Files Fixer Software For Windows 10

As we mentioned above, if because of a DLL error, you are unable to run an application, read this blog before you uninstall the software. You can choose from one of the below-mentioned DLL fixer software and get the job done.

1. DLL Helper

DLL Helper

Looking for a DLL fixer software that can easily look for missing DLL files on your PC, go no further. DLL Helper is an intuitive and safe DLL fixer tool. It comes packed with several features which put it head to head with some of the best DLL fixers out there.


Easy installation

All DLL files are thoroughly checked before they are installed

DLL Helper installs missing DLL file in the appropriate folder

You can search for DLL files mentioned in error messages by specifying them in the search box

The utility automatically unpacks and registered missing DLL files


Comes bundled with additional software

Download DLL Helper

2. CCleaner

CClenaer Professional

Touted as one of the best cleaning tools for PC, it also doubles up as a great DLL fixer software for Windows 10. You can get your hands on DLLs that are creating issues by navigating to the Registry tab on the left-hand side and then select MIssing Shared DLLs.


CCleaner intelligently scans for issues creating DLL files and allows you to fix them by clicking on the Fix selected issues button

There are several basic to advanced level optimization tasks that you can take care of. You can check the health of your computer, manage registries, and even clean browser junk as well

Scans for DLL files very quickly


It could have been better if there was an option to fix and place replaced DLL files at the right position

Download CCleaner Here

3. Advanced System Optimizer

If you are looking for a PC optimization utility, your search ends with Advanced System Optimizer. One of the various functions of Advanced System Optimizer is that it can rectify DLL errors arising out of any reason. It also comes packed with a game optimizer and even helps minimize CPU usage as well.


Repair DLL files errors occurring because of invalid registry entries and many other reasons

Works primarily as a PC optimization suite

Help get rid of privacy traces

Comes packed with an automatic scheduler where you can schedule computer scan at your desired time


No specific search option to look for DLL files

Click Here to Download Advanced System Optimizer

Here is an in-depth review of Advanced System Optimizer

4. Smart DLL Missing Fixer

Small DLL Missing Fixer

Finding missing DLL files can be a difficult task. Smart DLL Missing Fixer helps find those missing DLL files. And, the best aspect of this utility is that it helps get back the missing DLL files at the position in which they were previously stored. Plus, it has a large database of DLL files which further helps it find missing DLL files.


Easy to use interface that even beginner users can get accustomed to

The smart engine that scans finds and downloads DLL files at the right position within your computer

Tackles with various situations because of which DLL files are lost


You might not be able to fix DLL files manually

There are some DLL files that might not be there in the database

Download Smart Dll Missing Fixer

5. DLL Care

DLL Care

Next on our list of DLL fixers for Windows 10 is DLL care. It automatically helps your computer fix missing and corrupted DLL files. It also helps find and download the right DLL files which can otherwise be hard to find.


Minimalistic and easy to use interface

Also works as a PC booster and registry cleaner

You can look for exact DLL files using the search bar and download them


All functions may not work with the free version

Download DLL Care

6. Glarysoft Registry Repair

Glarysoft Registry Repair

Another DLL fixer utility that has also carved a niche as far as registry cleaners are concerned is Glarysoft Registry Repair. It specializes in tackling those DLL errors which may arise because of invalid registry entries. Here we would even like to advise readers that while Glarysoft Registry Repair in itself is a great tool, you should always back up your registry first before tackling invalid registry entries.


Scans DLL issues automatically and fixes them as well

One of the best parts about this utility is that it backs up the system before continuing with changes

Patches corrupted or incomplete DLL entries


The dedicated search button for DLL files is missing

Download Glarysoft Registry Repair



This is not exactly a DLL fixer software but a website that can help you find a missing DLL file. When you receive an error such as “Couldn’t find .dll file”, you can take a note of the missing DLL file and then type the same in the search box of DLL-Files.COM.


You can find missing or corrupt DLL files alphabetically

The website claims to have more than 2.5 million downloads every month

You even get to know the purpose of the file. So, you can rest assured that you have downloaded the right file.


You will have to manually download the file. This means it won’t be restored at the correct location automatically


 8. is yet another free service that lets you find missing or corrupt DLL files and works perfectly well as an alternative to a full-fledged DLL fixer software (almost).


Search for DLL files using dedicated search files and download them

Request for DLL files in case you are unable to find them

You can even upload DLL files as well

The website also provides you with extensive guides on how you can fix common DLL errors


User needs to log in to restore missing or corrupted DLL files


9. Free DLL Fixer

Free DLL Fixer

As the name suggests, the free DLL fixer is a free tool that helps you search, identify and install corrupted and missing DLL files. It might not be the flashiest DLL fixer software but it is for sure one of the most effective ways to resolve DLL errors.


You can zero down on the right DLL file since the software is updated with a database of more than 31500 DLL files

Once you type in the missing DLL file and click on Search DLL file, the software presents the list of several legit DLL files with details

It supports most Windows operating systems


Dated interface

The software hasn’t been updated in a long time

Download Free DLL Fixer

10. SS Registry Fixer

Although SS Registry Fixer is primarily intended to deal with registries, that doesn’t negate the fact that it can help detect and fix corrupted, missing, or even modified DLLs. This freeware has a very simplistic interface and ease of usage.


Automatically scan and identify missing DLL files

Analyze and even optimize registries on your computer

Facility to create a backup of registries or DLL files


You can’t search for a specific DLL file

Download SS Registry Fixer

Wrapping Up

Which one of the above DLL fixer software would you recommend, do let us know in the comments section below. For more such tech-related content, keep reading Tweak Library. You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Tumblr.

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